Chinese White

White –  Jade without imperfections; spotless and perfect.” ~ Chinese Proverb.

4th January 2020 – Word/Photo Challenge White.

It’s my turn for the monthly Colour Challenge on Weekly Prompts, and for our first colour of the year, I chose White.

Realising that the animal for Chinese New Year 2020 is the White Metal Rat, I looked no further for a January colour, it was right there staring me  in the face.The Year of the White Metal Rat

Somehow, white rats don’t seem quite as bad as those frightening brown ones, the ones that break into your home in the middle of the night hell-bent on a campaign of terror. White rats look harmless; you could even say cute.

As mentioned in a previous post, in November, those fearsome rodents made their presence known in the roof space above my bedroom and played havoc with my health and state of mind.

They didn’t find a way into the house itself, but the fear was there, and I cannot begin to tell you how distressed I became.

To cut a long tale short, the ‘Rat Catcher’ poisoned the little buggers, but as bad luck would have it, they died where we were unable to reach and remove them.

Decorating my living room in readiness for Christmas was put on hold due to the sickening odour, and I worried daily that my home would not be ready to welcome  Christmas guests, and what would Santa Claus think?

I needn’t have been so concerned; a few days before Christmas the obnoxious odour and the inevitable flies, miraculously disappeared and I was able to put up my Christmas tree and continue with decorating.

I took a relaxing break from blogging, and enjoyed a very lovely Christmastime, though it wasn’t a white one.

(C) 2020 Word/Photo Challenge ‘White’ from Weekly Prompts

Editorial Comment: On our other site Weekly Prompts, GC and I have discontinued our separate Word Prompts and Photo Challenges. Our twice-weekly challenges have merged and now share the combined title of Word/Photo Challenge

29 thoughts on “Chinese White

  1. Oh, good grief, my Chinese year has rolled around yet again. I wonder if I will still be here when the next one rolls around, or if I will have departed, like your real rats.

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    1. I think that at the start of every new year! I never gave my mortality a thought until my husband died, it stopped me in my tracks and I realised how vulnerable I was, if he can go too early, why not me? 🙂


      1. Thank you. Yes, she’s perfectly well and happy. Until a year ago, she was living on her own in a two storey house. She now is the oldest person in the beautiful care home where she resides, and the only one not on any medication. 😃

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  2. Oh dear Sue. Dead rats making a horrible odour in your house. I am lucky I have a snake who sometimes lives in the roof cavity and dispatches rodents smelllessly 🙂

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    1. I would have nightmares about the snake! Unfortunately, the exit/entrance was sealed too soon and they ended up trapped. Ah well, all is good now.

      How are you? Are the fires near you still contained and not spreading further onto your property?

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      1. HI Sue, Yes fires are somewhat contained. My place is fire free, at least from what I have observed. I am unable to get about much due a quite sore back. Had the smokey atmosphere appear again this morning. Some fires still chugging away but seem to be contained. I am doing the best I can ❤

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  3. Murphy's Law

    Sue, the only rat/mouse, of any color, that I would describe as “cute” would be a Walt Disney character! Lol. And I get that snakes eat rodents, but unlike ‘bushboy’, I would be terrified of both! Guests of any kind should never be uninvited. 😳

    Happy to hear the problem solved itself, with a little help from the “Rat Catcher”, and you and your family enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.

    We had no ‘white’ on the ground either, but I notice a great deal more ‘white’ in my hair! So I guess it’s a standoff!! Winter’s just starting, so I think I’ll be eating those words soon…..or shoveling them! 😂😂
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  4. Oh, sue–I can attest to the odor of a dead rat. Many years ago, I mentioned a ‘weird smell’ in our bathroom to my husband. As the days went on, it became quite awful. Finally had to get a plumber as the darn thing had somehow wedged himself between the pipes in the wall. Whew! That was fixed so it never happens again. I can guess what it did to your mental health!

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    1. Oh that must have been awful for you, Lois.
      These were in the cavity wall of the sitting room where we couldn’t get to them.

      This old house is noisy, there is always a thud or a creak and the odd clang of cooling down heat pipes. Now I jump at every sound, I’m still nervous, but I know it will pass eventually. Thank you, Lois.


  5. As soon as I saw your article Sue, and the prompt,… this white flash appeared, a flash of white from Ivor, yep, it’s as clear day, there right in front of my eyes, a “White Rabbit”.. the ‘song’ by Jefferson Airplane and Grace Slick. probably 1968….!!

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    1. I love your flash of inspiration! You know, your music is welcome on Weekly Prompts too, no rules whatsoever! This one is just perfect for the colour challenge – go for it! 🙂


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