Toeing The Line

“All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height.” ~ Casey Stengel

The Weekend Photo Challenge over on Weekly Prompts, the site I share with my partner GC is Line-up.

It’s surprising what you notice when you begin to look!

VisitorsThe Visitors

SONY DSCA Bum Line-up

SONY DSCVery obligingly lined up 

Louisa Lining up with the remainersLondon – Daughter Louisa joining the line-up to protest at Brexit 

A line UP of brollies YorkThe Brolly Line-up in York

A Line of cakes afternoon tea at Joshua'sAfternoon Tea lined up ready and waiting for a family get-together at son Joss’s new house – all his own work too! 

The sweet shop HelmsleyThe Sweet Shop in Helmsley (Candy Shop)

(C) 2019 Photo Challenge Line-up from Weekly Prompts

35 thoughts on “Toeing The Line

  1. Murphy's Law

    OMG Sue, your imagination went into high gear and overtime “lining up” photos for this prompt!! Well done. I especially like the shoes and the cow bums. I’m not sure what that says about me! Lol.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  2. gc

    Well partner your article and photos are eye openers. Things in life at times do line up like dominoes on a board game. Your photos are fun and informative. Thanks again for sharing this creative side of yourself. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The crockery was another half set of mine, we bought extra e-bay and now on display in his dresser. He provided Prosecco too for those who preferred alcohol. I don’t drink alcohol during the day, so he brought a bottle over at the weekend to share with me.

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    1. Of course you may. I had forgotten about the lists. This was how he had laid the table for when we arrived, the boxed ‘dainty’ sandwiches I brought with me were still on the worktop behind! Thank you Yvonne. 🙂


      1. He did, I was very proud of his baking efforts. He’d never painted anything before but gave it a go anyway. Fortunately, one of his sisters loves doing up furniture and gave him a hand half way through. The chairs were probably the cheapest that Ikea do.

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      2. I’ve just bought some for my new granny flat. The chairs I have are rickety and not very nice. Tell him thanks for the inspiration., and get him to have a look at the post to see what his mom did, and his afternoon tea table.
        I’ll probably just use an oil to finish mine, I have a lot of wood in the place, and like to see the grain. Look what your lists led to. I’m the one spending CASH!!!

        PS You’re up early!

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      3. Unfortunately, I’m always awake by 06:00 AM. I don’t get up that early. When I retired the eldest daughter bought me a bedroom coffee maker, the sort with little pods. I make my coffee, get back into bed and spend an hour with iPad and WordPress!
        I’m in a sort of granny annex too. We divided my house after my husband died, the eldest daughter and her family live at one side and I live at the other with a spare bedroom for son Joss, well until he moved.

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      4. It’s nice to have someone next door who will share the stuff I bake, and who will mind my cat if I go away. It works the other way around, too. Our cats don’t like each other, unfortunately.

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      5. We share our dog, he spends his days with me and goes back next door when the kids get home from school. The kids are now seventeen and fourteen so although no longer need a baby sitter, I’m in the same house to keep an eye on things and give lifts etc when mum and dad are not at home.

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