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Show Time

A second post linked to the Weekend Photo Challenge Bucolic from our other site https://weeklyprompts.com.

Last week on a hot and dusty day, my daughter Sophie and I with three-year-old Evie visited the Great Yorkshire Show, one of the most prestigious agricultural shows in England; weather-wise it was a far cry from the last show we visited just over nine months ago.

On that occasion, the last show of the season, my spirits were decidedly low, and the appallingly wet weather dampened them further.

In May I decided to forego the first show of the year in favour of watching the Royal Wedding, and I completely forgot about the following show that took place just a couple of weeks ago. The next show on my agenda in August will find us driving a little deeper into the Dales. 

We had an enjoyable time at the Yorkshire show, but the chronic back pain that had recently flared up again, coupled with the uncomfortable heat, spoiled the day for me and we spent less time soaking up the atmosphere than normal. Nonetheless, it didn’t deter us from having fun trying on a selection of hats, nor did it spoil our enjoyment of watching the sheep shearing and interacting with some of the livestock. 

Another surprise was bumping into my milkman/farmer who had provided some of his cows to demonstrate a milking machine, it’s not often you get to see the actual cows that provide your daily milk!

Upon spotting some almost black sheep, Evie broke into an impromptu chorus of Bah Bah Black Sheep and I think I managed to capture most of it. Apologies for the unplanned wonky footage!

I’ve made the decision not to visit the Yorkshire Show again. It’s a huge show with too many side stalls and far too many people, which makes spotting the events that are taking place in the various show rings quite difficult, not to mention getting close enough to actually enjoy them! Plus it takes forever to walk around and is outrageously expensive.

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