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Pesky Peeves

The Midweek Word Prompt from our other site Weekly Prompts was chosen by GC and is Pest Peeve

Toad of Toad Hall


“Spring was moving in the air above and in the earth below and around him, penetrating even his dark and lowly little house with its spirit of divine discontent and longing.” ~ Kenneth Grahame  ‘The Wind in the willows’


So what peeves Sue W?

Moles – Nothing like Mole the furry friend of Toad of Toad Hall.

Tunnelling underground, like a group of blind navvies the moles leave their mountainous trails behind them. The mole catcher comes here twice a year as a matter of routine.

Real life rats are definitely not like Toad’s dear companion Ratty seen here.

Rats – the stuff my nightmares are made of.

A few years back, just as my twenty-something son and I we were tidying up before going to bed, my son gave out a yell (more like a scream) and swore blind he’d seen a rat scurry across the kitchen floor.

I rang my husband who was away from home and he ridiculed the idea. So I picked up my video camera and plugged it into a power socket, then I set it to record for three hours. As expected the footage proved there was at least one rat in the house.

The following night, my son and I were kept awake by what I can only describe as a colony of rats racing around and partying in the loft space above our heads.

Living in the countryside, I have to accept that rats will live in the vicinity, but we’d never had them in the house before.

Having already summoned the rat catcher, I rang a local hotel and booked two rooms; Joshua and I packed our overnight bags and moved out of the house until the rats were poisoned, exterminated, dead and gone!

The exterminator discovered the rats were entering the house via a small gap around a waste outlet pipe from the utility room, from where the cavity walls gave them access to the loft area, and to the kitchen via an open space at the side of the dishwasher and the pipe-work to the rear!

If you read the original word-prompt on our site Weekly Prompts you will know my post is in response to GC’s infestation of mice.

His building isn’t a tower block it’s not huge, so what is preventing the management of the building becoming proactive and filling in the gaps on the exterior of the building, a gap the size of a pencil will allow the mice access.

Surely the management has a duty of care to the tenants. I think I’d be inclined to present them with a bill for the cost of having to take care of the extermination himself, and let’s face it the rodent exterminator sent by them doesn’t appear to be doing a very efficient job of it.



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