Big Cow Small Cow

“What did Mama Cow say to the baby cow? It’s pasture bedtime!” ~ unknown

This weekend the photo challenge over on my partner GC and my site Weekly Prompts is Big and Small.

With winter fast approaching, there may not be many photo opportunities left for this farming season, so today’s post is all about the cows.


This mother and daughter picture is one of my favourite farm photos.


These two little beauties are growing quickly and will soon be as big as the sixteen-month-old heifer behind them.SONY DSC

Zooming in on these two flagged up a potential problem. The mother had a small deep wound on her leg, and without treatment, it would have been a perfect breeding ground for flies to lay their eggs.


I’ve enjoyed watching this pretty mother looking after her first calf, and for those of you who have been following during the summer, Hawaii Five-O is the father of the calf.


Another favourite picture; take a closer look and count the number of legs. Did you guess how many calves are feeding? You are correct if you guessed three. If you are a calf in a small herd and you happen to be thirsty, the nearest milk bar will suffice! This is the oldest of the cows and the most experienced, and often the one left ‘holding the babies’!

Editorial Note: You may remember there were five calves up here. Unfortunately, one mother developed Mastitis. She and her calf were taken back to Richard’s farm where she has made a full recovery.

Flies can kill – the eggs hatch into larvae (maggots) and will eat deeper into the wound.

Since completing this post, the cattle have been taken back to Richard’s farm. It’s been fun having them around, and I shall miss them. 

(C) 2019. Photo Challenge Big and Small from Weekly Prompts

26 thoughts on “Big Cow Small Cow

    1. Oh yes, he has substantial farm buildings, but I’m not sure why he has moved them, it seems a bit early to take them inside. We’ve had a lot of heavy rain and some of my fields have been heavily waterlogged, so that could be a reason. Earlier in the week, he moved the sheep from over the Lane and brought more cattle including some calves.

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      1. I hope not too Ivor. It doesn’t seem two minutes since you were shivering in your winter. I hope your spring has warmed you up. Are you back from Ballarat now?

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  1. I also very much enjoy seeing these, although working in the city, I am still a country boy at heart, and thankfully live far enough out that there are fields outside, the back of the house, filled with sheep of course, we are in Wales after all :).

    Cows are such lovely animals though, I have spent many happy times surrounded by cows.

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  2. Murphy's Law

    I just love cows Sue, and these photos are fantastic. The first one is my absolute favorite! Hawaii Five-O’s calf and “girlfriend” are so beautiful. Really, they’re all beautiful with their different coloring and markings. And they all have such gentle eyes and sweet faces.

    I’m so glad that leg wound was successfully treated. Maybe it was good that it was out in the open like that so it was easily discovered before it got to be a really serious problem.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. I love their sweet faces too.

      The small leg wound would probably have healed itself, but being at the of summer with so many flies around you can’t take a chance. Thank you Ginger. 🙂


  3. MNL

    I’m glad the mama cow made a full recovery. I had no idea that flies could kill a big cow. It’s a bit like David and Goliath. Size doesn’t matter.

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    1. I hate house flies, they carry a range of diseases, come indoors on warm days and poop everywhere.

      Blow flies, green bottles and blue bottles can find a tiny wound on an animal and lay eggs that develop into maggots that eat their way deeper and deeper into the wound causing infection to the animal. They are particularly dangerous to sheep.

      Lovely you see you again 🙂

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      1. MNL

        I didn’t know that flies laid eggs in live things. I thought they just laid their eggs in decomposing food and things like that. Very scary to find out otherwise. They could easily do a horror film of it.

        I hate houseflies too.


      2. MNL

        In the USA, a job is a good thing to have because they pay for your medical insurance. It’s the difference in paying $600 a month or $26 a month to be able to go to a doctor with a copay. Kind of a nutty system if you ask me.

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