Giving it the Elbow

‘It always seems impossible until it is done.” ~ Nelson Mandela.

Over on our shared site Weekly Prompts my partner GC and I have a Wednesday challenge named The Elbow Bump.  GC asks if this novel approach to greeting people is safe, or could it be a little too close and personal.

We are hoping our readers will not give our challenge the ‘Elbow’ but will let us know the situation in their neck of the woods.

My personal response takes the form of a little lighthearted relief followed by an opinion of how it really is! 

We all know the popularity of the Elbow Bump is down to the Coronavirus, Covid-19, but I wonder if any of you are in the same mind as me, do you believe that some people are not taking the virus seriously enough?

A comment from a blogger on my previous article ‘All About It’,  set off a train of thought that culminated in my urge to write this follow up article, and conveniently it ties in nicely with The Elbow Bump.

The Comment on Part One Enjoyed your post. 🙂
As I told a friend lately, my chances of being injured or killed in a vehicle accident are so much higher than suffering severely from this virus, yet I go out on the highway almost daily. Or maybe we should all start staying home now to avoid accidents? 

My Reply to the blogger Hopefully, you read this article as it was intended to be read, not as a fear-mongering piece, but a report on the situation at my side of the pond, including a little hint of humour to lighten the post. 

 I wrote that most people won’t become too ill, or as you put it, suffer severely.  I hope you are young enough and healthy enough to be amongst this group because, for those with underlying health problems, the scenario is likely to be very different.

Continuing IT

From what I have read recently, it seems that many people are still not aware that this global crisis is not all about how it affects us as individuals, but also about the effect we have on others.

Our government has asked those of us over the age of seventy or with health problems to self-isolate for three months. I’m sure everyone is aware that self-isolation defines as not going out into the community, not leaving our homes.

Hapy Birthday to you

Visitors may call but they must follow the strict guidelines – washing  hands thoroughly for twenty seconds, that’s two verses of Happy Birthday – And they must stay at least two metres away from the person/s in isolation.

When the visitors have left our homes, everything they touched should be disinfected. Door handles, taps and toilet seats etc.

On Monday the government  announced that shielding the elderly, keeping them safe is their priority.

The stark facts – At this moment in time there isn’t a country in the world that has sufficient medical staff, intensive care beds and ventilators to cope with the high numbers of older people and those with existing health issues; this is the group most likely to be severely affected by Covid-19, and medical staff do not want to be in the same position as Spain and Italy, choosing who lives and who dies!

By asking us to self-isolate our government is buying time, time to prepare and equip our hospitals and time to slow down Corvid-19.  For what it’s worth, as difficult and stressful as this is, I think it is an excellent strategy. Well done Boris! 

Everyone must understand the severity of the virus. Those not in the high-risk groups should not adopt the I’m alright Jack attitude because it is precisely this group of people that will endanger those of us who are most at risk.

On a lighter note, it has occurred to me that if America were to follow the UK’s advice, Donald Trump would need to hand over control to his 60 year old deputy, unless of course he’s planning on governing by Twitter – ah, wait, doesn’t he mostly do that anyway?

And let’s not forget the other two old-age pensioners (seniors) currently running for the presidency, both much nearer 80 than 70! I use the word running lightly!

Gerry and I challenged our readers to tell us how other governments and other people are handling this pandemic. What simple precautions are advised for you and do you take notice?

The link to our challenge is below 

Editorial Note: My apologies for the initial early publication of this article and for any confusion this morning. Yesterday I had problems with the Scheduler. Today the pingback to Weekly Prompts failed. After several new attempts at a pingback I eventually copied my article,  gave it a new title and deleted the first! Hopefully, normal service has been resumed!

(C) 2020 Wednesday Challenge Elbow Bump from Weekly Prompts.

37 thoughts on “Giving it the Elbow

    1. I like Jackie, she is fun.
      I think even if we were in our eighties we still wouldn’t feel that we fittted into the elderly category. My age might begin with the number seven but because I don’t look seventy, don’t act seventy and most of the time I pretend I’m not seventy, I forget that my body actually is seventy! 🙂

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  1. I find it very scary and worrying that some people are making light of it. I have Emphysema, so I’m joining the over 70’s with the 12 week isolation. We will both miss the Grandchildren and children, but thankfully, Skype comes into play. Stay safe everyone and a big elbow.

