The Twitcher

“The farmer is the only man in the economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways.” John F. Kennedy

This Saturday the  Weekend Challenge over at Weekly Prompts, the site I share with my partner GC is The Watcher.

nosey birdWe asked our readers to become spies, curtain twitchers, be the ones who hide and peer out from behind the trees, or maybe the spy in the wild and share with us whatever they see.

As for my response, it’s all about the view.

These days my land is rented to a farming friend whose farm is nearby. Nonetheless, I still take great pleasure in observing the farming year, sitting upstairs at my computer desk, I probably spend as much time gawping out of the windows as I do staring at the computer screen.

The view from the desk


I was up there watching when a couple of the farmhands erected a temporary fence to keep the animals out of the front fields, the fields that were earmarked for hay. 


Occasionally when I’m up there, I zoom in further to spy on the four-legged neighbours. One neighbour doesn’t see the point in walking around the wall when it can climb up and walk along!

SONY DSCI was up there watching when the farmhands rounded up the sheep to take them away for ‘dipping’ and foot maintenance.SONY DSCThe following day I was up there again and watched as they unloaded the newly dipped orange-tinged sheep!

Squirrel Antics

Peeking out from my kitchen window awards me views of the garden visitors, but first, let me assure you that I did not hang this squirrel there as a warning to all the others! The comical youngster is quite distinguishable because apart from its wide-legged antics, it has an extra-long tail that is not at all bushy.

SONY DSCNow and again, I become a proper twitcher and spy on the birds.


And if I’m quick enough (which is rare) I can even capture a shot of the Red Kites as they fly overhead – what a wingspan!

© 2020 Weekend Challenge The Watcher from Weekly Prompts

34 thoughts on “The Twitcher

  1. Wow. Sue your bird photos are Excellent… I’m sure our Derrick would be happy with those shots…. and I’m laughing at your adventurous squirrel…You certainly do have a glorious view from your computer desk, I’m quite jealous…😀😊😎

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  2. Great prompt, Sue. Those Red Kites are a sight to behold. It’s not very often they come close to the ground, but when they do, it gives you a sense of just how wonderful they are. 😊

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    1. Occasionally, I see a Kite sitting on the wall in the nearest field, but only stays for seconds. I can never grab my camera quick enough even when they are overhead. There are a few woodlands around here but I suspect they come from Harewood House, the Earl has a Red Kite breeding program. Surprising really because most estates don’t like the Red Kites, accusing them of taking grouse chicks. As the crow flies, or in this instance the Red Kites, Harewood is nowt but a stone’s throw from here! Thank you, Trev.

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      1. Very funny, but now you have me wondering if we’ll be going this year. Probably not! Thank you, Peter

        The Red Kites are a protected species now that they’re in decline, but it doesn’t stop gamekeepers from shooting them.
        I have a friend and she and her husband shoot rabbits and lay them out in the field for the Kites. I cannot agree with that.

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    1. Right now I’m sat in the kitchen watching it. A short while ago I stood in the doorway and it seemed totally unconcerned at my presence, maybe it knows I’m the one who feeds it! Thank you, Andrew.


  3. What great views you have, Sue! That sheep on the wall made me laugh–I mean, really! Walk around the wall when you can walk on it instead?! Such a fun photo. I see the squirrel is trying to impress you with his acrobatics….what a cutie.

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    1. I’m glad this squirrel looks a little different to the others that visit, I can’t tell the others apart. I talk to this one ”Hello again, how are you today?” But it ignores me, assuming it can hear me!

      Thank you very much, Lois.

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    1. Thank you for saying. I have some great follow up on this theme even if I do say so myself! When I get around to writing it that is! Thank you Gerry 🙂

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  5. HA! Whilst twitching, you have THE best views, SweetSue!
    The wall-climber and the show-off squirrel made me snort-laugh!!! 😀 😛
    Animal watching…people watching…animals watching people…people watching animals…all fun! 🙂 We can learn so much AND be so entertained! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. You are right, dipping the sheep kills off the parasites and eggs. Farmers dip them twice a year. These sheep we’re born earlier this year and won’t have the wool sheared until next year. Thank you, Lisa.

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