My Sunshine

“Yellow the colour of sunshine, hope and happiness.” Imran Khan

Happy Sun 2

This Saturday the Weekend Challenge over on Weekly Prompts is our monthly colour challenge, and for August my partner GC and I have chosen Sunshine Yellow

My response can be seen below.


Our choice of colour for the challenge was inspired by a close-up of a tall snapdragon sitting proudly amongst the pots on my kitchen patio.


However, our search for the official colour Sunshine Yellow became a little confused when so many colour choices were presented to us, leading us to believe the colour Sunshine Yellow is in the eye of the beholder!

© 2020. Weekend Challenge Sunshine Yellow from Weekly Prompts

36 thoughts on “My Sunshine

  1. That song always reminds me of my brother. He had a lovely singing voice, taught himself to play the guitar and this was one of the songs he sang, so many years ago. So, thank you for the sunshine today.

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    1. It always brings a tear to my eye too. I cannot remember my dad ever singing anything else but this song for me. Thank you, Yvonne.


  2. This brings back memories of my ‘nain’, passed some 30 years ago now, singing ‘You are my sunshine’, along with ‘If you were the only boy in the world’, and ‘Granny’s Old Armchair’ to me – what a lovely memory to start the day with, thank you for bringing a little of that sunshine yellow to my heart.

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  3. Hello Sue, yellow is truly a happy colour, and your yellow flowers look magnificent, however over here in the middle of winter, the flowers are hibernating, …. but this afternoon we have a sunny winter sky, and soon I’ll go and take a few photos, of the bight yellow setting sun….

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    1. Good Morning Ivor, (or evening). I’m glad you like my snapdragons. I love to see flowers in pots, I used to have far more than I have today. I’ll probably add more next year when the pandemic is over and I feel more comfortable about leaving home.
      I look forward to seeing you sunset. Thank you, Ivor. 🙂

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    2. Aha! Read my reply to Trev. Somehow, I had mistaken your profile with his! I’d like to say that is a rare occurrence, but that would be stretching the truth.

      Cheers from the NE corner of Victoria.

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      1. Haha Yvonne, yep I’m a Victorian, from Geelong… Funny you should mention Canada, I had an uncle, (A school teacher) who lived in Canada, Alberta, in a little country town, called ‘High River’…

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  4. Nature never gets the colour scheme wrong. As humans, we can put a yellow with a purple for decorating purposes and it can look all wrong. But a bed of flowers can be a mix of all colours and not one look out of place. 😊

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    1. Oh, you are so right Trev, they always look as they belong together. I remember once painting our lounge in Purple and yellow. What were we thinking? Thank you, Trev.

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    2. Hi, Trev. I think we are sort of neighbours, at least we are in the same state! I live in the NE., with a view to Mt Buffalo when there’s no fog.

      I have never forgotten a teacher in a tiny country school in Saskatchewan (Canada) praising me for putting yellow and purple adjacent to one another in some colouring in thing. That must have been about 75 years ago! Teachers have no idea what a casual word of praise or criticism may do to a child.

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      1. Haha Yvonne, yep I’m a Victorian, from Geelong… Funny you should mention Canada, I had an uncle, (A school teacher) who lived in Canada, Alberta, a little country town, called ‘High River’…

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  5. Oh, it is all of those things! And aren’t we so glad it brightens our world and our lives!
    What beautiful snapdragons, SweetSue! They have always been a fav flower of mine!
    Okay…that song always gets me teary-eyed. But I love to listen to it. 🙂
    Like yellow, you bring warmth and joy to us!
    Thank you!!!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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    1. Such lovely comments, thank you. I love the song, I also sang it to all my children and the grandchildren that lived here with us when they were very small.
      The sunshine yellow challenge was intended for next month, but your post the one that triggered the reblog ‘Because I’m Happy’, also prompted me to bring Yellow Sunshine forward. So I have lots to thank you for Carolyn, and I do. 🌞🙂

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  7. Murphy's Law

    It doesn’t matter the shade of yellow, it always makes us think of sunshine! Snapdragons are such beautiful flowers, and yours are no exception. What a lovely display to see every time you walk into your kitchen.

    My sister and I harmonized to You Are My Sunshine when we were doing the dishes. Wonderful memory. I think everyone knows and loves this song!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. I always want to say dragonfly instead of snapdragon with this flower. It is very pretty. Oh, you are so right about yellow.
      I love this song and still sing it a lot today.
      Thank you, Ginger 🙂


  8. When asked, I always say my favourite colour is yellow, although green is a close second. Daffodils are my favourite flower but forsythia and mimosa are also beautiful. I’m not quite so keen on sunflowers – but they do have a dark centre so they don’t seem quite so happy. Many of the rooms in our house are painted variations of yellow,mostly gold or cream. I want to be surrounded by light.” You are my sunshine” is such a cheerful, loving song and don’t we need music like that at the moment!

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