A Visit to Downton Abbey

“I’m a woman, Mary. I can be as contrary as I choose.” — Violet, Dowager Countess, Downton Abbey, Season 2

This is a second response to the flexible Photo Challenge Line-up from Weekly Prompts the site I share with my partner GC. Although not my own photograph it was difficult to resist this line-up. 

Downton Abbey 2

A couple of days ago I did something I rarely do; I went to the cinema (movies). These days there’s never anything to pique my interest, and even if there was, I’d prefer to watch in the comfort of my own home.

This time was different, the film was Downton Abbey, and I couldn’t wait to see it.

For the convenience of daughters Elizabeth and Sophie we chose a late morning viewing which suited me perfectly, and we even booked the best seats!

British people will know that Downton Abbey is set in Yorkshire (my home county), and in the film, Harewood House was featured, in fact, some of the filming took place in the house and grounds. Harewood is just a few short miles from my house and less than a fifteen minute drive.

In the film, Harewood is pronounced Harwood, but these days’ most people pronounce it as it is spelt, Harewood! 

I know Harewood well, and I felt very much at home watching the film.

Last Christmas, elder daughter Victoria and I visited Harewood to take part in the Christmas festivities; it followed a 1920s theme when Princess Mary the daughter of King George V was the Countess of Harewood. I wrote a blog about it – It’s 1929 and it’s Christmas.

If I’d been the marketing director over at Harewood, I would have chosen this year (2019) to feature the 1920’s Christmas theme and  take advantage of the Downton Abbey publicity, just as they did with the television series Victoria; that too was filmed at Harewood.

I absolutely loved the film and could happily watch it again; however, there was one downside to my cinema trip. The long adverts before the film were exceptionally loud, and painfully so, leading us to think the cinema had breached the noise levels advised by health and safety guidelines. At home I would have reached for the Off switch!

You’ve heard the saying ‘How many people does it take to change a lightbulb?’ Well, I have a new one, how many women does it take to turn off a water tap?

water tap 2At the end of the film I visited the Ladies’ room, and after washing my hands, the tap continued to flow. The lady next to me offered to help, as did another, and another, and another, each of them convinced they would be the one to stop the flow. I think of myself as a gregarious person, but even I’m not fond of this much company! Perhaps someone should have made the announcement, “Is there a plumber in the house?”

It was reminiscent of a scene from Candid Camera – a succession of ladies taking turns to turn off a tap! I left them to their efforts and walked away, but I couldn’t help wondering how long the rigmarole ran for,  could it still be running now?

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22 thoughts on “A Visit to Downton Abbey

  1. Funny about the tap still running – yikes
    I know someone else that saw the movie already and wow – this is personal for you!
    And glad the movie did not disappoint – and side note – I just finished Victoria Season 3!!
    So good

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  2. Couldn’t agree with you more Sue about the loud adverts at the cinema! We go very infrequently and always arrive well before the advertised time only to have to sit through trailers and adverts we are just not interested in and they can therefore be counter-productive.

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  3. Murphy's Law

    I am green with envy that you’ve seen the Downton Abbey movie!! Here in the states I was glued to Masterpiece Theater to see Downton Abbey. The costumes, furnishings and characters are superb. I feel the same about Victoria and Poldark. Top quality productions all.

    Your story about the water tap made me think of various episodes on the old I Love Lucy show. That would’ve made a really funny video Sue! 😂😂

    The ridiculously loud ads are prominent here on tv. You’re watching a show at an acceptable volume and then BAM!!! The ads come on and they could shatter your eardrum! 😡 We turn the volume to mute. It’s either that or go deaf!!

    BTW, love your lineup!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Oh, Ginger, I’d love you to see it. When the Downton series finished I was mortified! Do let me know what you think!

      The BBC, my favourite TV station belongs to the U.K. government, there are no adverts except for forthcoming programs. We pay a licence fee. I tend to record or download programs from other channels just so I can skip the adverts.

      In comparison to other stately homes Harewood is quite small but next time I’m there I will post photographs. Thank you once more for your comments


  4. How wonderful, Sue! I’m looking forward to seeing the movie! 🙂

    HA! on the faucet! 😀 Every time something like that happens to me, I look around for the cameras! 😉 😛 I do, too, wonder if it’s still running! 😮

    One time in a public Ladies Room with automatic-flushing toilets, I sat down on the toilet and it flushed loudly and scared the whoop outa’ me! 😮 😀 😛 I wasn’t expecting that! It’s not supposed to flush while you’re seated, just when you get up off the seat! 😛 I squealed loudly, then said, “Oh, God!” and then giggled! When I walked out to wash my hands, two ladies at the sinks looked at me funny! I guess they wondered what I was doing in the stall! They hurried out before I could say anything to them. 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. You will enjoy the film Carolyn, definitely worth every moment.

      The funniest part about the running tap was the women who were convinced that they would be able to stop the flow. I can only imagine it continued every time another woman began to wash her hands!

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  5. gc

    I can appreciate the frustration you felt not only watching the movie but also afterwards in the ladies restroom when the faucet refused to close properly. It is the same frustration you feel when you make an appointment at a health clinic, they quote you an appointment time and then you still have to wait 20 minutes until they call your name.

    Added to this increased waiting time is the fact that patents at the clinic absolutely refuse to answer their cell phones and let them ring for an unreasonably long time. The third element that compounds the problem is with the receptionist who announces you only have “a few more minutes to wait” and then 20 minutes later she announces your name.

    By the way if you are not in the room when you name is called you are automatically moved down to the bottom of the wait list. One woman missed her name being called because she was in the washroom.

    Quite the system we have for handling major and minor problems.

    By the way if you live close to the theater check in its direction to see if there is a tsunami wave of water heading your way. Hopefully not. 🙂

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    1. Mmm… sorry love, you lost me a bit here.
      The film I loved, the extra loud adverts before the film began I did not. The non stop flow of the tap was a comical ending to our movie trip. 🙂


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