Less is More

“The more you know, the less you need” ~ Yvon Chouinard.

 This weekend the photo challenge over on GC and my site Weekly Prompts is Size Matters. We asked if size matters, and is ‘Bigger’ always best?

 Today I will attempt to show that size does matter and Less is more!

To date I’ve used a third of my Premium site storage allowance, however, if I’d given the storage any serious thought, I could have used a mere fraction of my allowance – If only I had taken into account the pixel size of an image after insertion into the post. 

A Eureka Moment 2

I’ve lost count of the number of photographs sized 2000 – 5000 pixels that I’ve uploaded to my site, and I’ve noticed that many other bloggers do the same, for others, though, re-sizing is routine. 

Then came the moment when I asked myself what I was doing. Why was I uploading full-sized images when the copies on the page are a mere quarter of the size of the ones I’d uploaded.

Uploading an image in its original size is unnecessary, and an absolute waste of storage, and considering my background is computing, I was a little slow on this one!

There are instances where I need to crop photographs, and obviously that enlarges the main subject and reduces the overall size, but even so, that’s not quite enough.

The images below are identical except for the number of pixels, see for yourself.

Tong Garden centre 4The image above was uploaded at 3008 x 3521 pixels. After an automatic resize by WordPress, the image on the page was reduced to 681 x 797 pixels. Now check out the one below; before uploading, I created a copy and resized to 768 x 900 pixels. Can you tell the difference?

Tong Garden centre 4 resized

WordPress reduced a little more, to 678 x 795, proving that size matters and less is more, storage that is!

Many years ago, I discovered what was the open source-software Paint.Net (now closed source). I use this free software (for Windows) to resize my images and remove backgrounds. It’s also a useful piece of kit to bring to life outline drawings such as the one below. Unless we’re into photography in a serious way we don’t need to spend money on software – Less is More! 


The first image is the original rough drawing from daughter Sophie; you might recognise Owl from my comic strip. The second is the cleaned end product after I removed the background and gave Owl some colour using Paint.net.

If interested, for those unfamiliar with photo editing software, the instructions for re-sizing and adding colour when using Paint.net are now available on our Weekly Prompts How to Page . 

(C) SueW-nansfarm.net 2019 Photo Challenge Size Matters from Weekly Prompts


20 thoughts on “Less is More

    1. Thank you Derrick. Another reader, Tony, just recommended Irfan View for re-sizing. Not heard of it but I shall certainly take a look. No doubt there will be more suggestions as the day wears on.

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  1. A wonderful article for me Sue, I’m forever resizing and touching up my photos (i’m terrible photographer). And thank you for sharing the “How To” links…..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gc

    An informative and helpful article Susan. If I run into storage problems I merely delete those photo images that have served their purpose and are only taking up space. For a moment there I thought you were going to do something drastic like clip Owl’s wings or cut off Mouse’s tail. Horrors. Great article. Keep them coming partner. I do edit the size of my photos before uploading to W.P. 🙂

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    1. When I began blogging, I automatically copied my posts into Word so that I would have a record. I’m not sure why I stopped doing that because realistically that’s what we ought be doing. Only one person has ever gone back in time and read every post on my blog from the very beginning. Perhaps that’s what you should do Brian, copy the old stuff into a Word document or similar.

      You’ve given me another idea for a blog post, may I quote your storage and any other ideas you might have?

      We have a reluctance to delete old posts, though we’d also need to delete the images in the media file that take up the bulk of the storage.

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      1. Once a photo is taken out of the storage it no longer appears in a post. As a mainly photo blog, that makes my posts nonsensical. I will have to start deleting things soon I guess unless there is another way. Reducing size doesn’t achieve all that much as they get reduced anyway. I do repost photos to photo challenges such as your last one on size. I have posts that can go for sure. I wonder if deleting posts reduces storage by much? It is something I will face when I truly have to but at the moment bring on the photo challenges 🙂

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      2. You and I know that, but others might think deleting a post is enough.

        I was once asked to create a VLE for my school, a pilot for my city that was eventually rolled out to schools within the authority. Basically, I was given a blank site with blank templates to create something visually impressive with lots of files for each department and year group.
        The code was already written (thankfully). The images I uploaded took up the storage space, the image on the published page was simply a link to the stored copy, so I’m guessing WordPress is the same. As I understand it A page of typing takes up minimal storage. I am now tempted to get more information from WP. Watch this space. 🙂

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