Flower Power

“Flowers are like friends; They bring colour to your world.” – Unknown

The Saturday photo challenge on GC and my site Weekly Prompts is Faux Flowers.

We wondered if people could always tell real from fake and we asked for their opinions on false ones. I like this challenge that Gerry set because I’m fond of Faux flowers, though the family would probably tell you that I’m also extremely fussy.

Faux flowers in Helmsley

I am not an admirer of these faux flowers hanging in the market square of the small town of Helmsley in North Yorkshire. All around were vibrant displays of real flowers, such a shame that the owner let down the market square so badly.

Flowers at Tong Garden centre

These gorgeous primroses may look false, but I can assure you they are very real.

My ensuite flowers

This miniature vase with the tiny faux flowers is on display in my ensuite bathroom. I have an aversion to bathroom clutter preferring a display of flowers rather than a display of toothbrushes! Apart from a small mirror this pretty vase of flowers is the only item on display.

kitchen Flowers

The shades of pink and lilac and are what attracted me to this jug of faux flowers, they bring a welcome touch of summer to my kitchen on those dull rainy days.

Mother's Day Flower from Joss

My son must have been feeling confident when he purchased this Mother’s Day gift of an individual small silk flower that is now on display in my sitting room. I am fussy about such gifts, preferring to choose my own; however, on this occasion, I admired his choice!

Flower Tub outside Otley Dental Practice

This large tub of colourful summer flowers brightens up the area between a chapel and my dentist’s surgery next door. I am delighted they are not fake.

In conclusion, for my home I don’t mind fake flowers providing they are tasteful, but I draw the line at plastic plants. I enjoy seeing real flowers in my home, but not large bunches; I prefer to trim the stalks and have small delicate displays.

The local cemetery has many faux flowers brightening up the gravestones, and this is due to the rabbit population that live in the adjoining woodlands and farmland, they constantly chomp on real flowers,  leaving behind bare stalks!

(C) SueW-nansfarm.net 2019 Photo Challenge Faux Flowers from Weekly Prompts.


All the above are iPhone photographs, cropped and re-sized for WP storage.

23 thoughts on “Flower Power

    1. I agree with you Hussein fresh flowers are beautiful and I love them in my home especially when they are a kind gift from someone else. However to furnish each room with fresh would prove to be a little expensive. I think of my faux flowers as pretty ornaments to decorate my home. Thank you for your comments Hussein. 🙂


  1. Murphy's Law

    My first choice would always be fresh flowers, but that’s not always practical. Tasteful faux flower arrangements often make more sense and stay looking gorgeous, provided you keep the dust off them!
    Your arrangements are just beautiful! And your son’s gift choice, both flower and container, is perfect!

    I’m not a fan of faux flowers outside. I really like the display of live plants in the large tub.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I just love fresh flowers too, but as you say they’re not always practical and they can work out expensive if replacing each week.

      I’m glad you like my faux flowers, I think you and I have a similar taste. I am delighted Joss bought this Mother’s Day gift as opposed to fresh flowers, it’s a gift that keeps on giving! Thank you Ginger 🙂


    1. Just the odd faux pas? Me too. My most recent was to say to a couple who’d recently got married that seeing as the divorce rate is so high these days we ought to be able to ask for our money back from the wedding presents when they get divorced! We’d been talking about someone else’s wedding and I momentarily forgot that this couple were recently married!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ‘preferring a display of flowers rather than a display of toothbrushes!’ This made me laugh, Sue. We are so on the same page. Clear glass vase, sparse flowers……this is very pretty. So much better than toothbrushes! 😀

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Your display of faux flowers a colourfully impressive, but what about the aroma’s and perfumes of real flowers, There are not faux flowers on Ivor’s patch……

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not fond of fake flowers when used in outdoor displays, I prefer real every time. However, I have very little clutter in my home and these pretty silk flower arrangements are used as you would use an ornament, adding a little tasteful colour to the individual rooms. 🙂


  4. gc

    Enjoyed your article Susan. I think you hit the nail on the head as to why “faux fleurs” have gained popularity these days ( rabbits aside). The flowers that are not garishly plastic revives the summer spirit in people. If there is a choice between looking at winter snow drifts or a vase of tastefully arranged faux flowers then I will enjoy the fake flowers until the summer season is here again.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m glad you liked it, and as Derrick said on here – faux flowers have come a long way. Your choice of challenge was just perfect for me and I have another in the wings! Thank you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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