Relaxing Lockdown – Part One

“Not everyone is meant to be a people person. In fact, being social is downright exhausting.”Andrea Romano

England – Lockdown and me – Part One

Union Jack and the Flag of Egland.

 The Wednesday Challenge over on Partner GC and my site Weekly Prompts is Inside Out.

Gerry talks about the relaxing of some of the lockdown rules such as the stores re-opening and, he asks what it’s like in the areas where we live.

Unfortunately, I can’t comment on what it’s like in my neck of the woods because despite some easing of the rules, I haven’t been out since before lockdown began. However, I can talk about how the rules and the subsequent relaxing of them have affected me. 

When the virus hit our shores, everyone’s lives we’re turned Inside Out and Upside Down, but strangely, I took to self-isolation like a duck to water, in fact, I cut off from the outside world before we were asked to do so. Not going out hasn’t bothered me in the slightest, in some ways it felt as though a weight had been lifted, because no one has expected anything from me.

Sunday Lunch 1

Occasionally, I yearn for the pleasure of eating a restaurant meal, especially Sunday lunch, but that soon passes.

I don’t miss the stores, and I definitely don’t miss the supermarket. On the plus side, I’ve saved a heap of money by not going out!

I’ve missed my girls and their casual way of dropping in, and I’ve missed seeing the little ones playing games on my kitchen floor and creating their ‘works of art’ at the kitchen table. I’ve missed seeing the older grandsons and hearing about school and university. I’ve missed our family meals, and I’ve missed my son staying overnight, which is something he did most weekends. 

The weekend before last, however, all that changed when the government suddenly announced that one person living alone could stay overnight in someone else’s home (England only).

Saturday morning bright and early at 09:00 AM, son Joss was at my door with his overnight bag and a couple of bottles of wine! The government said we could hug, but we thought that was an unwise move, and as hard as it was, we refrained from doing so, we also agreed to make an attempt at physical distancing.

We spent a pleasant Saturday creating teaching videos for online learning for the children in his class, and how lovely it was to feel involved.

On that warm Saturday evening, we enjoyed a Chinese Takeaway; sitting upstairs on the balcony we ate our supper and sipped our wine. Later we watched a whodunit. Such simple pleasures, but what a joy it was to have someone to share them with.

Editorial Comment: This post is a copy of the first section of the previously missing post. Part Two will be published tomorrow.

© 2020. Wednesday Challenge Inside Out from Weekly Prompts

24 thoughts on “Relaxing Lockdown – Part One

  1. Hi Sue, great to hear you’re coping with isolation ok….. but missing family and friends, are definitely the big drawbacks…. I’m not sure about restrictions being eased off a bit…. … Actually I’m not sure about anything at the moment…. and I think our Governments are only guessing at the moment… and just hoping things might be better…???
    I’m writing a poem at the moment…it’s a jumbled mixture of thoughts, a bit of a ‘inside out’ view of things….. so I suppose it’ll fit in with your prompt…. 🤗😀

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    1. The infection rate has come down dramatically here. In a couple of weeks, the restrictions will be eased off further as more businesses re-open. It has to be done, but the virus isn’t going anywhere it’s still with us and I think lots of people will take advantage of the freedom and simply forget that the elderly and those with underlying health problems are still very much at risk.

      Oh, yes do use your poem for the challenge, thank you, Ivor. 🙂

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      1. Health is the issue….. ‘us’ the elderly and vulnerable(me) are still very much at risk….. Yes… I’ll send my poem soon…it’s not a big piece but I’ve working on the wording all day, and I should finish it before my dinner-time…

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      2. Reluctantly, I have to leave the house on Friday for a medical appointment, I was going to put it off but I’m assured full PPE will be worn, then it occurred to me that it’s probably safer now than in a few weeks when everyone has begun socialising again.

        I’m looking forward to reading your poem.
        It’s just after 8:30 AM here and when I’ve finished one or two chores I’ll open my reader and begin my big catch up! 😀

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  2. I’ve quite enjoyed the lockdown, but I’m in the position that I’m not alone. I do miss meeting with others and the interaction and of course the children and grandchildren. I have found myself doing jobs that needed doing, enjoying sketching and playing my guitar. There are positives to lockdown, but I’m starting to miss the freedom to go out for the day, especially now the nice weather is here. Still, I can go for a walk in beautiful surroundings. Stay safe Sue and thanks again for another thought provoking blog post.

