Wary of Solitary – Not me!

empty trolley“I would prefer a thousand mistakes in extravagance of love to any paralysis in wariness of fear.”  –  Gerald May

The Wednesday Challenge on partner GC and my site Weekly Prompts  is Wary.

An appropriate challenge word for the unfortunate times that we find ourselves living. 

At my local supermarket, screens have been erected at the checkouts to protect both the employee operating the till and the customer. Markings on the floor warn customers not to get too close to each other, advising where to stand when queuing at the tills. Everyone is wary of everyone else.

I haven’t seen any of this because I’ve been confined to home for the last three weeks. I put myself in self-isolation before we were instructed, and this was partly because of my asthma, it kicked off as it always does at this time of year. My cough is a worry for my family, and for me, it’s an uncomfortable nuisance.

I stay at home because I am wary of picking up the virus. Secretly… I don’t mind being alone, I am enjoying the liberation, I can please myself how I spend my day, and I don’t need to answer to anyone but me!

The other day I posted a video of a very confident squirrel stealing the peanuts from the newest bird feeder. Yesterday I filmed a different squirrel, one that wasn’t quite as confident as the other, this one seemed confused and maybe a little wary.

(C) SueW-nansfarm.net 2020 Wednesday Challenge Wary from Weekly Prompts.


37 thoughts on “Wary of Solitary – Not me!

  1. Well done Sue, to film the the little squirrel, …I love your ‘Wary’ squirrel… I’m sitting here smiling away….
    I’ve just had a poem published at “The Lockdown Journal” which I’ve not been able to post til’ now, so after dinner I’ll post it on your site …. xx

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    1. Good Morning Ivor or Good Evening as it is over there.
      Congratulations on having your poem published. Also, my apologies for being a little behind with reading your posts. I will catch up with all my reading this morning.
      Gerry and I have been a little busy planning for all eventualities and getting ahead with our writing and challenges.
      I am looking forward to reading your poem.
      Thank you for reading our posts and as always for your comments. 🙂


    1. Both these nut feeders used to hang on a tree that I could see from my kitchen window but bushes began to grow and obscure my view. Last week my son-in-law next door erected the new feeder as a surprise. The birds began feeding immediately, I’ve known birds do that before as they are normally cautious, I think they recognised the nut feeders as their own. I used to have more feeders but the squirrels damaged them.

      Birds are funny things so fussy about their feeders. My daughter had the same problem so she moved the feeder to another position and after a few days they began to use it.
      Thank you, Judy and good luck with the birds 🙂


  2. Poor little squirrel, I hope it comes back, and is brave.

    I looked at your stone fence, and wondered about the folks who used their strength to clear land, and then build such a fine fence.

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    1. The stone walls in the field are constantly knocked down by the sheep and cattle but this one here has managed to stay up for over forty five years and it’s not even well built. My late husband began building one up the driveway it is so perfectly neat but he gave up when he became ill and later my son-in-law continued the fence by planting laurel bushes instead. Thank you, Yvonne

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  3. I could watch squirrels for hours! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this wary-guy! 🙂
    We can all relate to him…we’re all a little confused and wary these days.
    Oh, Sue! You are not alone in your self-isolation…we are there with you in spirit and love! We want you safe and well!
    (((HUGS))) and ❤ and 🙂
    PS…I was born with asthma. And one of my adult kiddos has it. Like you, we are trying to be careful, too.

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    1. Yes, I passed it on to a couple of mine too. I am fortunate that on warmer days I can sit outside and talk to the family at a safe distance, but this week it has been far too cold. I’m also lucky that when any of them go shopping they pick up bits for me.

      Thank you, Carolyn, you take care of yourself too 🙂❤️

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      1. We have someone doing the shopping for us and then we just have to drive to the store parking lot to pick up the food. It’s working well so far.
        I am sitting here feeling so grateful for all the good people and things in my life. My heart breaks for people in India and Africa, etc., where they do not have the safety we have.

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      2. I tried to get an online delivery for weeks ahead but no matter what time I attempt all the slots are full.

        I too feel so sorry for those people in poorer countries. We were so fortunate to have been born in the West. Lots of things go wrong but nothing compares to the misery they are about to endure. Thank you, Carolyn 🙂

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  4. There is something I enjoy about self isolating and I think you summed it up perfectly, Sue in this post. I feel like an astronaut at times, staring out the window and looking at the world as time goes by. Normally, that would be classed as being ‘lazy’, but in these times I’m just abiding by the rules.

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    1. I have to admit to feeling a little lazy.I began the isolation with non-stop cleaning, but each day I’m doing less and less and television watching has increased! This morning though I’m cooking for the freezer, which means next week I can be even lazier! Thank you, Trev 🙂

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    1. I don’t blame you! Apologies, I need to catch up on your posts – I am a day or so behind but when I’ve finished my chores I’ll be on that reader. Look after yourself Brian 🙂

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  5. Murphy's Law

    Love this video. But you know, I’m not so sure this perky little guy didn’t do exactly what he intended to do…..knock some seeds on the ground and dine leisurely in the soft green grass!! But that bird in the background? I’d be wary of him. He looks like he might be from Jurassic Park! Lol.

    Wary is a perfect word for these times we’re all experiencing. The number of confirmed cases and, sadly, deaths, continues to climb at an alarming rate here in NYS. What a horrific event that will forever more be burned into our memories of the year 2020. 😢

    Stay isolated Sue. My granddaughter also has asthma. That’s a challenge in and of itself. So glad your loving family is keeping you well fed! 😜

    I am never wary when I see you in my inbox. I KNOW it’s going to be good!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. He came back this morning and had a couple of attempts to jump from the wall again but was too scared. He keeps going back to tree where the nut holders used to be!

      Unfortunately my phone and cameras were upstairs. The first squirrel came back and shimmied up the pole, ate a few nuts then casually slid over and had a long drink and then back to the nuts!

      It was a big bird and it moved too fast to gauge what it was.

      Ginger, thank you so much for your very kind comment, I always look forward to reading yours. You have brightened my day. 🙂


  6. This is so cute. I love watching squirrels. My neighborhood is old with lots of hills and trees, so when we go walking, the squirrels are running back and forth across the street, poking around on the ground and in the trees. Did this little guy slide down that post?! Yes, wary is a perfect description of him. Sweet video, Sue.

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  7. We have the same precautions here in Florida. I do t blame you for being wary, Sue. Can’t be too careful. Love the 🐿 video. they’re the cutest creatures. Our little Sammy is a bit absent at the moment. Maybe he’s on lockdown. 😅


    1. I am feeling much better, thank you, Hema.
      You have two small children and almost never get a chance to be alone so I can really appreciate your enjoyment too. Take care of yourselves, stay well 🙂

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  8. gc

    Reblogged this on THE MAIN AISLE (c) 2020 and commented:
    Self confinement is a protection and not a punishment. How you handle this new way of living is entirely up to you. You can welcome the change and explore new ways of doing things or you can gripe , carp and complain about how really unfair this all becoming. Partner Susan welcomed the new wave of solitary living. – gc

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    1. I have just found this Comment and six others in the pending file, but hadn’t had notifications about any!
      Thank you, Maureen, you too 🙂


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