All That Sparkles

““Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”
Anton Chekhov

This weekend the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge from GC and me is Crystal.

Edinburgh Crystal BalmoralOnce upon a time, I was the proud owner of a set of sparkling Edinburgh Crystal wine glasses, beautifully cut in the Balmoral design. At dinner parties, the two sizes of  wine glasses sat majestically along side the gold plated cutlery (an extravagant gift), and displayed upon a crisp white tablecloth. Well, if the Queen can show off her gold plate and crystal at state banquets, so can I!

As the years passed, one by one my precious wine glasses broke,  and I can honestly say I wasn’t responsible for one breakage.

Alas, those days of entertaining guests are long gone, I no longer have the energy nor the inclination for dinner parties; hosting informal family luncheons are now the extent of my once genial hospitality.

Today, I own a mixture of wine glasses, odds and sods for every day and a boxed set tucked away in a cupboard out of sight that I completely forget to use!

Crystal wine glass 1

Recently, on a visit to a favourite antique/junk shop, while on an unsuccessful mission to replace my Edinburgh Balmoral, I found this pretty crystal wine glass, unfortunately, I made the error of washing in the dishwasher (I should have known better), and my carelessness has resulted in a very cloudy glass.

My bedroom chandelier cropped

I do love sparkling crystal no matter what form it takes. My bedroom chandelier was a gift and has pretty droplets that sparkle in the light.


My wardrobe has crystal door handles, and I even chose my bedroom wall lights simply because of the crystal droplets, though I did regret that particular purchase; the regrets passed, and the wall lights have grown on me; there’s just something about Crystal!

(C) 2019 – Photo Challenge Crystal from Weekly Prompts 

Photo Credit: Edinburgh Crystal – eBay 

22 thoughts on “All That Sparkles

  1. Oh, I love all of your crystal things, Sue! Each is beautiful, shiny, and unique, like YOU! 🙂

    The glasses we got when we got married were just glasses…a set of 8…but they were very pretty. Sadly, they gotten broken over the years and I only have one that survived.

    I grew up with mismatched plates, bowls, cups, glasses, etc. I didn’t like it then…as a little girl I often wished it all matched…but now I find that “look” very charming! 🙂

    A friend of mine…her husband died of cancer at age 47. When he was in his last months, he said to her, “I hate that I am dying. But I’m glad we used our good china every day and not just on special occasions.”
    That made an impression on me! So, I have used my good dishes, glasses, etc., more since then.

    A lovely post, Sue! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. I love the crystal bits and bobs too. I do like the comment from your friend’s husband. Too many of us leave the good stuff tucked away, my parents did exactly the same. A few months back I did a post about finding a large set of crockery in the antique/junk shop. it was identical to a set we’d had soon after we moved here 43 years ago. I still had a few bits left, so I purchased the lot. I’m using it every day because I love it but that has meant another good set remains in the cabinet unused, perhaps I should rectify that.
      Thank you Carolyn 🙂

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      1. How wonderful to find that crockery!!! I know it has great meaning! 🙂
        I’ve looked for some of the stuff we had in the 1970’s that has been broken, etc., and it’s hard to find those well-seasoned items. 🙂
        Thank you for the link! That post was a delight to read! 🙂
        HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Back in the good old days, me and Carole had a lovely antique crystal cabinet, which housed our lovely wedding gifts of crystal glasses and fine china…. However we were determined to use these lovely pieces, as often as we could…. of course their were breakages along the way, but those occasions became wondrous fun talking points at a party… trying to remember who and when, had and a certain piece hard been broken…. we laughed a lot about our joint clumsiness, Carole with her MS and me with my stroke… and our genial banter would go on every time the crystal and china were used,… which was very often…….. until Carole’s condition became to bad for her use any of these glorious wedding gifts…..

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      1. Yes and the memories still make me smile….. I was going to post my poem from yesterday for your prompt…
        “Glass Slippers and the Yellow Taxi”, .. but it’s probably not quite suitable enough….

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      2. Yes please do and I’ll catch up a little later, right now I’m going shopping! Though it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve held a conversation with you while pushing a trolley around a supermarket, much to the frowns of others when I stop mid aisle to type!


  3. Murphy's Law

    I love crystal too!! I had beautiful crystal wine glasses when we were married, 1961, but sadly one by one they were broken. I was determined to use them, and use them I did. I also had gorgeous cut glass bowls and decanters that had belonged to my grandmother. I’ve since passed them on to my daughters. My parents gave us our china, service for 12, as a wedding gift, and I’m using it to this day! A couple of chips, but otherwise the china has held up better than me! 🤗

    What’s the point of having these beautiful pieces of crystal or china if they just sit in a box somewhere?

    I agree with Derrick…’ve shared photos of areas of your home and you definitely have an eye for design. “Good taste” indeed!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. How lovely!
      I inherited my mum’s vases that she inherited from her mother! You’ve done well to still have the wedding gift China. I have a set that was a gift for my daughter, but when the wedding was called off she gave it back to me. It was boxed up under the stairs for years until one of us remembered it. I bring it out occasionally for larger lunches.
      Thank you so much, Ginger for your very lovely comments 🙂


  4. We have quite a bit of crystal and, as you mention, most of it is quite heavy. We do, however, have some sherry glasses that were a wedding present and they are very fine indeed. They travelled many thousands of miles with us and miraculously survived all of their travels. I really must have a small sherry tonight!

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    1. Just the one?
      Wow, well done for so few breakages. My quest is to continue searching for replacements as Edinburgh no longer exists. I could buy another make of crystal from elsewhere, but there’s no fun in that! Thank you Peter

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