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The photo challenge from Weekly Prompts, the site I share with GC is Ruling the Roost. Re-blogging my animal themed post from a couple of years ago fits this challenge quite nicely.

Nan's Farm-Inside Out

 All Creatures Great and Small-Part Two

Nosey Cows

Muck Spreading

Living where we do in the middle of a field, and a distance from the village means we don’t have mains drainage; we have a septic tank (AKA the cesspit). The tank is emptied by the city council on a yearly basis. One year, however, during muck spreading season, my late husband got it into his head that instead of using manure, he could use the contents of the domestic septic tank.

His farmer friend also thought it was a good idea and together they set about draining the tank into the spreaders, after which both men cheerfully set off to cover the fields (Always double trouble when those two got together). Unfortunately, neither of them had given any serious thought to spreading directly from a domestic tank. Therefore it came as something of a shock to them to discover on their…

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House Rules

“Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend.” ~ Corey Ford     

The weekend Photo Challenge on our other site Weekly Prompts is Ruling the Roost. GC and I asked you to share photos of your family pets and tell us all about them.

Sandy and meOver the years our family home has resembled a menagerie, with animals galore sharing our lives. Hamsters, rabbits, parrots, dogs and cats and that’s only inside. Outside there have been horses, sheep, lambs, goats and cattle.

The picture here, taken over twenty-five years ago shows my dog Sandy, and me posing as usual!

As a young puppy Sandy was found wandering in the nearby market town of Otley. A shop owner took the pup to the local police station, her owner was traced but refused to take her back. Our own dog had recently died, and at around the same time as our house was burgled. The police were aware of this and they rang (unofficially) to ask if we would be willing to give the puppy a home. Sandy was one of the best dogs we ever had, so attached to me and such a faithful, gentle and loving dog.

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Playing the Part

This week the Wednesday Word Prompt on our other site Weekly Prompts is Glamorous. It was an unplanned prompt, and written at the last minute due to a little confusion between GC and myself!


Moving to a rural area to a small holding, created a hobby farming role for my late husband, however, his real occupation was show business.

It’s easy to imagine that a show business life is a glamorous one and for much of the time, for him, it was.

For me though, life was different I was the wife left at home, the mother of our five children, the person who held the place together and kept everything running smoothly while he was away. Hardly a glamorous role, nonetheless I had plenty of opportunities to play that part, to dress up (which I absolutely loved), and make my husband proud to have me on his arm. Read More…

Remember: not just Who and When, but also understand Why — babbitman

Re-blogged this re-blog from my friend Peter’s site, As a retired military man Peter understands this more than most. A very true and moving article and I thank him for sharing with us.

Peter's pondering

This makes so much sense to me. I hope it may make you think beyond the ceremony of remembrance!

Wars kill people. They devastate families. Wars should be a politician’s absolute last resort and they are an admission that they have failed their people.

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Awe and Wonder

“This magic moment, this day, this season, will never come again. Treasure it, and treasure your children, who make it special and memorable!” ~ Unknown

The Saturday Photo Challenge from our site Weekly Prompts, is Magical Places. GC tells us about his own magical place, a little wooded area where he loves to sit and unwind and he asks us to share pictures of our own magical places.

Do I have a magical place, somewhere private where I sit alone to unwind? The short answer is no I don’t. Do I know of any magical places? The long answer is take a look below!

Leaving aside the religious denotation, what could possibly be more magical for young children than the exciting run up to Christmas.

Yesterday, during a morning out with two of my daughters, the local garden centre became a magical place when I witnessed moments of awe and wonder from three of my youngest grandchildren.


Brr! Snowmen are very cold

Log fire

We need to warm our hands after all that snow!

Bouncing is fun

We love bouncy toys

Robins in a shoe

Look Mummy! Robins in a boot

Evie and William

Evie introduces William to the penguins

Look at that

Mum Lizzy points out a few decorations

Baby AliceEven baby Alice got in on the pointing!

Standing Still

After knocking over an extra-large brightly lit reindeer, both children were told to stand still. Evie demonstrated how to pretend you’re not being told off; you simply close your eyes!

(C) SueW-nansfarm.net 2018.
Photo Challenge Magical Places from Weekly Prompts.

Beware the Goblins

Friday Follies Week 3

Week three of Artisan’s new Friday Follies at his site Proscenium.

My own entry was found during a visit to a 15th-century inn just half an hour’s drive from my home in Yorkshire, England.

kids at mother shipon's

goblin picture


Hobgoblins, with their dark colored shaggy hair, are thought to be one of the most benign forms of goblin, closely related to brownies. They are small tricksters that love to mess with human lives through direct influence or theft when they are really in a mood to pull practical jokes.  ~mysticfiles

(C) SueW-nansfarm.net 2018. In response to the Photo-challenge Friday Follies from Proscenium

Personal Perspective

Tong Garden centre 9

This week the mid-week Word Prompt over on our site Weekly Prompts  is Perspective and was written by GC.

Gerry featured a photograph that might not be what it seems and  our personal perspective on this situation may be different from what was actually happening.

We invited you to share events from your own life in which your personal perspective on something was coloured favourably or perhaps not so favourably.


My Perspective

A little while ago an acquaintance voiced the opinion that blogging is a solitary pastime “It’s hardly a social event; you need to get out more!” An interesting perspective, but not one I subscribe to. Read More…

Remember Remember the fifth of November…

In the UK November 5th is Bonfire Night, or to give it the correct title ‘Guy Fawkes Night’.
We celebrate by lighting bonfires and creating impressive firework displays. Most people attend organised events, however, in my family, we celebrate at home.

This year the family party was celebrated on Saturday, but I was unable to attend; So, to celebrate Bonfire Night I am re-blogging my Bonfire Night Post from last year.

Nan's Farm-Inside Out

Remember remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot. I see no reason why Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot!

Sparkler 2 2017

A few years ago, the school where  I worked welcomed a visiting group of teachers from Finland and for a short while they observed my ICT lesson. The topic was Bonfire Night, and as the teachers were leaving the room, one of them commented on how strange it was that every year we celebrate a man who had attempted to kill our king! I explained that we’re not celebrating Guy Fawkes, we’re celebrating the failure of the plot.

In truth, like many long held traditions, most people today wouldn’t give the original reasons a second thought, the night is simply an excuse for a party. However, for those who would like to know more, but mainly for the benefit of overseas visitors, there is a little history byte coming…

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The Yorkshire Witch

Nan's Farm-Inside Out

The Yorkshire WitchJPG31st October 2018 – Continuing our theme of Halloween the midweek word-prompt on our other site Weekly Prompts is Scary Costumes and was chosen by GC.

We discussed the Halloween Prompts and I planned my posts in advance, but I had other things on my mind, and I’m now thinking that my response to the Saturday photo challenge may have been better suited to today and vice versa.

On the other hand, it’s just a bit of fun, and this is Halloween, so, leaving costumes aside, what could be more suited to All Hallows Eve than my edited re-blog of last year’s Yorkshire Witch!

The Yorkshire Witch

Far away  in Yorkshire, in the land of puddings, hills, and dales, nestles a tiny little cottage where visitors cannot tell tales.

cottage and witch

A witch lives there who loves to cook, but always from her special book. 

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