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Friday Follies last of 2018

On Friday, Over at Proscenium the final Friday Folly of the year was launched. Finding something appropriate for this challenge has proved a little difficult lately, you could even say challenging! However, I couldn’t let the year come to a close without making an effort, and here it is, my final entry and final post of 2018.

I found this in the Bronte village of Haworth, it looks like someone thought we might need reminding of what’s beneath!


I know what you’re thinking – Sweet eh!

(C) Photo Challenge from Friday Follies

A Sticky Post

It’s Week Four  of Friday Follies over at Proscenium.

And here is my entry.

Digging into my files, I came across this photo of a sign in a bookshop window that I took last year in the village of Haworth in Yorkshire. (the village where the Brontes lived).


I like the gentle humour of this bookshop owner.

And just because it’s so old and lovely, I’ve included the main street where I spotted the bookshop notice in the heart of the village – Haworth West Yorkshire.

(C) 2018 Linked to Friday Follies at Proscenium.

Friday Follies Ep 1.4

Beware the Goblins

Friday Follies Week 3

Week three of Artisan’s new Friday Follies at his site Proscenium.

My own entry was found during a visit to a 15th-century inn just half an hour’s drive from my home in Yorkshire, England.

kids at mother shipon's

goblin picture


Hobgoblins, with their dark colored shaggy hair, are thought to be one of the most benign forms of goblin, closely related to brownies. They are small tricksters that love to mess with human lives through direct influence or theft when they are really in a mood to pull practical jokes.  ~mysticfiles

(C) 2018. In response to the Photo-challenge Friday Follies from Proscenium