7th March 2020

“Some people’s heads are like their hats; it appears that just like hanging their hats they hang their heads somewhere and walk without them!” Mehmet Murat-ildan

This weekend over on partner Gerry and my site Weekly Prompts the weekend challenge is HATS

Many of you are aware that a couple of days ago I messed up due to my untimely publication of Nan’s Farm weekend post, and because of the content, the error precipitated the publication of our Weekly Prompts colour challenge.

So, disliking the idea of not having a Saturday challenge, we have published the challenge that was planned for next weekend.

In the UK a farmer is someone who farms crops, animals, or both. Therefore, when I first heard someone from America saying their other half was a cowboy, I assumed he must have an acting role in a modern Western film, you know, Cowboys and Indians!

How was I to know that over the pond, the term ‘Cowboy’ is used to describe someone who actually does farm cattle. In the old Wild West films everyone seemed to be a cowboy even when there were no cattle involved.

That got me thinking, why do some men wear cowboy hats if they don’t work with cattle? Is it because they live in an area where cows are farmed, or is it to protect them from the sun? Then again, baseball caps are worn globally by both men and women, but they never play baseball! Funny old world isn’t it?Homar and cowboy hat                                                Simpsons – The Texan Millionaire  

I was curious to know what Trump would look like wearing a cowboy hat, and then I found a YouTube clip. 

Judging from Trump’s remarks at end of the short video, he had no intention of wearing the hat again, it seems cowboying is beneath him, though I don’t doubt for a moment that he would enjoy playing around with a couple of old Smith and Wessons, as the baddie of course!

Cartoon Trump


The cowboy hat looks a sight better on him than those dreadful red caps he sometimes wears, he could be the pizza guy, out to earn a crust to supplement his old-age pension!

Ugly old git isn’t he?

(C) SueW-nansfarm.net 2020 Weekend Challenge Hats from Weekly Prompts.


26 thoughts on “Titfers

  1. Oh Sue, what’s that old saying, “If the hat fits, wear it”… I think Trump has different hat every day, one for every different lie….
    Coincidently, I’m writing a poem with a hat in it (an Easter bonnet).. I’ll have it ready later on… Dinner time now, BBQ sausages, and salads…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We have a saying that goes.. If you Can’t Fight, Wear a Big Hat!
      Not had breakfast yet and your dinner sounds tasty. I look forward to your poem, Ivor and thank you 🙂

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  2. We get involved with a lot of local music jams around these parts and for some reason, a lot of the musicians wear cowboy hats. None of them are farmers either. Then again, I sometimes wear a flat cap and I’m not Victor Meldrew though some people say I am. 🙂

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    1. How very odd of the bands, I wonder who or what they are attempting to emulate?
      I like flat caps, everyone in the north used to wear one. My grandad, my dad, and my late husband, well, until he took to wearing a baseball cap… with everything!
      He had appalling dress sense!
      Thank you, Trev 🙂

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    1. That is funny. I was once going to create a collage of my son’s hairstyles from over the years, the ones he sported at university were hilarious, though he didn’t think so at the time! Thank you, Brian 🙂


  3. Murphy's Law

    This brings to mind a saying that was popular when I was young…”Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?”

    Hats can be stylish, trend-setting, keep our heads warm, and give us obnoxious “hat hair” when we remove them!!

    Cowboy hats have been popular forever here. In the ‘westerns’ the ‘good guy’ always wore the white hat! They’re favored by country western singers and bands.

    But a cowboy hat, or any other style hat, wouldn’t help Trump’s looks…..unless it totally covered his face. Just sayin’……

    🐾Ginger 🐾


    1. I actually love hats and would dearly adore to go back to the era where everyone wore hats, 40s and 50s I think. I have a last resort knitted bobble hat to wear on a freezing day but would feel silly wearing any other because no one else ever does.
      I loved my dad in his trilby but they too are a thing of the past.
      Pop groups/bands seem to wear silly hats almost as a costume or a prop but the trend hardly catches on.
      I can remember going to the cinema (movies) as a child and watching Roy Rogers, I’m certain he wore a white hat. It’s all coming back now, Tonto too! Hi Ho Silver! 😂
      Thank you Ginger 🙂


    1. Peter, I agree with you. I can forgive CA and US, it’s a way of life, they don’t know any better, but here… ??
      Graham’s baseball caps were a source of amusement in our family.
      I always preferred a good quality flat cap. So glad you hear that you wear one – next profile pic? 🙂

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      1. Oh, I envy your daughter. Women don’t wear hats here apart from the winter woolly type. Oh, and the odd, straw sun hat.Thank you. Carolyn 🙂

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