Lost & Found – Oops…


“The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on!” – Robert Bloch.

Post linked to Fandango’s One word challenge  Apropos

Word processing ClipartSome of you may have read my recent post Why Am I Here  where I talked about the Gutenberg Block Editor. I  criticised its sluggishness when loading pages and on Exit, and not least, its instability, not only that, but I also blamed the editor for the loss of a saved draft post.

Apropos to that post – I contacted WordPress via the link on my site, but despite an automated acknowledgement, my plea for assistance was not received, another example of instability? A second request at the weekend was more successful and actuated an early response from a Happiness Engineer –

It’s definitely very strange that this post isn’t showing up in your drafts, but you should be able to access and publish the post from the link above. Hopefully this was just a weird, one-time glitch, but if you notice the same thing happen again, please check your Activity Log to see if you can access the post from there and reach out again to let us know so we can troubleshoot further.

I accessed my post via the link given, and as a back-up, I copied the text into a Word document. A wise move because I wouldn’t want to write the whole thing again, AND after saving and closing, the original post did another disappearing act! 

With the text now retrieved and safe in a word document I no longer needed the original, but that wasn’t the point, draft posts shouldn’t disappear – I contacted WordPress again. The reply was swift and is below.

Glad you made a copy of the post before it went missing again. I have searched your site and see no reference to the post. Are you sticking with the Classic editor for your site nansfarm.net or did it disappear while switching editors? I’m also curious if this has happened with any other posts or is it specifically the ” Lockdown!” post? I think pasting the content into a new post is a good next step if this is only occurring to the one post. Please let us know if you have any further questions!

Do I have further questions? Actually, I do.

  • What do you mean there’s no longer any reference to my post?
  • Why do you need to know if I am sticking with the Classic Editor?
  • Why are you asking if the post disappeared while switching editors, is this a normal occurance?
  • You ask if the Classic Editor itself disappeared, why did you ask that, does this happen often?

Reading between the lines it sounds as though the engineer also thinks the block editor is unstable, or am I reading too much into the reply?

Either way, from now on, I will first write my articles in MS Word, an excellent Word processor that picks up my typos as I type; copying and pasting into the Classic Editor (my now editor of choice) is no hardship it takes only seconds!

Later today I will reply to WordPress, and tomorrow I’ll publish my missing post.

© SueW-nansfarm.net 2020 FOWC Apropos




19 thoughts on “Lost & Found – Oops…

  1. Interesting, Sue. I had the same feeling, do they know that Gutenberg is unstable? That’s a great tip too, using a word processor to write your posts and save them before pasting them in WordPress. I use the very simple Notepad for mine. The plot thickens.

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    1. I’m very fond of MS Word. Years ago I took a Microsoft Specialist course, and learned that Word has more to offer than most people are aware of. Who needs MS Publisher when we have MS Word!

      I used to use Word for writing in draft when I first began blogging. I’m not sure why I stopped.
      Thank you. Trev.

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  2. Well, I have to confess I smirked all the way through this…if you had any doubts about my own issues with Block and WP Support, I guess you got a clear picture of why I was so frustrated. I have one suggestion only: try going to Forums and see if you get better help there 🙂 A couple of the people who responded to my issues saved me from quitting WP altogether.

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    1. Thankfully, I’m pretty laid back about things. I’m not frustrated nor am I annoyed with the Happiness engineers.

      The fault lies with whatever is going on in the background, in the bowels of the software where none of us has access and that is an issue for the developers not the helpline Happiness staff.

      There’s little point in going to Forums because I don’t need help. I’ve retrieved my text from the post which is all I needed because writing it out again would have been tedious. It’s WordPress itself that has the problem which the first engineer more or less admitted.

      I am curious to know why the system is still having background issues even after its official launch, and this makes me think that WP launched before the bugs were properly ironed out.

      Thank you, Lesley. 🙂


  3. I just used the new editor for a post. I had no trouble with text or adding a gallery. It was quick and easy and I am on NBN satellite connection. Two post adding new images and one using my media library. But that is now not later. I should try to do a post when the internet traffic in Australia is much higher.

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    1. I used the blocks when still in the Beta format and have always found the editor simple and straightforward but early on it had bugs so I came away.

      This time around I Initially thought WP had ironed out all the previous problems, all seemed well and I found editing each paragraph separately something of a novelty.
      BUT after a while the slowness began to annoy me and not being able to edit the page as a whole was tiresome.

      I don’t mind how my posts are formed just so long as I get them done quickly and bug free!

      Thank you, Brian 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Lois.
      I’ve since found the post for a second time via the link the first engineer gave me – the one the second engineer could find no reference to 😂. It’s a puzzle why it’s only visible backstage and not front of house as it were, but hey-ho not my problem anymore.
      Again I thank you, Lois for your kind words 🙂


  4. Releasing software and depending on users to Beta test it seems to be the norm nowadays.
    Meanwhile the developers will be working 4 versions ahead, fixing errors that were never there in the first place and ‘improving functionality’ without first asking users if it is needed. They call it progress! (that sounds like an old fogey comment to me!)

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    1. On the one hand part of me wants to list the faults I found and send them to WP but on the other hand is that just a waste of my energies, maybe I should take a nap instead. Thank you, Peter.

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  5. Thank you for keepin’ at it, Sue!

    WordPress could do a much better job of helping it’s users.

    You have done a wonderful job of helping so many of us! Thank you! 🙂

    I learned years ago to write my post in a word doc/in my Word program and then copy and paste it into my WP post.

    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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    1. I’m not sure why I ever stopped drafting in Word, but I will remember to do so from now on. Thank you so much Carolyn, hope your health is still improving 🙂

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