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Friday Follies last of 2018

On Friday, Over at Proscenium the final Friday Folly of the year was launched. Finding something appropriate for this challenge has proved a little difficult lately, you could even say challenging! However, I couldn’t let the year come to a close without making an effort, and here it is, my final entry and final post of 2018.

I found this in the Bronte village of Haworth, it looks like someone thought we might need reminding of what’s beneath!


I know what you’re thinking – Sweet eh!

(C) SueW-nansfarm.net-2018 Photo Challenge from Friday Follies http://proscenium.me/2018/12/28/friday-follies-ep-1-10/

Alternative Sleeping Arrangements

Over at Proscenium it’s Week five of Friday Follies. Gosh how the weeks have passed, I’m a little late getting my act together and we’re almost at Friday/week six, nonetheless, I have an entry.

During the summer my son and I enjoyed a lovely few days up in Cumbria visiting the Lake District. We stayed at a beautiful 17th century Inn, supposedly haunted too! We spotted this sign near the Reception desk.

Gosforth Hall Inn

(C) SueW- nansfarm.net 2018 Friday Follies week five photo challenge


Friday Follies Day One

Today Friday 26th October, my WordPress friend Artisan X from Proscenium launched a pilot photo challenge named Friday Follies. The format for this may change, but for now, the idea is we submit a picture that fits the category of humorous signs, or “Did they really write that?” Something on those lines anyway.

Having promised I would take part in the maiden voyage and because I’m on a break I’m writing this post in advance of the launch date and popping it on the planner, all I need is a URL on the day for the pingback.

I’m not certain my picture is exactly what Jason had in mind, but seeing as his own responses are occasionally stretched to fit a challenge I don’t think he’ll mind!

Situated in a prominent position in a cafe doorway was a greetings card display stand, I spotted this amusing card straight away, and I wondered if it was purposely placed at eye view in the doorway, did a staff member have a sense a humour or was it simply a coincidence?


(C) SueW-nansfarm.net 2018 In response to the first photo challenge ‘Friday Follies’ from ArtisanX  https://proscenium.me/2018/10/26/friday-follies-pilot/     #profrifollies