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Awe and Wonder

“This magic moment, this day, this season, will never come again. Treasure it, and treasure your children, who make it special and memorable!” ~ Unknown

The Saturday Photo Challenge from our site Weekly Prompts, is Magical Places. GC tells us about his own magical place, a little wooded area where he loves to sit and unwind and he asks us to share pictures of our own magical places.

Do I have a magical place, somewhere private where I sit alone to unwind? The short answer is no I don’t. Do I know of any magical places? The long answer is take a look below!

Leaving aside the religious denotation, what could possibly be more magical for young children than the exciting run up to Christmas.

Yesterday, during a morning out with two of my daughters, the local garden centre became a magical place when I witnessed moments of awe and wonder from three of my youngest grandchildren.


Brr! Snowmen are very cold

Log fire

We need to warm our hands after all that snow!

Bouncing is fun

We love bouncy toys

Robins in a shoe

Look Mummy! Robins in a boot

Evie and William

Evie introduces William to the penguins

Look at that

Mum Lizzy points out a few decorations

Baby AliceEven baby Alice got in on the pointing!

Standing Still

After knocking over an extra-large brightly lit reindeer, both children were told to stand still. Evie demonstrated how to pretend you’re not being told off; you simply close your eyes!

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Photo Challenge Magical Places from Weekly Prompts.