Nan’s Farm-Inside Out

Perhaps I should start with an introduction. My name is Sue.

I enjoy writing/blogging and photography, exploring and appreciating my English heritage and spending time with my family.
Sharing a bottle of wine and laughter with my friends is another happy pastime.

Having worked in Education for many years, I’m now retired from a position that mostly comprised of managing and teaching computing in a primary school.

Some years ago Hubby and I were fortunate to ‘Escape to the Country’, to a small holding on the edge of a thriving village in Yorkshire and where I still live. It’s here in these tranquil surroundings that we brought up our children (far too many of them) and now I’m blessed with more than my fair share of grandchildren and sadly, a deceased husband.

Leaving aside the fact I was recently widowed, something was lacking in my life, I had no purpose and no particular focus. I began to crave the creativity I had within computing. Planning lessons and introducing a class to a new concept never failed to gave me a buzz.

What I needed now was something new, a project.  Eventually it occurred to me that as I was in the habit of writing a daily journal, I was already being creative but in a different way, and with a little effort my writing could be turned into a new project. A place where I could scratch my itch, use my imagination, weave a page of fiction, showcase photographs, or simply talk about everyday life.

Creating a light hearted blog now seemed a natural thing to do.

A touch of tweaking here and there and my blog was born.

cropped view of the chevin

Wharfedale a view that makes me feel proud and honoured to live here