Religion and Stupidity!

No man ever believes that the Bible means what it says: He is always convinced that it says what he means. ~ George Bernard Shaw.

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corona style maskSince before lockdown, in addition to social distancing my family have worn masks inside the shops, as have many other people, but in England, masks will not become compulsory inside stores until next week. Masks are already mandatory on public transport, and as yet I’ve not heard of anyone complaining.

Recently, however, on someone else’s blog,nearly got myself into what could have been an unpleasant argument about mask-wearing. Instead, I settled for a reasonably polite discussion.

A devout Christian lady in America was insisting that no one could force her to wear a mask, she also stated that mask-wearing meant “We are breathing in bad air – it’s been proved”.

I ought to have walked away, after all, it was none of my business, but no, I hung around and added my two pennyworth. I pointed out that without a mask it’s possible she could breathe in worse ‘bad air‘!

I reminded her that in surgical situations, medical staff have worn masks for decades without any of the side effects she described.

The other day my friend Peter suggested masks should say I wear a mask to protect you, will you do the same to protect me?  I repeated this to the lady. She continued to argue her flimsy case. I pointed out that as a devout Christian, surely it was her Christian duty to protect others. Love thy neighbour more than thyself!

Eventually, I realised I wasn’t simply arguing with a stubborn woman; I was arguing with someone who really was absolutely clueless. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who was as naive and ill-informed as this lady, and I said as much, albeit politely.

Amazingly, she believed that if she didn’t wear a mask, she could breathe in antibodies, just like children do when playing in the dirt (her words).

I told her that as the virus is brand new she wouldn’t find any antibodies in the dirt nor anywhere else unless she first caught the virus, and without a mask she would go on to spread it to everyone else she met, not to mention killing a few along the way! 

The lady gave up, and graciously conceded that she was indeed ill-informed! I thought she had finally understood, but in reply to my partner Gerry, she took the argument further – This virus is only the beginning of worse things to happen, it seems since Adam and Eve every 2000 years God has to bring us back to Him.

I can’t help wondering how many more of them are out there! 


Infections in the UK 

Union JackAs the numbers of Corona Virus infections continued to steadily decline, the four countries that make up the United Kingdom (UK) began to ease lockdown at slightly different times. Northern Ireland eased lockdown first; England was next and following on were Scotland and Wales.

At the end of the first week in July, the government announced that two different households in England could meet inside one another’s homes, and it didn’t always need to be the same two households; at the same time, it warned that if infections began to rise it would not hesitate to shut down locally.

Recently in the city of Leicester, the Coronavirus infections began to rise, this caused the government to intervene, and it put the city back on lockdown. Meanwhile a week or so later in the small Lancashire town of Blackburn, some 138 miles north, infections also began to rise, today the town is teetering on the edge of lockdown.

Taking the UK as a whole, these two places make up a very tiny percentage, but it is a cause for concern.

Leicester and Blackburn have something else in common; they each have large South Asian communities that often live under one roof within multi generational extended households. We’re told that this practice is the cause of the rise in infections. What an easy scapegoat!

This brings me back to the idea that two households can now meet indoors.

I could hold a soiree every couple of days and have a different household join me. I could have a shindig during the day and one in the evening.

BUT let’s think what would happen if a member of one of the households carries the virus,  it’s feasible I could catch it and spread it to every other household and those other households could do the same; but let’s put the partying aside, because in Leicester and Blackburn it’s not the fault of the white communities it’s the Asians who are being blamed! Funny how it’s Nearly always someone else’s fault!

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37 thoughts on “Religion and Stupidity!

  1. That’s similar to what hapens in America. A governor stated that it was the immigrants working in the meat factories, not “regular people”, who was getting the virus, so she wasn’t ordering masks to be worn. I visited a state park on Monday, and every black person had on a mask, but probably less than 10 of the much more whites. It is amazing to me! I wear a mask as a senior black woman with half a lung and a tendency toward pneumonia when I just get a cold. People stare at me as if I am trying to hurt Trump’s chances for reelection or I am unpatriotic. Just crazy!

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    1. I’m sorry about that, how very unfair
      Even if the South Asian information is accurate, it’s not helping anyone by making it public.
      I’ve hardly been away from home, I’m fortunate that I haven’t needed to, but my supply of masks are ready and waiting. Thank you so much, Regina your comments are appreciated.


  2. They live amongst us, Sue. You can’t argue with stupid, well, you can, but it leaves you feeling worse than if you haven’t debated with them. I’ve lost count of people on social media who have posted ridiculous words about the virus, Brexit and a hundred different things. The ones I have argued with always end they’re argument with ‘Whatever!!’ Have a nice weekend, Sue. 😊

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    1. I mostly keep away from social media, it’s no longer the comfortable place it used to be.

      A friend of my brother used Messenger to send me a video of virus nonsense. I asked him how he knew it was true and told him that if he can’t verify whether of not it’s true then don’t pass it on and especially not to me! He didn’t reply!