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    1. I’m glad you’ve been keeping yourself safe, you cannot take any risks with YOUR health. Oh, I can imagine you’re both missing your family a lot.
      I’m fortunate that on nicer days I’ve had a chat in the garden with Victoria and occasionally in the adjoining doorway, but we have deliberately stayed in our own homes and kept apart.

      It’s the evenings that I’ve found the hardest whereas normally it doesn’t bother me.
      Thank you, Trev. Say to hello to Debbie for me 🙂

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  3. Murphy's Law

    Shopping, for anything, I don’t miss in the least. Having physical contact with family and best friend is another story. But, that’s not close to being the end of the world either!

    How wonderful Joss came over the very first chance he had. You raised a good and caring son Sue. You must’ve felt like you were on a fabulous vacation!

    I agree with you and Rita, we’ve all found out a lot of our priorities were a bit skewed. Getting back to basics is a nice place to be.

    Keep staying safe. We’re not out of the woods yet!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Oh, Ginger, I agree with you. Such a long way to go, and if the scientist’s predictions are correct we need to get used to living with the virus and adjusting our lifestyles because until a reliable vaccine is found it’s here to stay. Thank you, Ginger 🙂


  4. Hi! I am not a social person, my husband is. He works from home so isolation is difficult. Our families are far away so we dont see much of them anyway. We have each other. We live in a summer tourist area and surprisingly things are hopping. We had just started to feel like we could go out, now we are a virus hot spot – back to lockdown. That was tough to do

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    1. Now that the infection rate has significantly reduced over here, further easing of restrictions will soon follow, and that is a big worry, because if ordinary people could be trusted, the infection rate would never have risen so high in the first place. Thank you Judy 🙂


  5. You won Sue, despite WordPress’ best efforts to thwart this post!
    My car was beginning to look like an abandoned vehicle under the car port, which is gated, so I gave it a treat the other day when it rained heavily. I drove it onto the road for a wash by nature!

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    1. I ought to have done that with mine when we had all the rain, it must be very dusty by now. I think I will try and start it right now, the last time it came out of the garage was 12th March!
      Thank you, Peter, and yes you’re right – I won! 🙂

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      1. Oh indeed – it is a lovely, if slightly too hot evening here, but a pub meal – with ‘pub chips’ – not really like other chips, and a pint, or maybe a G’n’T, dependent on the ‘establishment’ would definitively go down a treat.

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      2. Pub chips!!! Oh yes and a plate of scampi.
        I’ve just come in from sitting in the garden, and you’re right it probably is far too hot for an evening walk. Thanks, Ken

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  6. So pleased you had the company of your son again Sue. I am sorry to say that too many people seem to have such short memories and are going about without a thought or care. However I think you will be fine for your appointment – the utmost care and precautions should be in place.

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  7. Stay safe and keep taking it one day at a time, Sue.
    I’m not venturing out until I have my yearly doc appointments. And I will quiz them before going to see how careful they are being.

    I can’t imagine why people just HAVE to get out to shop at non-food stores…but then I’m NOT a big shopper and I can order what very little I need to be delivered.

    I am wondering if when we can get to a restaurant again if it will have lost some of it’s former appeal. ???

    We HumanBeans really need a lot less than we think we need. 🙂

    I heard a comedian say one time that we are always rushing here and there we just HAVE to get out and go do this or that…and then when we are out we can’t wait to get back home. HA! I thought he was spot on! 😀 😛

    The only thing we really miss is getting to see our kids and grandkids. They live in far-away places where their careers took them. We had a family reunion planned for June and it had to be cancelled. 😦 They hope to come home for Christmas…but I wonder if that will even be safe. So, I greatly miss them. The being in the same room. The hugs. All of the laughter. Getting to look in their eyes. ETC.
    All of this makes me very sad, so I can’t dwell on it. 😦

    (((HUGS))) ❤


    1. Oh, Carolyn I’m with you. Material things are so unimportant.
      The only thing I miss about restaurants is the food! Though I do miss nipping down to the pub as the mood takes us.

      I’m sorry that life took your kids so far away from home, it’s moments like this that I realise how fortunate I am that although study, jobs and travel took mine away from home, they all came back, few of my friends were /are as fortunate as my hubby and I were. Thank you, Carolyn 🙂

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