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    1. I’m joining the over seventies because I am. I don’t have Emphysema, but I have damaged airways that close at the drop of a hat.

      My youngest daughter Sophie will also attempt to observe self-isolation. She has Asthma and scarred lungs due to several bouts of pneumonia. Her sons normally stay half the week with her and the other half with their dad, but for now they will stay the whole time with their dad, but she also has a five year old daughter and no one to take her to school. Arrangements have been made for Sophie to drop off and collect Evie from the school office.

      My children will visit but not bring grandchildren and will keep the 2 metre distance. Our Mothers Day family lunch is cancelled. Thank you Trev – Long Live and Prosper! 🤚Stay well🙂

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  2. Sophie

    I was just thinking about millions of people sending/handing over Mothers Day cards having LICKED the envelope! All very well staying at a distance but this is a perfect way to spread a virus that can live on surfaces for up to three days..
    Scary times. Xx

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    1. Sophie, you are correct. Best tell your boys no licking the envelopes! So many things we haven’t thought of.
      Last night Victoria came in for a drink but stayed 3-4 metres away, then Simon came in and gave me a bottle of wine, I wiped it with dettox before opening and dettoxed the bar stool Victoria had used and the kitchen worktop. Goodness me, how clean is my house!! 🙂

      Have a look at the Zoom App, video conferencing software. Victoria suggested we could play games together, it will be like Christmas, except we’re not in the same room!
      Louisa suggested I find more projects. I thought I might record myself reading stories for the little ones.
      Max and I are going to have a potato patch each and have a competion for the largst spud!


  3. Sophie

    I love the idea of all playing games remotely! I have tons of seeds to plant, knitting projects, lots of stuff to sort in the house, garden to tidy and plants to lift and divide and transfer to front garden. Oh and car needs a wash. Just need the energy to get off my butt and do all these things! 😂

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  4. Murphy's Law

    Isolating is the smart way to go. It’s inconvenient, but inconvenient never killed anyone. I’m 80, my husband is 81. We both have serious health issues and we take the precautions surrounding Covid-19 very seriously. We are staying home, venture out in our yard with our dog Murphy, get our mail from mail box. We have enough supplies for awhile, but we’ll have to replenish eventually… one here to do that for us.

    I disinfect surfaces regularly, but now I do the entire house daily, and ‘spot’ disinfect as needed. On the bright side, I have the cleanest, neatest closets, cabinets and drawers in town!! Lol. If I can’t be out and about, I might as well do all those “rainy day” chores we all procrastinate about. And I’ve deep sixed stuff I haven’t seen, used, or thought about since the Eisenhower administration!! Yep, isolation definitely has its advantages.

    Hope you and your family and your readers come through this pandemic unscathed, and everyone else worldwide. We all need to heed the warnings. This is not a fire drill. With today’s technology we may be isolated physically from one another, but we can text and email, talk and see each other thanks to the Internet. Not so bad at all!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. It is very very scary, and so many people are still unaware at just how serious this is. I looked at the video that Gerry put on Weekly Prompts, there was a section where Trump said he intended to continue shaking hands and allowing people to hug and kiss him. It just shows that he hasn’t grasped the severity of the virus. People look to their leaders for advice and examples and right now his example is so wrong, it’s little wonder that such a lot of people just aren’t getting it!

      Thank you so much, Ginger. May you both stay well and safe, xx 🙂


  5. If your not infected and the person you are greeting is not infected…. then It all comes down to trust, and then hope the future will see the flowers grow again….

