Neighbourly Love

“A good neighbour is one who smiles at you over the back fence, but doesn’t climb over it!” – Arthur Baer.

The Midweek Word Prompt over on GC and my site Weekly Prompts is Neighbours (Neighbors) ! This one was GC’s idea, and my first thought was I don’t have neighbours, what can I complain about? 

Empty Fields 1 resized

Forty-three years of living on a small farm on the outskirts of a village, in a house overlooking green fields has rendered me very appreciative. Others might not feel the same; the lack of close neighbours and the remoteness of living in the middle of a field is not everyone’s cup of tea!

Home ImprovementAfter my husband died, my eldest daughter, moved back here with her husband and family. We knocked down walls, built a second staircase, reconfigured rooms and built extensions until we created two homes under one roof while retaining adjoining doors both up and down.

I never actually thought of them as neighbours until now, they’re just my family, and they live here too. There are so many advantages and positives of this arrangement, but there are one or two disadvantages, not least of which is the loss of our privacy.

I enjoy being home alone, I like the silence. Much of my day is spent here in the living room/kitchen, and with my computer on the kichen table, I can happily spend most of an afternoon working on some project or other, but at the end of the school day, when the family come home, the peace of the day is shattered.

Noisy Washing MachineMy daughter’s utility room is next to my kitchen, and unfortunately, her washing machine is the noisiest I’ve ever heard. It starts as soon as she gets home from work and often continues into the evening. I accept that doing daily laundry is a necessity, but I do wish it was quieter!

Too much noise



When they are entertaining, their kitchen door to their utility is left open, and even if there are only two guests, the voices and laughter become louder and louder, it’s as though they are all in the room with me. The noise is usually from the adults; very rarely do I hear the children. I suppose I should be grateful that they don’t entertain every week.

Again I accept that my family next door must be allowed to live their own lives without my complaints and interference, and I’m certain it can’t have been easy for them either. 

I think the biggest mistake was made during the building work. The architect assured me we would have soundproofing on the ground floor, but for some unknown reason, it didn’t happen. 

woman relaxing 2Fortunately, I have my refuge, and as soon my teatime is over, and everything is cleared away, I escape to a peaceful little sanctuary that I love, my upstairs sitting room.

Postscript –  I’m also very fortunate and appreciative to have the family I love living just next door.

(C) 2019 Word Prompt Neighbours from Weekly Prompts

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29 thoughts on “Neighbourly Love

    1. Thank you Derrick.
      It was a big house before the renovations and too much to maintain on my own. My son in his first teaching post was about to spread his young wings and leave home, but felt obliged to stay here with me. I didn’t want that. it was unfair.
      It would have been heartbreaking for me to lose my home as well as my husband. And then things fell onto place. Victoria’s house was already up for sale and they had a buyer but hadn’t found a new place. Someone came up with the idea of keeping the house in the family and pooling our resources. We probably rushed into it at the wrong time, but on the whole it has worked well. My son-in-law is amazing and I feel more secure knowing I have them here under the same roof. I would definitely recommend this arrangement.

      The main advice I would give is to respect the other’s privacy just as you would if you lived apart.

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    1. I so agree Peter.
      Before Graham became ill we thought about downsizing and began looking around, in the end we realised we were looking for what we already had!

      The many positives of living under one roof far outweigh the negatives for both of us.

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  1. Murphy's Law

    I think you have the best of both worlds Sue. You have the whole place to yourself for the better part of most days. You’re not sharing your home with strangers. The sound of happy voices and laughter drifting into your living quarters beats hearing people arguing constantly!!

    Living alone can get tedious at times because the sound of silence can be deafening.

    Sounds like you’ve all adjusted to living in close proximity to each other. Best of all, you each love your neighbor!!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  2. I live alone these days, and I’m not sure how I’d handle having other people living in my house. Despite a few obvious setbacks, you seem to have a comfortable living environment, and the best both worlds. Keep enjoying your beautiful surroundings forever Sue, and stay healthy, 😊🤗

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  3. gc

    Great article Susan. We city folk all crave the peace and the serenity of Thoreau’s Walden Pond. Quite frankly you are not missing out on anything living in such a peaceful surrounding close to nature and family. Family members we can easily forgive for being noisy now and again but the diversity of people who share living quarters near your own challenges a person’s “love thy neighbor” philosophy.

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    1. Thank you love. I am appreciative of my circumstances, my family and my home and surroundings. And I promise you that no matter how much I joke about your circumstances I really do sympathise and feel for you. I had hoped the move to the new place would improve matters. xx 🙂

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      1. gc

        Being above ground level has made me appreciative of being above ground level. The view from the heights of Mount Olympus is majestic but the neighbors are another matter. xx

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      2. I know, and I also know how much you enjoy the view and being able to sit on the balcony and enjoy a drink in privacy. Hopefully the one upstairs is a temporary problem xx


  4. We have followed the same pattern through two generations, first with having MiL in a garden cottage, and now being the parents in another garden cottage. Ideal, in that one has one’s space but still has the family close at hand. Same house is a bit tricky, though.

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    1. Years back my mother-in-law lived with us and later my own mother, so this house is very used to us old folk 😂 Today, due to our extensions from a long time ago, the house is L shaped so was relatively easy to divide up so that we are completely separate.

      My area is now what amounts to a two bedroomed house, we have separate kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms. It has worked well and I think my noise complaints are trivial, but it’s all I had!


    1. That must be really nice for you, we always need family.

      We are a very close family. My children and I live within three miles and ten minutes drive of each other. I am very fortunate to have my loved ones. Thank you for you comment.


      1. Sue, I have passed on your good wishes to Brian through Sarah. She says they are hoping to get him home soon and get back on line.

        I always share with him, through Sarah, that we all care and are with him in spirit and love. 🙂

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      2. I feel the same as you Carolyn, he is one of the funniest and loveliest.
        I’m sure Sarah and the family appreciate that on behalf his blogging friends you have maintained contact and conveyed all our love and best wishes. Please keep in touch, and thank you. xx 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I will and you’re welcome!
        It’s my honor to keep all of you informed. I know how much he means to each of us.
        I started (not my choice 🙂 ) a Cancer Journey 4 years ago and Brian has always been an encourager and supporter to me.

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  6. Still sounds idyllic! I would love to be closer to my family but there is little chance of them moving out here at present and is perhaps one of the things that Brexit will affect with younger folk wanting to live in the countryside in Spain.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brexit. May well do that!
      I love living out here and there are so many positives for each of us, it works well for us. Occasional noise was all I could find to complain about 😀 thank you for commenting, it’s appreciated.

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