A Narrow View

19th February Wednesday Challenge ‘Broad

A narrow mind and a fat head invariably come on the same person!”  ~ Zig Ziglar“ 

The midweek challenge over on GC and my site Weekly Prompts is ‘Broad. The challenge word was meant to be Narrow but a last minute change was called for after we realised that someone had beaten us to the post. 

My home sits well back from the road, on a country lane that runs between a busy main road and our village. Sections of the lane are not broad, and in places are too narrow for two cars to comfortably pass, but this does not stop people taking a short cut.

The lane has signs that clearly state “Not suitable for Heavy Goods Vehicles”  Despite the sign, some drivers ignore the warning, others such as the oil tanker and the dustbin wagon have no choice; even so, I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago after turning left out of my driveway and just after the first bend, a large double decker bus came hurtling down the lane taking out parts of the hedgerow as it drove toward me.

Top of the drive 2The view of the lane from the top of my driveway

I had no choice but to reverse back down the lane, all the while praying that another vehicle would not speed around the bend and rear-end me. I backed into the broader  area at the top my driveway and as the bus pulled alongside I gave the driver a piece of my mind. The driver who obviously came from abroad shrugged his shoulders and simply said “I am told.”

I recognised the bus as my teenaged grandchildren’s school bus, and as such, we have a copy of the official bus route.

After dropping the kids at the top of the lane on the main road, the impatient driver had chosen to ignore his designated route and instead take a short cut down my lane and through the village, thereby avoiding a roundabout, and a set of traffic lights.

There are two or three drivers that regularly drive the school bus, but this driver is the only one to change the route. I chose not complain to the bus company because I knew only too well that certain residents lower down the lane would waste no time in doing just that!

(C) SueW-nansfarm.net Wednesday Challenge Broad from Weekly Prompts.


32 thoughts on “A Narrow View

    1. Some of your lanes are much narrower than my lane. The satnav once almost got me the river!
      There used to be Dairy farm at the top of our lane and the farmer would walk the cows up the lane for milking twice a day from the fields opposite ours. And back again. No one took the short cut at those times. Now with the village stretching out wider and wider with enforced new builds and most households having two cars, the lane is busier than ever and no one ever sticks to the 30mph limit. It used to be 60mph so I suppose I ought to be grateful.
      I am one of those mean drivers and when someone speeds up behind me on the lane I deliberately slow down! Thank you, Derrick.

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      1. I’ve done the same as Jackie on wider roads, and then have a giggle to myself when I catch them up at the next set of traffic lights!
        It’s not possible to pull over on my lane and I always mumble to myself, ”We pay a fortune in council tax for the privilege of living on here, you don’t, so bugger off or slow down!” I do wish they could hear me! 😀

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    1. Haha, you’re right Trev. You’re also right about ‘Some People’.
      The grandkids usually walk home from the bus unless it’s raining, then I drive up and pick them up. Lots of rain lately and I haven’t seen the driver for a few weeks. Thank you. Trev.

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  1. Murphy's Law

    I can visualize cows on that lane better than I can vehicles! That must’ve been a few very scary moments for you Sue. Certainly not what you would’ve expected. The bus driver sounds very arrogant, and not one who should be driving a school bus….or perhaps driving at all. Too bad those cows weren’t still around and walking down that lane. That would’ve stopped him short!!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. I loved it when the Dairy farm was at the top of the lane. I enjoyed pulling over for the cows and watching them stop for a nibble of the hedgerow on their way back down the lane. The old farm buildings are now houses.

      I was really cross with the bus driver. The route is set in such a way so that none of the children need to cross a busy road. The driver should drop off ours, drive along half a mile to a roundabout and double back, then he passes our lane again, drives down the hill to a set of traffic lights, here he turns right and half a mile further along he drops off another group of children, he carries on to another roundabout and once again doubles back. At another bus stop he drops off the final group of children. Then he should make his way back to to the depot.
      By taking the short cut he was forcing children to cross the busy road.
      Sorry, what a long-winded reply! Thank you, Ginger 🙂


  2. I enjoyed reading all the comments here, Sue and what a great quote to start off your post. Maybe the driver should be reported to the school especially if he’s putting school children in danger by dropping them off at an undesignated place. 😳

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  3. Sue–I am so happy there was no one behind you because it sounds like that bus was not going to stop or slow down! We have a very narrow train trestle bridge. The height that will go through that is clearly stated and yet many a truck has gotten wedged under that trestle because they did not read the sign. Slow down, people, and read the darn signs!!

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    1. Common sense seems to be very selective in where it lands! The driver had to slow down otherwise he would have hit me, but then he intimidated me by being up close in front of me as I reversed. Thank you, Lois.


  4. Scary and frustrating.
    I don’t know why people think they have to be in such a hurry. They rarely get anywhere any faster really…and often they cause problems for other people.
    Schools should definitely be informed of how their bus drivers are doing. Our buses have a Bus ID# and a sign on the back of each of them saying “How is I driving?” and a phone # to call.
    Be safe!

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    1. Vans and lorries have the same sign but I’m not sure I ever noticed any on the buses. I will have a look the next time I’m stuck behind one. Thank you, Carolyn 🙂

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  5. gc

    The driver definitely needed someone to give him the finger and not merely for the purpose of directions. It’s amazing he ever received a licence to drive a motorize vehicle. Perhaps this jackass should work at a grist mill a less taxing profession. 🙂

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      1. gc

        In the olden days a grist mill the place where grain was placed on a wheel and a donkey or horse would pulling a wheel would crush the grain into a more user friendly format. That help? 🙂

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