The Secret Diary of Mrs W- Part 3

Friday 27th March 2020

“One advantage in keeping a diary is that you become aware with reassuring clarity of the changes which you constantly suffer.” Franz Kafka

The Wednesday Challenge on GC and my site Weekly Prompts was Daily Diarythis is my third and final response to the challenge.

Friday 27th Another day begins

Sleeping 26th-27th March.PNG

05 -45 AM – The Sleep App’s timing is out slightly, I think it must have logged my first fifteen minutes of the day as sleep walking!

Sleep Walking

40 minutes Awake Hours!  How did I do that?

08:15 AM – By half-past five I was drinking coffee in bed and on the supermarket website, no queue this morning, but no available slots either!

It was a foggy start to the day with no visible sunrise to add to my photo collection.

Good Morning Cows 1Good Morning Cows 2

After breakfast when the fog had cleared, I popped into the garden to have a chat with the cows, and believe you me, they’re such good listeners. We discussed what I should do today the red one suggested I take more photographs!

Last evening Victoria collected my new glasses from the opticians. We phoned in advance to say she was on her way. For obvious reasons, she wasn’t allowed to enter the building, but instead, she was met at the door with a disinfected bag, containing my disinfected glasses and cleaning sprays. Very sensible.

11:00 AM – Announcement from Downing Street – Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock have tested positive for the Coronavirus. Last week two Downing Street staff members tested positive. This virus just like the others is often passed on before we realise we actually have it!

Later we heard the Chief Medical Advisor is also self-isolating after showing symptoms.

For most of my life I voted Conservative, but in the last election I blamed them for Brexit, therefore I did not vote for them in the General Election, however, I do think Boris and the government have handled the pandemic very well. It cannot be easy for them – well done Boris.

12:00 PM – I made a large jug of veg and ham soup. I made far too much, so maybe I’ll need to freeze it along with the meals from yesterday.

3:00 PM – I can hear something moving around in the roof space, it sounds like a trapped bird, unfortunately, at my side of the house the roof space is sealed and we can’t rescue it- poor little bird.

4:00 PM – I went into the garden and up to the top of the front field to have another chat with the cows, and until my Sony camera ran out of battery, I took more photos.

SONY DSCI think I was a little too close for my Macro image, but I  like it, the outer petals of the daffodil remind me of an umbrella.

(C)  27th March 2020 Wednesday Challenge Daily Diary from Weekly Prompts

Wednesday Challenge – Daily Diary

26 thoughts on “The Secret Diary of Mrs W- Part 3

  1. Are they your cows? They look awfully sweet! I love animals. People down the road from me have 3 bulls. Once, many years back, I was on my way to work and they were out in the road. I knocked on the door, no answer. I knocked on the side window and someone rudely asked me what I wanted. “Um, your cows are in the road!” Then I walked down the steps and as I was about to get in my car the ground felt like it was shaking and there was thunder. They were running in my direction! I don’t know what the would have done but I jumped in my car and took off. To this day, and how could I forget it, I remember I was wearing my read sweater! Ahhhhhh!!!!!

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    1. Those bulls probably thought you were going to feed them!
      I don’t have any stock these days and I rent out my land to another farmer friend. These are young heifers that were born last year they will meet one of the bulls in the summer.thank you for your comments. 🙂

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  2. I love that you can start your day having conversations with cows! How wonderful is that?! A couple of states over from us is a stay-at-home state, and our mayor is worried that people from that state will migrate over here and infect us. What a mess this is. Trump insists he is doing wonderfully, though. No need to worry. What is wrong with that man?

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    1. Over here, the coastal towns and villages in beauty spots have put up their own signs telling people to Go Home. The PM asked people not to travel to other areas because they will take the virus and spread it. Smaller hospitals in these areas would not be able to cope with the added numbers of sick. Everyone here is asked to stay at home in their own houses. No one is allowed out in groups larger than two.
      Oh, I feel for you all. I listen to Trump and even I cringe with embarrassment
      I don’t think he’s human!
      Thank you, Lois 🙂

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  3. What sweet, understanding faces those cows have. They’re good listeners I’m sure. Disinfected glasses sounds good to me. Everything needs to be sanitized these days. Your world sounds very peaceful, Sue. Mine is too, but I have no cows to talk to. 😅

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    1. Now I’m confined to home isolation the cows are mostly the only ones I speak to during the day! Fortunately I love cows and the wonderful sweet smell that greets you as you walk toward them.
      Thank you, Sylvia 🙂

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  4. Murphy's Law

    Oh! Sue, I talk to my Murphy all the time, but I would love to have cows to talk to. So would Murphy. She’s an Australian Shepherd mix and I have no doubt she would love ‘herding’ some cows!! The sweet faces on those girls. The bulls will be very happy boys this summer!

