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The Ikea Experience

“Why is the Allen Key so called? – Answer: “It isn’t. It’s called a “hex socket key” (hex short for “hexagonal”). The hex key, or at least its means of manufacture, was devised by the Allen Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut, and patented in 1910. It was produced as the companion piece to the company’s hexagonal socket screws.

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A Cyber Disguise

“Our cyber world and cyberspace are infested with so many cyber scoundrels, cyber criminals, cyber sluts and cyber punks – that is virtually impossible for the cyber police to catch or stop them using known cyber techniques and save the cyber phobia of millions of cybernauts, many of whom are cyberholics!” ~ Tapan Bhattacharya, The Shrinking Universe.

The midweek Word Prompt over on GC and my site Weekly Prompts is Cyber Invitations.

A female devil 2I’ve received a couple of those, but not entirely in the same mode as the ones GC was talking about!

Gerry has received several invitations to write an article for someone else’s blog, and the ‘blogger’ concerned is refusing to take NO for an answer. Later today, he will publish a follow up article on his personal blog, The Main AIsle

Meeting new people in cyberspace is an enjoyable pastime, and I’ve become quite close to some, but it can be difficult sorting the wheat from the chaff, and perhaps more so when the online blogger has declined to add a profile.

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The British Way of Parenting!

“I tucked my kids up in bed and said, “night night, see you in the morning,” and then we laughed and laughed and we saw each other sixteen more times before sunrise” ~ unknown!

The midweek Word Prompt over on GC and my site Weekly Prompts is Tough Love!

During a recent trip to the Mall, GC witnessed a young child fall over. The child appeared to be knocked out for a few seconds, but his parents showed little or no concern. His mother, after hauling the child to his feet, continued chatting on her mobile (cell phone).

Was this tough love or simply indifference? We asked our readers to form an opinion.

When it comes to parenting, we all have our own way of doing things, what one parent believes is tough love, another will regard as being too soft.

We think much of it depends on our culture and where we are from, and importantly, the hand we are dealt, in other words, the kids we are given!

I enlisted a little help from the late cartoonist ‘Giles’ to showcase the British way of parenting. Read More…