Internet Theft!

236B4E59-62EC-4800-95A1-C2791C0C3ABCBloggers Beware!

In an effort to reach a wider audience I am re-blogging an article that should be of interest to every blogger who cares about Internet theft, ie. having their work published elsewhere without their knowledge.
I wrote the article today on GC and my site Weekly Prompts.
The article speaks for itself, and I thank you for reading.

Weekly Prompts

PleaseNote:  Comments are Enabled on this article.

Today’s post doesNOTcontain a challenge, instead, it is a notification, a warning to each of you that thieves and rogues are still out there in Blogosphere and stealthily stealing our writings. The thefts are carried out with neither our permission nor our knowledge.

How do I know this?
Last June I published an article named ‘The Chemist Shop’ on my Nan’s Farm site, the article was written in response to one of GC’s prompts here on Weekly Prompts and therefore included the usual pingback.

Today the pingback from ‘The Chemist Shop‘ popped up on our ‘Recent Pingbacks list’! Naturally, I investigated, and it led me to this site   Which is where I found a full copy (not a reblog) of my article.

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