Dressing For The Occasion

3rd April 2020

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” ~ Coco Chanel

A second response to GC and my Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge WARY.

It’s important to wear the right clothes for the right occasion – right?

Third daughter Eizabeth now works at my old school and recently, old friend Vanessa, the assistant headteacher told herYour mum always looked glamorous !”

glamorous clipart 2I can’t help wondering what Vanessa would think if she saw me now.  Today, giving way to the neccessary virus hygiene and extra handwashing routines, my glamorous long polished nails are devoid of colour and chopped short. Any trace of makeup upon my pale skin has long gone. My hair with its mid-blonde highlights is losing its glamour, the roots that now reveal shades of light-mouse, sprinkled with one or two strands of grey have begun to show the signs that we are living in a country on total shutdown.

Still feeling liberated, I am unconcerned by the lack of glamour – one day we will return to normality.

Last week, after popping her head around our connecting door, eldest daughter Victoria asked: “Mum, why are you spending all day in your PJs? You have to make an effort, not getting dressed is bad for you!”  

I don’t know about you, but I am not the slightest bit wary of wearing PJs in the daytime and anyway I find pyjamas unbelievably comfortable in comparison to traditional daywear and if Victoria had seen me at other times during the day she would have noticed that I was indeed making an effort.

Realising I would no longer have visits from ‘outsiders’ and having no intention of leaving the house I had previously arranged my COVID-19 ‘pyjama wardrobe’ into daywear, nightwear and something a little more glamorous. 

Last evening, dripping wet, I climbed out of the shower to answer my phone and was instructed by Victoria “Come down to your kitchen in five minutes and have a drink with us!” 

I dried off quickly, and in the kitchen, I was greeted by the warm glow of delicately scented candles on the kitchen worktops (counters). Seated immediately next to the connecting door to their side of the house and on own bar-stools was Victoria with my fourteen-year-old granddaughter Daisy.

“Oh, Mum, you look nice, very glamorous!” Standing five metres away from them wearing satin and lace french navy PJs, I replied, “Yes, I’ve dressed for the occasion!” 

(C) SueW-nansfarm.net 2020 Wednesday Challenge Wary from Weekly Prompts. 3rd April 2020

Editorial Comment: Although we are practicing social distancing, and in my case self-isolation, we regarded ourselves to be pretty safe when seated at more than five metres apart.

Wednesday Challenge Wary

21 thoughts on “Dressing For The Occasion

  1. Given my penchant for loose, comfortable clothing, when I retired my department gave me my ‘new wardrobe’–loose, flowy lounge pants and matching top. Sue, I second your notion for PJ’s all day. A spritz of perfume and some nice earrings and I have all the ‘glamour’ I need! 😀

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  2. Murphy's Law

    I love that you’re enjoying a ‘pajama party for one!’ Why not? Styles will go out of fashion, but comfort never will! Good grief, in our local Walmart, I have seen people shopping in their pajamas! 😳😤 Make no mistake, I don’t approve of this practice. But at home, especially during this time of isolation, you go girl! No need to be wary there!

    Unless of course you’re wearing something extra sexy from
    Victoria Secrets, and your son-in-law pops his head in the connecting door unexpectedly. You might have to call 911 for him! Can you imagine how many years of fun conversations this would generate? Each re-telling would take on a life of its own!

    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Shopping in PJs? Must be Trump supporters! 😂I could never do that – I would never leave the house without makeup either.

      I love wearing my PJs around the house, most look like summer day attire, but I never miss my shower and my hair is always blow dried. I save those really glamorous ones for special occasions! 😉Thank you, Ginger 🙂


  3. Self isolated for three weeks and looking for novelty. I decided that I’d dress ‘properly’ every morning, blow dry my hair and put on my usual make up, which is very little, anyway. Have even begun wearing earrings i thought I’d never wear again because i think I’m too old for them.

    Perhaps if my pjs were not so tatty I’d think differently.

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    1. That sounds like a really good routine, Maureen and how lovely that John can see you are making an effort.

      Before this began I got a bit carried away and stocked up on a few pairs of really nice pyjamas, at the time I joked they were too nice to wear just for bed! Now I have the perfect excuse to wear them.

      I continue to take care of myself, I blow dry my hair each day, shave my legs and moisturise etc, but I concluded that my Clinique foundation makeup was far too luxurious to waste when no one was going to see me.

      Besides, just think of the three months of wear and tear on my normal clothes I am saving!

      Oh by the way, I enjoyed the Polio article that I read via your newsletter.

      Thank you, Maureen.


  4. HA! I love this, Sue! Whether you are in your comfy PJs or dressed to the nines, I think you would look beautiful! Especially when you flash your beautiful smile!

    There are so many wonderful jammies and PJs to wear these days…and some look quite fashionable! So dress for comfort and spritz on some perfume and your day will be great! 😉

    Besides, squirrels, birds, etc., don’t mind if we are wearing our PJs while we watch them! 😉


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    1. No I am totally confused. I have not seen this before, I am mixing it up with the last one!
      You are very very kind, thank you.
      I agree I doubt that any of the animals would mind what I wear.

      I think some of the PJs are so much more attractive than anything on offer for daywear.

      Thank you so much, Carolyn, my apologies for your missing comment 🙂

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      1. No problem. 🙂 I was sure I commented, but when I returned to see your comment-back to me I was “Hmm…I’m sure I commented this post. But it was late and I was sleepy…so who knows!” HA! 😀

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    1. I know, and I approved and replied to it, but now I can’t find either! I will check the spam etc, but why it would be there I do not know. pS I can’t remember what you said either! 😂

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