Update – Internet Theft

Featured Image -- 28440Update – Bloggers Beware 

Once again I am re-blogging an article from GC and my site Weekly Prompts. This is an update on the Bloggers Beware article from yesterday.

Weekly Prompts

Following on from yesterday’s Bloggers Beware article, I have an update.

It proved impossible to contact anyone on the site itself without leaving both my WordPress e-mail address and WordPress password. I declined to do this.

The site in question is hosted by Go Daddy therefore WordPress has no jurisdiction and was unable to assist apart from offering advice.

This morning I contacted the Help chatline on Go Daddy. The online assistant answered immediately and was very helpful, he assured me that the site will be taken down if I make an official copyright complaint. On the operative’s advice, I sent my complaint to this address, copyrightcomplaints@godaddy.com – I am not expecting an immediate reply, but I am hopeful that the site will be taken down.

I also had a closer look at some of the other articles on the site. I found a name at the end…

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One thought on “Update – Internet Theft

  1. I am getting wary about what I put on line and have now come off twitter for the second time. I don’t write much that anyone might like to steal and if they use a poem, good luck to them. Due to the present health scare our charity gig has been cancelled but I’ve no more news so will vanish again for a week or two.Pity, as they are spoiling it for the rest of us.


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