This is Your Hour

Friday 8th May

“We can’t hold the parades and street celebrations we enjoyed in the past, but all of us who were born since 1945 are acutely conscious that we owe everything we most value to the generation who won the Second World War.” – Boris Johnson (8th May 2020)

This Wednesday the midweek challenge over on Weekly Prompts was Awareness.  Post also linked to FOWC  FACT and RDP RELIEF.

There can be few of us who are not aware that today is VE day. In my house we are very aware of how much was given up by so many to give us our freedom but we can only imagine the immense relief that was experienced in 1945.

Children VE Day

The image of these children celebrating while standing in someone’s bombed out home tugs at my heartstrings. My dear friends, this is your hour. This is not victory of a party or of any class. It’s a victory of the great British nation as a whole.” – Winston Churchill. 

putting up the Bunting

1945 – Hanging Out The Bunting

It is a Fact that in our house we don’t do things by half, today is no exception. Bright and early this morning we were digging into the backs of cupboards to bring out our very British celebratory flags and bunting.

Hanging bunting on the lane

Decorating the fencing over the lane

Mares and foals take a look

Even the mares and foals showed an interest in what was going on.

And finally the top of our driveway

Street Party

This evening we will share a victory meal in the garden (I will be at a 2m distance), and if it wasn’t for the coronavirus the whole family would have been here celebrating just like the 1945 street party. 

(C) 2020 Wdnesday Challenge Awareness from Weekly Prompts   Also linked to Fandango’s and RDP

Black and white photos courtesy of Google.

32 thoughts on “This is Your Hour

  1. Murphy's Law

    We must never forget those souls who lost their lives fighting for our freedom, nor should we ever take the freedom we enjoy for granted. FREEdom is never free. It’s the most expensive thing in the world.

    Nice to see your flags decorating your property Sue. It’s a very sobering sight. Enjoy your victory meal tonight. Hopefully next year your whole family can celebrate together once again.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Never ever will we forget!
      Yes, I hope that this time next year there will have been many more shared celebrations. Thank you for your comments, Ginger


    1. We had a lovely late afternoon and early evening, eating, drinking and chatting.
      We feel fortunate that for most of lockdown we’ve had decent weather (for Yorkshire). Probably not as warm as your southern nook. It’s meant that with my family next door we can spend time together in the garden. Since my husband died we’ve lived under the same roof in our family home but separately! Thank you for commenting, it’s appreciated.

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    1. I was torn between Boris’s and Winston’s. Loved both. Strange how you get such a warm feeling when you fly the flag and hang bunting, we only ever do it to celebrate and usually for something royal! Thank you so much, Carolyn 🙂

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      1. And so do I. Several years ago my late husband took part in a documentary about Churchill’s life. He played Winston Churchill, but never spoke. It was a fascinating insight into the man himself.
        Thank you, Carolyn 🙂

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  2. I have some mixed thoughts about all of this and you may not agree with me.
    I think it is time to stop unilaterally celebrating the defeat of Germany and join a European celebration of the defeat of Nazism. Two different things. Interesting that Germany had a day of celebration yesterday.
    I did vote remain and lament Brexit (sigh).

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  3. Must be a very important day for all of you to mark – sense of freedom is beyond expression. Two wars destroyed a lot. Hope remembering them will not bring another one.

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    1. The 75th anniversary of freedom for Europe. Like most of us I wasn’t born back then but I grew up learning about the war and how millions of people were murdered simply because they weren’t the right colour or the right religion! The sad thing is it’s still going on in parts of the world, people do not learn!
      Thank you so much, Nemo 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Surely enough, people don’t learn Sue. They just don’t. That’s exactly why history repeats itself. You are welcome! 😊


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