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Whose fault is it?

16th April 2020
“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” ~ Brene Brown

Yesterday the Wednesday Challenge on partner GC and my site Weekly Prompts was the word Vulnerability.   This is my second response to the challenge.

Also linked to RDP’s Life’s Allusions.

As the COVID-19 virus continues to infect the world, the physical, social interaction between us becomes less frequent. The awareness of our human vulnerability has increased with most of us hoping that our efforts to physically distance ourselves from friends, neighbours and family will keep us safe and lessen the outbreak of this deadly pandemic nightmare.

Some governments have been accused of not acting quickly enough, which may be true, but surely responsibity for the spread of the virus lies firmly with the people? Everyone in the UK heard the instruction  Keep Your Distance and Wash Your Hands.  The reasons why were carefully explained to us.  Read More…


Alcohol kills brain cells slowly, but that never bothered me because I’m not in a hurry.” ~ Anonymous

My post today is a second response to Inconvenience Stores from Weekly Prompts, RDP’s Pareidolia and Fandango’s Treatment.

I’m not particularly enamoured with shopping, especially the queuing element, but since the convenient introduction of supermarket self-scanning a few years ago, my supermarket shop has become a more efficient and expeditious experience, providing of course that I don’t have a huge trolley full of groceries; however, the most advanced machine to be installed appears to have received some rather unique treatment.

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A few hours on the Surface

Sheep, like goats, are associated with Christmas in folk tales told across northern Europe and the British Isles. On Christmas eve, these tales report, all sheep face east, bow three times, and are gifted with the power of speech from the stroke of midnight until the rise of the sun.

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