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    1. Unfortunately, that’s not the advice from the World Health Organisation, Ivor.
      People can be infected and not show any symptoms for 48 hours or more. Cash machines, supermarket trolleys, walking into a space where someone has coughed or sneezed, all are a danger to your health.
      Millions of people are going to die from this virus pandemic, I cannot stress enough just how serious this is.
      I’m not sure what stage your country is at, but just like other countries it will deteriorate quickly, and the advice from your government will change as each next stage is reached.
      Please take care, Ivor and cut out those hugs, keep a safe distance. 🙂


  6. I’m quite enjoying being self isolated. It feels peaceful and calm to stay home with lots of time and no commitments. I’m hoping to be able to talk like Ginger about how tidy all my cupboards are. Stay safe, everyone.

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    1. I should tidy my drawers too. but I think it will be a last resort because I keeping thinking of other things I’d like to do first! Thank you Maureen, you and John stay well xx🙂


  7. Yes, Trump will go on shaking hands because ‘that’s what people want to do. Shake hands, hug, kiss….’ Uh, no. Not me. And definitely not with him. He is clueless. He’s probably mad that this occurred on his watch. Guess he cannot blame Obama this time. My husband has to go to the hospital tomorrow for his regular lab work. I was so hoping they could cancel it, but, no. I still have chemo so that is a bit scary. But what is my alternative? Such strange times, Sue. Following the guidelines is all we can do. Stay well, my friend.

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    1. He is unbelievable, he just hasn’t grasped how easily the virus is passed. He should be educating people. His bad judgement and failure to act responsibly will cause the death of so many people people.

      When do you have your last chemo? Hope all goes well for you both.

      I’m so glad you’ve retired Lois. Stay well, keep safe and keep in touch 🙂

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  8. I smiled at your use of the word ‘novel’ to describe the elbow-bumping approach to greeting people to avoid spreading the ‘Novel Coronavirus’. People here are really keeping their distance and obviously treating everyone as suspicious. We’ll get through this eventually, but in the meantime it’s quite challenging especially for we so-called elderly folk. 😳 Our club is totally closed as of today so hubby and I have taken to walking at least 10,000 steps a day to make up for not being able to go to the gym. Fortunately our weather is perfect at the moment as long as one gets out before the heat of the day. I really feel for those people like my granddaughter’s boyfriend whose business is so badly effected by this enforced social distancing. His entire takings for yesterday were £4-20. 😳

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    1. Oh, Sylvia, £4-20! Over here sees more restrictions each day and most of us are heeding the advice. Two of my sons-in-law are now working from home. Everyone I know is giving up socialising. Some restaurants are offering take away. It’s a pity your granddaughter’s boyfriend cannot offer a barrel and pub grub delivery!

      Our weather is becoming a little more spring-like, though we’re still having frosty nights. Thank you, Sylvia, take care 🙂

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      1. That is funny! You’ll have to let me know if he decides to do it. I think many people would be pleased to collect it and not have a delivery.🙂

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  9. gc

    Reblogged this on THE MAIN AISLE (c) 2020 and commented:
    In this time of global hysteria we all need to take a deep breath, shake off the hysteria and proceed with caution without panicking. Humor is a great way to help us get rid of our fears. This is a great read from partner Susan. Enjoy.

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  10. Thank you for posting this, Sue.
    To be honest, I fluctuate between “This is the end” and “We’ll we okay”.
    Too many people in my life who have health needs and would not make it through if they get COVID-19. 😦

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    1. Our government, unlike Trump, is being realistic, they are expecting the virus to affect everyone, all of us will catch it. But hopefully protecting the older and vulnerable at this moment in time will help. As time goes on the hope is the virus will weaken and with more time the hospitals will be better equipped to take care of us.
      Take care Carolyn and thank you 🙂


  11. We are in total lockdown in France supposedly. If caught outdoors without a paper stating valid reason it was between 36 and 136EUR fine. Within 2 days has gone up to 360 euro fine. Light exercise has become 500 metres from the house and no hiking rando anything on the mountains. I suppose because the light exercise allowed was used as an excuse to run with 5 friends.. not on.. Just stay away from people..

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    1. That is very strict but I understand why. We saw on the news how President Macron has had to get extra tough because people were not heeding the advice.
      I hope you stay well, Lisa, do take care 🙂


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