A Winter’s Morn

8th February 2020  Weekend Challenge Aesthetically Appealing.

“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This weekend the Weekly Prompts weekend challenge from GC and me is ‘Aesthetically Appealing.’

My usual route to the supermarket is the scenic route; it takes me along a winding lane where I pass the west end of one of the airport runways. I enjoy driving on this road and I never fail to feel the exhilarating thrill at the sight of a plane lifting off from the runway and appearing above and ahead of me.

On a frosty December morning, I set off for the supermarket and knowing there were a couple of planes due for a 9:30 AM take-off, on impulse I took a right turn and parked the car a little way up a hillside track opposite the runway.

I watched the planes take off and just as I was about to get back into the car I noticed the mist rising off the fields next to me. I stood still, and for a few moments I was captivated by the beauty that surrounded me. I watched the horses grazing in the distance, the sheep in the foreground, and the hard frost with the mist rising, the view brought to mind a landscape painting.

A Winter's Morn

As I took out my phone to capture these aesthetically pleasing images, I imagined how the scene before me might look had it been the subject of a Constable or Gainsborough.

a-winters-morn oil painting

© SueW-nansfarm.net  2020 – Weekend Challenge Aesthetically Pleasing  from Weekly Prompts.

23 thoughts on “A Winter’s Morn

  1. Beautiful photo, SweetSue! So serene and lovely…such colorful layers…
    and then you turned it into a watercolor masterpiece! 🙂
    I think mist and fog can be so otherworldly and mysterious. I love it! It envelopes my imagination! (As long as I don’t have to drive in a thick fog! 😮 )
    I, too, love watching planes take off…and I ponder where the people are going, who they will see, what they will do, etc. One of our fav restaurants is right near an airport/airfield….it is fun to eat the great food and watch the planes take off and land.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. We do enjoy the same things and think alike, Carolyn. The little track I used to view the planes taking off also runs alongside the rear side of a graveyard and my imagination often works overtime when I’m parked here! As usual, I thank you for your lovely comments 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Derrick. I don’t often digitally alter photos these days, not since I finished teaching computer skills. but this one was crying out to be transformed into an oil painting. 👩‍🎨

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  2. Murphy's Law

    What a stunning scene you captured Sue, and the “oil painting” of same is a touch of genius!

    Watching planes take off always puts my imagination into overdrive. If I lived there, I’d be taking the scenic route to the market every day! Lol.
    🐾Ginger 🐾


    1. I often visit a much bigger supermarket in the opposite direction but I like shopping at this one because I get to watch the planes and I often combine with a walk around the nearby lake.
      It’s funny how we take the scenery for granted, on this day I actually opened my eyes and looked! Thank you, Ginger for your kind comments. 🙂


    1. I have just fished out your two comments from the Spam folder! Given my disappearing ones, what an odd occurrence!
      Thank you, Irene I’m glad you liked both 🙂

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  3. Lovely Sue. What a lovely spot to stop on the way to the shops. Mist rising – always special. I’ve been having trouble making comments (again) so I’m pleased to be back in action!


    1. I drive past a couple of times a week and only occasionally pull up, and even then it’s to watch the planes if the wind is in the right direction. I was lucky on that morning, the whole atmosphere with the frost and mist made it look extra special and no longer just a bunch of fields!

      I’m glad your comments are sorted and thank you for your lovely one today.


    1. I think I’ve had a similar problem to you, your comment was in the spam folder as was someone else’s. Fortunately, I do a morning check of the Spam. Thank you very much Maureen.


  4. That was a fantastic twist in the tale! Loved how the photo was transformed into a beautiful work of art . Also thanks you, I discovered who John Constable and Thomas Gainsborough were. Great going!

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