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New Life!

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A new baby is like the beginning of all things, hope, a dream of possibilities.” ~ Eda LaShan

Upon reaching the age of forty, I was instructed by my mother to get my hair cut, she also said it was time to start looking my age.

In some ways she may have had a point; long hair is probably better suited to the young, but I had no intention of ‘looking my age’.

When shortly after, I announced I was pregnant with my fifth child, my mother’s reaction was one of horror. Her advice was to “get rid of it!” and her shocked face upon learning the pregnancy was a planned one, was an absolute picture.  You see it wasn’t fashionable to have babies in your forties. I decided against telling her we’d planned all of them, normally, she found mistakes easier to accept!

Later, when my baby boy died and I needed someone to blame I took it out on my mother, somehow it had to be her fault.

Baby boy 3

At forty two, I was pregnant again, this time my mother was wonderful and supportive and when I gave birth to a healthy, strapping baby boy she couldn’t have been more proud.

Isn’t it funny how  fashions come and go, even with something as personal as when to have a baby?

My second daughter had her first baby a month before her 41st birthday and her second shortly before her 43rd.

Stork and baby girl


Yesterday, at almost 41 years old, my third daughter gave birth to her second child, a beautiful 4lb 14oz baby girl.

Baby Alice, who arrived a little early, is my eleventh grandchild and will most likely be the last. (Mother and baby are both doing well.)

There is, of course, plenty of time for my son to become a father, but seeing as he’s gay, becoming a father is more unlikely than likely. That said, however, it is becoming fashionable for gay couples to become parents.

What do I really think? I think it’s all becoming rather expensive!

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