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Personal Perspective

Tong Garden centre 9

This week the mid-week Word Prompt over on our site Weekly Prompts  is Perspective and was written by GC.

Gerry featured a photograph that might not be what it seems and  our personal perspective on this situation may be different from what was actually happening.

We invited you to share events from your own life in which your personal perspective on something was coloured favourably or perhaps not so favourably.


My Perspective

A little while ago an acquaintance voiced the opinion that blogging is a solitary pastime “It’s hardly a social event; you need to get out more!” An interesting perspective, but not one I subscribe to. Read More…

Removing the Fluff

“ Comedy is the art of making people laugh without making them puke.” ~ Steve Martin.

This week the Midweek Word-prompt over on our other site Weekly Prompts is Humour (humorand was chosen by GC. He recounts a recent conversation at the supermarket checkout and includes a snippet about the great unwashed. He asks if we have experienced a similar situation in which our personal tipping point was reached. 


The funny side of life – I see comedy in all walks of life, if there’s humour to be had I will find it. Now and then it presents itself at inappropriate moments, and it’s at those times that I need to reluctantly bite my tongue and remember where I am.

My sense of smell is pretty good and unsurprisingly I have a few pet peeves on the subject.  Read More…

Natural Immunity

“More than 50 million people around the world died during the 1918-1919 flu pandemic. That’s why we have epidemiologists all over the world tracking whether new strains of flu emerge.” ~ Tom Frieden

A few shorts weeks ago on our other site Weekly Prompts, G.C. wrote a word-prompt article ATM Germs  about how easy it was to pick up influenza germs from an ATM machine. He was quite certain that the machine was the cause of the mild flu he was suffering from. 

I have no idea whether or not this was the source of his infection it could just have easily been a supermarket trolley, or some careless person’s cough or a sneeze into the air we breathe. The point is that science has proved that poor hygiene promoted the bacterial super-infection that killed most of the victims during the 1918 flu pandemic.

Imagine a pandemic today, with infected victims flying around the world at high-speed, coughing, sneezing and infecting others who are unfortunate enough to be breathing the same air, with some still ignorant of basic hygiene.  A scenario that could happen all too easily and one the health organisations fear.

Read More…