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A Personal Interpretation

Article and photos in response to the Word Press weekly photo challenge which this week is ‘Elemental’ 

Each morning my daily journal presents me with a new quote and one from earlier this week fits the bill nicely here (excuse the pun I couldn’t resist!)

The starting point of discovering who you are, your gifts, your talents, your dreams, is being comfortable with yourself. Spend time alone. Write in a journal. Take long walks in the wood.”  ~ Robin S. Sharma.  Or in my case a walk around a beautiful local lake!


Earth – Without which my August bounty would never have happened.

Home grown essentials 2


Air –  Air moving over the wings as the name suggests, is what gave this aircraft a lift and allowed it to fly up and away.  If the timing was correct this particular flight was bound for Malta.


Water – Swimming near the surface are a number of Carp, catching the sun perhaps?

Carp in the Tarn

Air and Water – Requiring both air and water are these beautiful swans, seen here diving for breakfast and later spotted waiting with a selection of ducks for the titbits offered by humans.


Fire – My multi-fuel burner keeping me warm during the winter months.

Log burner Mine

All Photographs taken at home and during a recent walk around the Tarn which is near my home in Yorkshire. © 2017

Photographs added in response to the Photo challenge ‘Elemental


Just Another Fairy Tale

July 29th 1981

I spent this day with my young children. We ate savoury nibbles and sweet treats whilst watching the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer on TV.  We felt as though we were in the middle of a fairy tale, but unlike most fairy tales, this one came to a sorry end.

These newly released photographs  have provided me with my Photo Collage Challenge for this week. Apologies for cheating!

Charles and Diana collage

Photographs provided courtesy of BBC Television

Article posted in response to the Photo Challenge Collage


In response to the Photo challenge ‘Transient

When choosing the carvery option, the transient visitors to the family owned Millstones restaurant are rewarded by a choice of three or more high-quality roasts and a delightful selection of vegetables.

On a recent mid-week visit with my daughter,  I counted three meat options, a savoury pie, twelve different vegetables, creamed and roasted potatoes and of course traditional Yorkshire pudding.

The picture below is of Liam who is one of the chefs at Millstones, Liam is carving my delicious and very tender serving of roast beef. I was one of the many transient visitors to pass his way on that day.



I first visited Millstones over twenty years ago when taking my late mother out for a drive into the Dales. The restaurant has evolved a number of times since then and now boasts function rooms and a Bistro on the lower ground floor named Mill 67 which overlooks Nidderdale, an area of  natural beauty.

Millstones and in particular Mill 67, has become my favourite carvery and believe me when I say I have sampled quite a few. A comprehensive A La Carte menu is also available and as a bonus it also has a gift shop and bakery.  I might also add that the staff here are attentive, helpful and friendly and many have been with the Ashby family for a number of years.

Millstones is situated in the open countryside on the A59 which provides easy access from Harrogate,  Skipton, Ilkley and Otley. They are open 7 days a week for Morning Coffee, Lunch and Afternoon Tea and I have no hesitation in highly recommending a visit.

The countryside, woodland and reservoir walks around here are also pretty awesome.

Mill ‘67, Skipton Road, Felliscliffe Harrogate, HG3 2LT  Tel 01423 779909  

01423 770672


Many thanks to Liam for allowing me to use his photograph for the Photo challenge this week.


In response to the photo Challenge ‘Friend

Allow me to introduce our family dog Woody the Beagle.

Woody became part of  of our family last year when he was just eight weeks old. The following snapshots of his early life were taken last summer. I’m pretty certain I read his mind correctly when speaking on his behalf.  Yes the toilet roll was Andrex!

Woody and loo rollWoody just chilling

Woody with Mia

Woody and his friend Mia the cat finally became friends shortly before she died at the grand old age of 21!

The Oldest Street in England

In response to the Photo Challenge ‘Heritage

Exploring and appreciating my English Heritage has become a pleasurable pastime of late. Places and buildings that I previously took for granted are now being viewed with renewed interest and fresh eyes.

This week I visited  York, a city steeped in history and some fifty minutes away from my home.

This is ‘The Shambles’ reputed to be the oldest street in England and dates from 900 AD.


The Shambles York