”I can’t eggs-actly say if the chicken was created before the egg, all I know is there has to be an eggs-planation.” ~ Unknown

chicken came firstThe midweek Wednesday Challenge over on partner GC and my site Weekly Prompts is Downsizing.

Gerry was telling me how his usual roll of kitchen paper is shrinking it used to be bountiful, but alas no more.

The conversation reminded me of another conversation, one Gerry overheard a couple of years back in Safeway – a female customer demanded to know why the chickens had such small breasts! Really? Yes, really!

Lady, I have more gloom for you, it’s not just breasts you need to worry about .

Eggs Little and Large

The chickens are egonomising! 

Egg sizes

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12 thoughts on “Egonomising!

  1. I hadn’t noticed eggs getting smaller. I’ve been eating duck eggs lately, given to us by a neighbour and they seem huge compared to a chicken. Eggstrordinary post, Sue. P.S. I’m surprised spell checker let me get away with that 😊

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    1. I frequently need to correct my spell checker because it wrongly predicts and then corrects the words I type! Kind of defeats the purpose!

      Some years back I went out to collect the eggs and found this tiny egg amongst the others, we had no idea which hen it was from and we never found another!

      A couple of weeks back I came across the old egg photographs on a memory stick when I was looking for something else. My husband was still living when I found the egg so the photos must be at least over seven years old. I thought they’d be perfect to use as a humorous slant on Gerry’s challenge. Thank you, Trev

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  2. Oh.. the poor chooks being blamed for small eggs, when it’s not their fault with what they get fed…. you can put out, what gets put in….more nutricinal food the chooks !!… 🐓🐣 😀😁


  3. HA!!! You made me crack up AND cackle! 😉 😀 😛
    Love the egg-cellent egg puns, the cartoon (I snorted! 😀 ), the story of the lady in the store, and your egg photos! 🙂
    HA!!! I would’ve told that lady, “Because unlike people, chickens don’t get breast enlargements! 😉 😛
    HA!!! If I had to push one of those eggs out of me, I’d with for the smaller one! 😉 😀
    Thanks for the laughs, SweetSue!!! 🙂
    🐔 🥚 🐔 🥚 🐔 🥚

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  4. Murphy's Law

    Love the cartoon and the quote! It does seem that downsizing of food products and merchandise is the name of the game now. This practice has been around for a long time, but it’s like an epidemic now. On top of that, we pay more for less!

    That’s quite an egg! Glad your husband photographed it.

    But the woman in the supermarket lamenting over the size of the chicken breasts…..maybe she was trying to make a yoke!! 😂😂
    🐾Ginger 🐾


    1. It was me, it would never have occurred to him to take a photo.

      When I die and the family look for photos they’ll find hardly any of me because I’ve always been the one behind the camera!

      We were amazed at how tiny the egg was.

      Somewhere amongst my computer files I have a photo of an ostrich egg, that is absolutely huge!

      I noticed how the size of those tins of chocolates have shrunk and chocolate bars are becoming smaller and more expensive. Haven’t noticed anything else which says a lot for what is important to me! 😀
      Thank you, Ginger 🙂

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    1. Yes! I liked the tins because they were useful afterwards, but not the plastic replacements.
      One of the girls reminded of the big jars of Roses that our vet used give them every Christmas Eve. They loved those because you could see the chocolates!

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