Chicken or the egg?

11th March 2020

“I went to the store today and bought some really ugly shaped eggs. Now I can’t find them. I think they’ve been mislaid.” ~

The midweek challenge over on GC and my site Weekly Prompts is Marketed Eggs

GC talks about consumer confusion when faced with buying eggs – different sizes, different colours and different prices. He was interested to know how the rest of us deal with the egg dilemma, what are our choices.

For most of the time, while living here on the farm, we have kept hens, chickens if you prefer. The hens we kept were free-range, allowed to forage and roam the fields as they wished, returning to the enclosure to lay eggs in the nesting boxes,  peck at the mixed corn and roost in their hen hut just before sunset.

Occasionally we lost one or two to the foxes, and usually because one of us had forgotten to lock the hen hut. Now and again a brave fox would try his luck during daylight, and when that happened, the remaining hens were confined to the high-fenced enclosure for a while.

Keeping hens had its drawbacks, and for me, it was the rats. Vermin are never far from outdoor food. Once, a rat ran over my foot. For a while, I refused to go near the hens, but on the whole, my late husband did a good job of keeping the rat population in check.

They say you are never more than 10 feet away from a rat. I can’t believe that one, though I don’t doubt they are always close by. The other day in the supermarket carpark (Sainsburys Otley) just as my son and I were getting into his car a rat ran underneath the car and narrowly missed my son’s feet! But, I digress. 

 My favourite part of keeping hens was collecting the eggs, each egg was a different shade, and if I timed it just right, the eggs were still warm to the touch.  I am told there is nothing like eating a freshly laid egg; unfortunately, I wouldn’t know because I am allergic to eggs and have been since the age of eleven.


So what about the Egg Myths – are brown eggs better than white eggs? No, they are not; inside the shells, the eggs are exactlythe same, both in taste and nutrition, the shells differ in colour because of the breed of the hen.

Do white hens lay only white eggs? No!

What about the eggs advertised as high in omega-3?  All eggs contain naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids, mostly in the yolk; this can be increased if the hen is fed a diet that is supplemented with flaxseed.

So, what did come first, the chicken or the egg?

If you know your bible, then you will know that first, God created night and day, then he created the world, the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, next he created the animals on the land and the first man. He didn’t mention anything about creating the egg before the chicken!

egg an chick n2On the other hand, maybe that big bang we’ve all heard about was an extra-large chick smashing its way out of an extra-large shell!

(C) 2020 Wednesday Challenge ‘Marketed Eggs’ from Weekly Prompts.

Picture Credit: Eggs and Clipart courtesy of Google

22 thoughts on “Chicken or the egg?

  1. Oh, Sue–the irony of being allergic to eggs…! I see so many people picking up cartons of, very pricey, brown eggs, and looking quite smug about it. Call me frugal, but large white eggs do just fine for my baking needs!

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    1. Oh absolutely they are, Lois.
      Eggs also last much longer than people imagine, so many are thrown away because of the sell by date, we always had too many and they stayed edible for weeks.

      I cannot eat eggs on their own, but I can eat a small slice of cake if it’s not rich in eggs. I can eat Yorkshire pudding, but if the same mixture is used to make a pancake I cannot eat it. Apparently, something is killed off during the longer oven bake or something like that!
      Thank you, Lois.

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  2. The first thing that jumped out at me was ‘Otley’ because my granddaughter’s boyfriend owns the White Swan pub there. I always look for Jumbo eggs here even though I know that elephants don’t lay eggs. Sometimes they’re not as big as usual and another time there’ll be a few double yolked ones. There’s nothing like fresh farm eggs though. Eeek about those rats. 😱

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  3. Oh Sue, I missed this post yesterday… I was a bit scrambled last night…. the poet was a plumber ….. I ended up feeling fried eggs on toast….. 32’C here yesterday…… promptly fell asleep after dinner….. and still feeling like a hard boiled egg this morning….. so I’ll be resting up, until my writers group meeting this afternoon, and my recital poetry event tonight….. breakfast time now…. I think I need an omelettepick-me-upper…


    1. I was about to say to you, Yesterday? But I published it today and then I realised that today is your yesterday! That said I was late in publishing today, so it was your today after all! I’ve been too wrapped up in other stuff and didn’t put this one on the schedule as I normally do.
      It’s cold, windy and raining here.
      I hope you’re not working too hard, please take time to rest.
      I am also a couple of days behind on everyone’s else’s posts. Thank you for reading, Ivor 🙂

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  4. HA! The Big Bang chick! 😀

    Ooh, I’ve always thought all the colorful eggs were so beautiful and some so very shiny and smooth!

    My parents were farmers and still had chickens even after they moved to the big city (long story).

    Oh, I’m sorry you are allergic to eggs. I don’t eat many anymore, but I’ve always loved eating eggs/egg dishes.

    You are right! I think the chicken came first, too!
    🐔 🐣 🐣 🐔 🐣 🐣
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. I agree, I wish they’d sell boxes of mixed colours, but I’m supposing the suppliers probably have one breed of chicken. I love the colour of duck eggs. Thank you, Carolyn 🙂

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  5. Murphy's Law

    Another eggceptional post Sue! 🤗 There might be something to your Big Bang theory! I also can’t eat eggs on their own, but I do “fairly” well with food that has eggs in it.

    Give me plain white large eggs and I’m good to go. I found your eggsplanation of the various egg colors very interesting.

    I do believe the chicken came first!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thank you for kind comments, Ginger. Yep that chicken absolutely came first.
      I also think God made a mistake creating Adam first We all know women get things done way before men! 😂


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