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The E.U. Referendum

 The Day I stray from the light-hearted

When I woke up this morning,  the result of the E.U. Referendum was on my mind.

Later,  when I heard the news of the people’s vote,  I was saddened, but not too surprised, after all, some of the posts  on social media last night proved how ill-informed some of the electorate are. The only issue on the minds of many was immigration and they saw no further. However, I had hoped that enough of us would vote in favour of remaining in the E.U.

In reality, most people were ill equipped to make such a momentous decision, so they made their choices based on what they feared the most, Foreigners! And now we pay the price. We should never have been asked to choose, the issues at stake were far too important to leave to the masses and I fear the consequences of their actions and of what the future may hold. It’s done, but hardly dusted and I am worried, and not least because we have a divided country and the anger and hatred that this referendum created will remain with us for a long time to come.