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The School Bus

Grumpy driver

I couldn’t find a decent quote today, all I could find was this sickly smarmy one —

To The School Bus Driver -“You are sometimes the first smiling adult a child sees each morning and the last before they get home. You always brave the weather to get our kids safely where they need to be, while being a shining example as you do it.”  Said no child ever! 

This is a second response to GC and my Weekly Prompts word prompt Reading, after all, where else do you learn to read if not at school!

It’s back to school week for most children, and for me, it means back to a normal routine, which sometimes means cooking the odd meal for the ones next door and occasionally  picking up from after school activities and administering care when sick.

Now and again, just occasionally, I feel a little nostalgic for the start of the school year and miss meeting up with my colleagues after the long summer break.

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With My Little Eye

I am a raving Euro-Federalist… a Pro-European of the most violent, dyspeptic and incurable disposition.” Boris Johnson (1999) Life in the Fast Lane.

This is a second contribution to the photo challenge EDIT from GC and my site Weekly Prompts. It is also linked to Fandango’s Saturday prompt Movement

With many in the Conservative Party moving towards making Boris Johnson the next Prime Minister of the U.K. I decided to find out what Private Eye had to say about it.

Private Eye is a U.K. news and current affairs publication, it’s a magazine I read from time to time, and usually from cover to cover, there’s always something in there to make me smile. I’m also a great fan of its editor, Ian Hislop. I was thinking of asking Santa for a subscription, but I’m not sure I can wait that long.

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