The Final Guide – Part Three

A re-blog of today’s post on GC and my site Weekly Prompts.

Includes our final guide to the Block Editor that is due to become the WordPress default editor on Monday 1st June. Please Note – the final page of Guide Three includes how to Revert to the Classic Editor. Weekly Prompts How-To section also includes Audio-Visual Instructions – READ ON

Weekly Prompts

Create a Basic Post Using the Default Block Editor

Today’s post is the third and final guide to the Block Editor that is due to become the default editor from Monday 1st June. Our three guides are downloadable and printable.

The Guides to the Block Editor were created by Weekly Prompts as alternatives to the official WordPress Guides.

Guides One and Two are instructional, annotated picture guides to help you find your way around the blocks, and familiarise you with the editor.

Learning to Swim Guide Three – A guide to creating your first post from start to finish, a condensed version of sections from the previous two guides. This Guide assumes you are familiar with the previous guides and are ready to create your first post using the default Block Editor – the guide also includes adding and removing hyperlinks (pingbacks).

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14 thoughts on “The Final Guide – Part Three

    1. Morning Peter,
      Guide Three Now includes an extra page How To Revert to the Classic Editor. Though I think you already know your way around and don’t neeed the instructions. 🙂

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    1. Although always open to try out new things, I have yet to see the advantage of Blocks to the majority of bloggers. It adds nothing to their experience . For anyone happy to try out the blocks I’m hoping that the guides, especially number three will assist. Thank you, Carolyn 🎈

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I found it like that way too. It’s improved, but generally I’m finding WordPress a little slow right now. Thank you Russel.


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