The Week That Was

“History is the witness of the past, the light of the truth, the living memory, the teacher of life, the message of antiquity.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

This is my second contribution to the photo Challenge Faux Flowers from GC and my site Weekly Prompts and also linked to FOWC and RDP.

A few days ago with my son Joss I visited Decoporium just outside Thorpe Arch village, and three miles from Wetherby in West Yorkshire. This fascinating shop specialises in Antiques, Vintage, retro and upcycled furniture.

Decoporium Faux flowers 1

Decorporium Display

Joss purchased a useful cake stand, and I wandered around taking photographs, the fake flowers above were crying out to be added to my photographic faux flower collection. Our relaxed morning of browsing ended with a pleasant lunch in a nearby cafe.

The following day we took a trip to York and used the excellent Park and Ride service – Purpose-built car parks with toilet facilities, and wheelchair-accessible buses that arrive one after the other and set off every ten minutes. Fares are low, and up to three children aged 16 or under travel free when accompanied by a paying adult. There are six park and ride locations around the outskirts of the city.

York itself, was heaving with tourists on this day; I suppose we ought to have known better than to visit in August! Undeterred, we wandered around some of the ancient streets, pausing now and again to peer into shop windows and venture inside; we lunched late in an inn that was a few hundred years old.

We also watched a sword swallowing, fire eating, street entertainer. The reaction from the crowd with their Oohs and and Ahhs and spontaneous applause made it easy to visualise similar scenes taking place on this very square a few hundred years ago.

Eventually we found ourselves on Coppergate the home of the Jorvik centre, today though our focus was the department store Fenwick.

Incidentally, during the digging of the foundations for the Coppergate shopping centre, a Viking village was unearthed, how wonderfully fortuitous that must have been, although perhaps not for the developers!

The shadows of our past are all around us in this city. Why not Take a look at our history come to life.

Following on from last Saturday’s photo challenge, I was drawn toward Fenwick’s impressive faux flower displays.

Fenwick 3

Faux Fowers Fenwicks 2

The Fenwick stores have long since been a favourite of mine, and I couldn’t help thinking that a few short years ago, fake flowers would never have been on display in this store.

Fenwick 1 Today, they are fashionably arranged, with several displays taking up rather a lot of floor space, which just goes to show how popular faux flowers have become in recent years, I will also add that good quality silk flowers such as these do not come cheap!

I couldn’t help making comparisons between the above displays at Fenwick and the displays at Decoporium, in the end it all boils down to a matter of taste, and of course, cost!

(C) 2019 Photo Challenge Faux Flowers from Weekly Prompts. Also linked to Fandango’s prompt Shadow and the daily prompt Fortuitous from the Ragtag Community.


6 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. Murphy's Law

    The display of silk flowers is amazing. Costly yes, but you get what you pay for!! The Decoporium looks like a place you could spend a lot of idle time wandering around and never get tired of looking.

    Isn’t it funny that when we see a street entertainer we act as if it’s never been done before?!!

    So you spent two great days with your son, had two nice lunches with him, and you kept your camera happy. Doesn’t get much better than that!!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so right about Decoporium, I could easily spend a few hours there.

      In truth I got a bit bored of the street entertainer, he spent too much time attempting to involve the audience instead of getting on with it. I left Joss watching while I browsed the houses for sale in the Estate agents window (real estate?)

      You’re right again, Joss and I had a lovely couple of days enjoying our shared interests. We also found another good place for vintage and not far from home. He’s been staying with me while the daughter and family next door were away.


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