    Isolation is a whole new world, isn’t it? I think we may officially qualify as hermits by now. Lol.

    Trump is so out of touch with reality they should really pad the walls of the Oval Office and keep him under lock and key! To say he is an embarrassment is an understatement. Here we are, desperately needing an intelligent, well informed leader, but instead we have a self-serving blathering idiot. Sigh….

    So keep talking to the cows Sue and charge your camera battery so you can share these wonderful photos with us.

    My best wishes to your Prime Minister and Health Secretary for a speedy recovery.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. My dad used to breed German Shepherds and Graham (my late husband) and I had two early on in our marriage. They were so gentle and faithful.

      am always disappointed when each group of cows is taken back to the farm, but I can see for myself that the land needs to recover from a winter of rain, so I think it’s only a matter of time before Richard takes them back to the farm. Give it a month or so and I feel sure he’ll bring more to spend a summer here. I really enjoy their company and taming photos of them.

      I agree with you, America so needs a good strong leader right now.

      We are told that America now has more victims than anywhere else in the world and this was caused by Trump who refused to take the threat seriously, didn’t give the people true information and didn’t move quick enough to prevent the spread.

      Oh, Ginger, I am so sorry. Stay safe and away from others. 🙂


  5. That Kafka quote took me by surprise, mostly because it so reflects his innate resistance to change. I find when I read back over several years of diary/journal, that there are, shall we say, recurring themes rather than an onslaught of change. It’s good you have those heifers to converse with. The red one is particularly sweet and they looked as though they were waiting for you. Yes, it’s bad here in numbers. Very bad. I haven’t looked at the Virginia numbers today, but I’m pretty sure they’re up. And New York, where my niece lives in Queens, is an epicenter. There’s a lot of misinformation and idiocy out there–lots of it coming from Trump and his supporters. It’s disheartening that such poor leadership has caused this to be so bad. Stay safe and keep talking to the heifers.

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    1. I’ve even noticed bloggers giving out daft misinformation. Blowing warm air down your throat and drinking hot drinks but not cold! The other day someone sent me a four-minute audio recording of instructions. How ridiculous.

      I focus on the PM’s 5:00 o’clock Daily Briefing which is usually followed by the BBC News presenter putting our questions to an eminent doctor, including putting the myths to bed.

      Yes, I enjoy the bovine chitchats – the pretty red one is so photogenic too!
      Thank you, Lisa, take care and stay well.


      1. I’m sticking with the briefings from the county’s Public Health division. The numbers are right and the advice is solid and specific to my area. It’s raining today, so I shouldn’t have too much trouble staying in! Don’t make the other cow jealous. I made a polo pony jealous once and he grabbed me by the upper arm (fortunately coated) and yanked me up in the air and over the fence, then ran off, kicking up his heels (and feeling justified). Since then I give all animals equal attention.

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    1. Thank you, Derrick. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. Too many people eager to criticise but they can only go by the best advice given from the scientists.

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  6. Good morning Sue. Loved the close up cow shot! We are planning all our ‘once a day’ walks from the house but I don’t think we have cows in fields nearby. Who knows, maybe we will find some. We walked to th next village yesterday in the sunshine. Felt strange not carrying a backpack.

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    1. Good Morning to you too Selina.
      It must seem very restricting for you two, you’re both used to taking those lovely long coastal walks/treks.
      Now that we have lighter mornings I might venture up and down the lane first thing before the rest of the village wakes up! It seems every man and his dog have decided to take their walks on our lane! Can’t blame them for that!
      Hope you find a cow or two – take care of yourselves and stay well. 🙂

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      1. You are so right about everyone suddenly deciding that walking is a great idea! Good idea to get up and out early. We might dust off our old bikes that we haven’t used for a couple of years just to travel further.

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