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    1. Remember where I also suggested she stay at home? Perhaps she’ll need to from now on.
      To give her due, she remained very calm and polite, didn’t she? 🙂

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  3. You can’t fix stupid. I’ve stopped trying. What they don’t understand is that not wearing masks is only going to result in another lockdown as cases explode. Then it’ll be blamed on liberals or the media, anything but their lack of common sense.

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  4. Murphy's Law

    Wow! I’ve heard a lot of stupid arguments/excuses for not wearing a mask, but this gal is the queen of idiocy!! I hope after your exchange with her, she actually did some research and has “seen the light”!

    Wearing a mask in public is no worse than wearing an eye patch to protect the eye after surgery or an accident. I have to wonder why this gal is so dead set against it. Would she rather be in ICU wearing a ventilator?

    The bottom line is, we can take whatever steps necessary to protect ourselves, AND OTHERS, from Covid-19, but we can’t protect ourselves from stupid.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  5. The stupidity of some people is overwhelming. LAUSD has intelligently decided to have school start online/distance learning. Many school districts around are doing the same as numbers in CA are still going crazy. My district has decided to do distance learning and evaluate the situation every thirty days. My daughter’s district has a n new superintendent. He is obviously missing brain cells. He actually told the parents and teachers Covid is no more than a flu and he is opening all schools with no masks, no safety features, no accommodations for people with health needs.

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    1. Science is beginning to show that the younger the child the less the risk, but even so, over here in the UK we have a lot of safety measures in place. I have three working in education and they have bent over backwards during the last few months to provide online education and safety measures in school for the children of key workers. During our rising numbers, the schools remained closed to other children.

      I am so sorry about what is going on in the US. All governments have made mistakes and I’m guessing that like me you feel certain that the present chaos in the US would not have happened under any other administration.

      I watch the numbers and the daily charts each day here and just keep my fingers crossed that any further outbreaks will be contained, but at the end of the day it’s up to the people to do the right thing and I just hope they will.

      Thank you so much for your input, it is much appreciated. 🙂

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      1. Our numbers are awful. We had, just a few weeks ago, a pregnant woman and her unborn baby pass away from COVID. An actress came forward and talked about how sick her three year old got with Covid. The child had to be hospitalized but not put on a ventilator. I don’t believe risking lives is the solution. I appreciated your blog very much.

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      2. I’ve watched the news and have read the reports coming out of the US, plus I’ve listened to my American friends and I’m so sorry that this is happening to you. Ordinary people have much to answer for. Here we are regaining our freedom, but for how long very much depends on the behaviour of those ordinary people.
        Laura, thank you so much for taking the time to visit and for your comments. 🙂

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  6. Thank you for being pro-mask, Sue! And thank you for sticking up for the wearing of masks, and for those of us who are wearing them gladly.

    I admire that you dialogued with that woman. I DO NOT and WILL NEVER understand people like her. 😦 I wish she would have listened to your words. 😦 Some people just won’t open their ears, minds, or hearts. 😦 But, thank you so much for trying! We MUST continue to share and try to educate people. And when we talk with one person (even if they just want to argue), we never know who else is listening and might benefit from our words.

    I read a story today of a young man (37 years old with NO pre-existing health conditions) who vocally and angrily talked about NOT wearing a mask (he barked about why he would not with people in person and on his social media). Well, he died on July 4th from Covid19. 😦 His friends and family are sharing his story hoping it will convince people to wear masks.

    I think of all the sacrifices people made years ago during natural disasters, illnesses, war times, etc. And they did it without all of the complaining we are hearing today.


    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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    1. I cannot understand her reasoning. She may be unconcerned about her own life but to have no thought for protecting others is beyond me. Thank you so much for your support Carolyn, 🙂

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  7. I think being stupid is ok, just following the lead of our clueless Government.
    As for me, I am not coming out of lockdown until I am more confident that it is safe to do so, never mind what Boris says!

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    1. Yes, I listened to him this morning. I think giving local areas more autonomy is a mistake, I’m not sure people will listen, the instructions need to come from the top.

      I’m staying home too, nothing has changed, the virus is still out there along with thousands of irresponsible idiots! Thank you, Andrew.


  8. gc

    AN 82-year-old grandmother in the United States died after battling the COVID virus for nine days. She reportedly took all the necessary precautions. Her eight year old grand son was a carrier and asymptomatic. I wonder how the woman you were arguing with would feel about masks if someone close to her died. Worse still how would the young boy feel knowing he carried the virus that killed a family member?

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    1. Judging by her reply to you I would guess that she would have said it was God’s Will. I can’t imagine that she would think it was her fault!

      At the beginning of all this (over here) all grandparents over sixty years old were banned from looking after grandchildren. They are now thought to be low risk so we’re allowed to see them. In my family we still exercise caution, we meet outside in the garden.

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