Not Commonly Occurring

18th January 2020. Word/Photo Challenge Unusual

Being creative means first of all doing something unusual… On the other hand, however unusual it may be, the idea also has to be reasonable for people to take it seriously.” ~ Howard Gardner

Over on Weekly Prompts our weekend Word/Photo Challenge is ‘Unusual‘.

It was my turn to plan the challenge, and I did so without giving a thought as to how I would address it here on Nan’s Farm.

Always the optimist, I knew something would either turn up or an idea would pop into my head and I didn’t have to wait very long; a few days after writing the draft challenge an e-mail arrived in my Inbox. 

Cat Cafe 1Kitty Cafe 2This can’t be for real! Well, it seems it is and apparently, we customers can say hello to the cats and kittens that are playing all around us while we enjoy our afternoon tea!

Customer ReviewWhat a very unusual cafe. I don’t know about you, but the thought of eating in a cafe where the food needs to be protected with mesh puts me off, the implication being that the cats are likely to jump up onto the table while we are eating.

Thanks for the offer, Groupon, but I think I’ll skip this one!

(C) 2020 Word/Photo+ Challenge Unusual from Weekly Prompts.

W/P Challenge ‘Unusual’

35 thoughts on “Not Commonly Occurring

  1. Indeed unusual, not sure I would want to eat there, but maybe a cup of tea, and I would offer my lap to be sat upon by a friendly feline. There was one in Cardiff but it closed after only a year of being open, and I did not get to visit, so alas no photo of that from me 🙂

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  2. You’ve got to be kitten me! 😮 I do love kitties and doggies, but I paw-sitively do NOT want them near food prep, near food, on tables, etc!

    ‘Tis an unusual place!

    Ha! We used to eat at an outdoor restaurant, at a lake, and the owners had a little pet goat that wandered around under the picnic tables, greeting the guests. He was a cutie! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. 😂
      I love them too, but there have to be house rules, and I do so agree with you.
      We used to have goats and they would eat anything!
      I love your catty comments, nope I’ll change that one to Kitty comments! Thank you, Carolyn! 🙂

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    1. I realised afterwards that the place is a Cat rescue home and the cafe appears to be a way of raising funds. If I were them I would do a re-think. I would have thought that by allowing cats to roam the cafe, they are missing out on extra trade. Thank you, Derrick.

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  3. Murphy's Law

    This is definitely unusual! I love cats…and dogs, but my food and drink is on the table and theirs is on the floor in dishes in their tables!

    Too bad they couldn’t have partitioned off a space for the tea room with a glass wall so customers could observe the beautiful felines and perhaps go in with them later to interact with them. It’s a wonderful idea, but not well thought out.

    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. We do the same with Woody. We never share our food with him but for some reason he always acts as though we’re supposed to!
      I once had a dog that took a flying leap and took my sandwich straight out of my hand! Thank you, Lois.


    1. I’ve always had cats and dogs but have always had house rules, I can’t bear the thought of cats on the table or anywhere fee near food prep areas, just basic hygiene.
      Thank you, Ivor 🙂

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  4. MNL

    I think a cat cafe is probably popular in cities where people are apartment dwellers and aren’t allowed to have pets. This way they can pet a cat and enjoy their company but don’t have to deal with cleaning the cat litter. I have two cats of my own but if I lived in a building that wouldn’t allow cats or had a hefty pet deposit, I’d probably be a regular visitor to a cat cafe. it’s a cool concept.

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    1. I know how much you love your cats. I’ve always loved my cats and dogs, but if I’m eating out I prefer not to have animals present, a bit like leaving the kids at home when you want a night out! I do understand where you’re coming from with being able to pet the cats! 🙂

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      1. MNL

        I can understand that. Makes me laugh because when they ask me if I want take out, I say “Oh no. My cats will stare at me if I bring this home.” But I was thinking more if I couldn’t have cats because some people can’t, then I’d definitely go. I’m lucky I live in a house and not an apartment so I can have pets. You’re the same. It’s nice being in a place where you have the freedom to choose.

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