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Personal Perspective

Tong Garden centre 9

This week the mid-week Word Prompt over on our site Weekly Prompts  is Perspective and was written by GC.

Gerry featured a photograph that might not be what it seems and  our personal perspective on this situation may be different from what was actually happening.

We invited you to share events from your own life in which your personal perspective on something was coloured favourably or perhaps not so favourably.


My Perspective

A little while ago an acquaintance voiced the opinion that blogging is a solitary pastime “It’s hardly a social event; you need to get out more!” An interesting perspective, but not one I subscribe to. Read More…

Floral Focus

“The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another’s, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises.” ~ Leo Buscaglia

The weekend photo challenge over on our site is Ambience and was chosen by GC.  He asks us to show off the floral displays that enhance our environment.   This is my response to the challenge.

My first photograph is a cottage garden I photographed during a recent visit to the Lake District in Cumbria. I was privileged to visit Hill Top Farm, once the home of the late Beatrix Potter. This pretty cottage, with its magnificent floral displays of hanging baskets, window boxes, border plants and decorative chimneypots filled with flowers was spotted just a few doors down from Hill Top.

The cottage

The floral displays in the next picture adorn the market square in the little Yorkshire town of Otley, just ten minutes from my home.

Market Square Otley

Daughter Sophie is a keen gardener, often preferring pot plants to ground planting.

Sophie's garden

The next pictures are my own attempts to brighten the areas outside my front door, my kitchen door and the upstairs balcony.

My front dooroutside the kitchen doorBalcony flowers

(C) 2018. In response to the Photo Challenge Ambience from Weekly Prompts.


“Survival activates miracles when a person relies on the graces of hope and faith.” ~ Caroline Myss

The midweek word-prompt over on our site  is Shrubbery and was chosen by GC. This is my response to the prompt.

When I looked in the draft folder on Weekly Prompts and saw what GC had chosen for the midweek word-prompt my first thought was Shrubbery?  What the heck do I do with this one?” 

I pondered his words for a while and then I began to think about how I’d hoped for re-growth and wished for new beginnings. I snapped out of this train of thought and went down the straightforward greenery route instead.  Read More…