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Watching Me Watching You!

“Observation is the most enduring of the pleasures of life!” – George Meredith.

The midweek word prompt on Weekly Prompts the site I share with my partner GC is Observation.

Running Weekly Prompts with Gerry as well as our individual sites has provided opportunities to visit other blogs, meet new people, see how others do things, and appreciate some incredible photography, what a pleasure.

When I’m at home, much of my time is spent watching the animals in the fields outside my windows, and usually with my camera at the ready.

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The Voice

voices want to sleep


I talk out loud when I sleep because I bite my tongue when I’m awake!” ~quotes.com


The midweek word-prompt Hybrid, over at our other site https://weekyprompts.com was chosen by my partner GC. So, why hybrid? Probably because I’m a bit of a cheat!

For example, if the challenge was a photo challenge I often turned it into a word-prompt and vice versa.  So, we thought why not let you choose how you would like to interpret the prompt/challenge, you could even combine the two and turn it into a hybrid.

When GC chose the word-prompt, I was already halfway through writing my post, you see I thought it was going to be something else, so now I’m not sure how I can incorporate it, ah well, I suppose I could cheat!

Voices in my head

Does anyone else hear voices in their head as they’re going off to sleep. No? Just me then!

The other day, as usual, I was awake very early, a little while later I began nodding off again, that is until the voice woke me up with a question – “Why are they always from Selby?

Before going back to sleep I wrote down the question, settling back to sleep, the voice asked another, Is this how we left it?” I reached out and jotted down the new question.

Eventually, I fell asleep without further disturbance from the voice. So what is the voice, is it the start of a dream? I suppose the worry is I might start talking back, on the other hand, isn’t that what we call sleep-talking?

The questions haunted me throughout the day. The Selby one for instance, who are they?

Once, many years ago I visited Selby. It’s only an hour’s drive from here, but I never hear anything about the town or know of anyone visiting it, though there was that horrific train crash almost twenty years ago and obviously that hit the news.

A land rover veered off the motorway and onto the line below, was hit by an oncoming train, the train was derailed and subsequently hit by a goods train coming from the opposite direction.

selby abbey

Selby, in North Yorkshire, has an Abbey, and a little research told me that it was founded in 1069 AD and is still in use today. The town itself dates back to the Vikings and is the birthplace of King Henry I, fourth son of William the Conqueror.

Sounds to me like Selby has just become a lot more interesting, perhaps I might visit after all!

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