The Bird Garden

In spring birds return from their tropical vacation. Six months later they regret their decision and go back.” ~ Anon.  And that sounds just like my sister-in-law!

This week Bird Feeders  is the Wednesday Word/Photo challenge over on GC and my site Weekly Prompts.

GC recently purchased and placed a bird feeder in a spot where he hopes to enjoy the sight of his feathered friends as they take advantage of their new feeding station.

Whenever I’ve purchased a new feeder I am often disappointed to see it initially ignored by our garden birds.

I can almost hear the birds ‘egging’ each other on and tweeting: “Go on, I dare you to try it first!”

In my garden, the first creatures to try out new feeders have usually been the grey squirrels, but in early autumn the squirrels disappeared. Who killed the Squirrels?

Without the squirrels eating the nuts, the birds were slow to finish off the contents and coupled with the excessive autumn rain, the nuts became mouldy and inedible. Not wishing to poison the birds I cleaned and disinfected the feeders and reduced the number of feeders down to two.


Before the squirrels disappeared, I used two types of feeders, one type for wildbird seed and the other for peanuts. The squirrels with their acrobatic antics were amusing to watch, but they often tipped the seed feeders sideways which usually resulted in some of the seed falling to the ground.


Other birds such as the Jay and the larger birds including the pheasants, benefited from the seed spillage.

Unfortunately, in late autumn the rats appeared and joined the ground party, and not wishing to encourage rats I reluctantly stopped using wild birdseed.

I’m pleased to say the nut feeders are well used and a couple of weeks ago a solitary squirrel made an appearance in the garden.

(C) 2020. Word/Photo Challenge Bird Feeders from Weekly Prompts

23 thoughts on “The Bird Garden

  1. Hi Sue, I like your bird feeders, that feed the squirrels as well(I wonder what happened to the Squirrels ??). I’ve only a small courtyard Sue, and the birds, play and eat the neighbouring tree seeds off my verandah roof, the little feathered friends can be quite noisy, clattering around on my verandah roof……. Maybe I’ll forward just a picture story later on…
    I’ve written a poem this afternoon, but nothing to do with bird-feeders……

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    1. Last week I dropped and broke the best one of my feeders, it fed both squirrels and birds, it had a screw in the ceramic top which meant the squirrels couldn’t tip out the contents but could nibble though the wire. I need to find another of a similar design.

      We think someone shot the squirrels, the link in the post tells more.

      Ivor, all our challenges are flexible and I would stretch this one to suit you. I like that the birds use your verandah roof as their feeding station and I can imagine how noisy they become!
      Thank you, Ivor. 🙂

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  2. We have noticed that it takes a couple of days for birds to try new feeders, even when they are alongside existing ones. Although pheasants have visited to sweep up, our main hooverers are sparrows and wood pigeons – and Ron the robin when the sparrows are occupying the feeders and chucking stuff over their shoulders.

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    1. The bird numbers have dwindled of late, even the doves and wood pigeons seem to visit less. A few of the smaller ones still regularly visit.

      There’s a Sparrow Hawk that occasionally hangs around and a pair of Red Kite are frequent overhead visitors. They may have something to do with the dwindling birds. Thank you Derrick.

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      1. Yes, I can imagine. We used to have far more magpies around until the sons of a neighbouring farmer decided to have an unofficial cull! They asked if they could continue on our land – we refused. I do not like guns and hunting for sport is sickening. Thank you, Derrick

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  3. Candice~Marie

    I did not realize pheasants were into bird seed. Maybe that’s why we had two hanging around our place. I saw one of my cats scare them off, though. 😕

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  4. Murphy's Law

    Those photos are great!! I stopped filling feeders with seed because of the mice!! Ewwwww. The only feeders I put out now are for hummingbirds. Of course, they attract ants, but that’s better than mice!

    The feeder that just broke sounds like a real nice one. Hope you can replace it with something similar.

    Isn’t it amazing how squirrels find a way to get seed from any feeder designed to keep them out! Lol.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Yes – the unwanted downside of feeding the birds is the dreaded vermin, but I do enjoy watching the different birds come into the garden. Those cheeky squirrels always find a way! Thank you, Ginger 🙂


  5. We put a bird box up last Spring and took the advice of a local expert as to its location. There hasn’t been any interest in it to date, but fingers crossed, perhaps this year we may have some new residents. There’s a tree opposite our house and when the bird feeder is empty in the back garden, I swear the birds fly into this tree and chirp at us through the window for more seed.

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    1. I think they do, Trev. Last year one of the squirrels did a similar thing. It came up to the kitchen French windows and peered in. Another time it climbed up the wall to the balcony and peered in the balcony French doors. We think it did that a lot without us knowing because it began to leave us little poo droppings up there!
      I hope you get a nesting pair in your birdbox this year.
      Thanks, Trev.

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  6. Our ‘squirrel proof!’ feeder was getting rusty so we bought a new one, different design. The birds ignored it. Then we bought another one, different design and the birds ignored that, too so we have put the old one back up until we can get one the same. ( I think we sent away for it) Of course the squirrel was delighted as he uses it as much as the birds and the woodpigeons were pleased as they eat what is dropped.
    Our bird house had fallen apart and the old post we had it sat on has wood that is too soft for any more attachments so hubby has put the ground feeder up on the bush next to the window instead. Of course it doesn’t have a roof but birds and squirrels empty it before it gets too wet.
    I’ll put a picture of the old house on my post.

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    1. Yes you should do that, Julie and don’t forget to create a pingback! The birds use one of mine as a last resort. I’ve just taken deliver of one I bought online, the squirrels ought to be able to nibble but as far as I can tell will not be able to tip it up. If it proves popular I will let you know. Thank you, Julie

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  7. Beautiful photos, SweetSue! Thank you for feeding the birds! I think that is one of the joys in life…to provide water and food for birds and a few other creatures. 🙂
    I have learned so much from watching the birds that nest in our backyard each year.
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…a quote from one of my all-time fav poets…Mr. E.E. Cummings…
    “may my heart always be open to little
    birds who are the secrets of living…”


    1. Somehow it was not in the published list was back in the draft folder so I backdated and republished and assumed it wouldn’t be on today’s reader. It’s not in mine ! Thank you, Sylvia.

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