Blooming Eck!

The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all. ~ Walt Disney.

This weekend the photo challenge on GC and my site Weekly Prompts is Bloom.

SONY DSCBlooming heck! Would you look at this cheeky little calf on the left! Not having enough patience to wait for her mother to return from grazing, she helped herself to a drink from her babysitter. The cow looked slightly puzzled as to why she had two calves suckling but didn’t seem to mind too much. I have since seen this youngster do the same thing with a couple of the other mothers, and she appears to be the only calf to do this!

Oops!Oops! A week or so back during our family BBQ, son-in-law Simon set fire to the blooming chipolatas!

Last week, youngest daughter Sophie and I took a drive over to the market town of Helmsley, situated within the North York Moors National Park, North Yorkshire. It was a journey that I had expected to take just over an hour, and having done this journey before, albeit a few years ago, I didn’t bother using the Sat Nav. First, we took the A1 north, but we were so busy chatting that I completely missed two of my turnings!

Eventually, we arrived in Helmsley, but as we’d set off later than intended and the journey had taken longer than planned, by the time we’d had lunch and looked around the lovely little shops, there was no time to see the other places of interest that Helmsley has to offer.

Unfortunately, because the school run was beckoning, the Walled Garden, the 900-year old medieval castle and the 11-century ruins of Rievaulx Abbey had to be left off our itinerary.

Helmsley 1

Sophie checks out the array of food on offer

Helmsley 4

Enter a caption

Helmsley 5

Something England does extremely well is show off our smaller towns and villages, Helmsley is no exception, and I’m sure you’ll agree that these blooms in Helmsley are blooming marvellous! Could not resist including the blooming lovely fruit cart!

(C) 2019 photo challenge Bloom from Weekly Prompts.

Footnote: Walled garden, Castle and Abbey photos courtesy of English Heritage.


38 thoughts on “Blooming Eck!

  1. Helmsley definitely looked very interesting Sue, a pity you didn’t get see the Walled Garden, it would have been fabulous…. I’ll dig up some blooming photos for the prompt….!!.

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    1. Oh I like that one! My problem was because we were travelling at speed we arrived at the junctions much quicker than I anticipated, and of course too much talking and not paying attention to the motorway signs!

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  2. Murphy's Law

    What a beautiful village! At first I thought the Hunters of Helmsley must be a florist shop. 😃 That fruit cart is picture perfect and a beautiful way to advertise.

    The calf is a riot. How wonderful that the cows, mothers or babysitters, are so generous with their milk. This little one won’t ever have to worry about going hungry !

    The places you didn’t get to look fascinating. Looking forward to your next visit and seeing your photos.

    You seem to be surrounded by a lot of beauty where you live. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Thank you for such lovely comments Ginger and for appreciating all I share here.
      I’m not so sure that the cows are always aware that someone extra is is having a drink! Thank you again 🙂


    1. You are so right, it is a pretty place. We were over ambitious, we’d never have had the time to visit all three even if we were on time, but the walled garden we could have easily done – if only we’d been on time! Thank you so much for your visit and your comments 😉


  3. Sue: I wanted to let you know…I got this e-mail from Brian’s (LordBeariOfBow) daughter Sarah:
    “Dad is still in hospital. Very frail. Had an operation yesterday to put a stent in his valve. They said it went well. He has a scan on Monday to check.
    He will appreciate every ones thoughts – thank you for checking on him and sending love and best wishes. I will pass them on.
    He is looking forward to writing a blog about his admission.”


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    1. Carolyn, thank you so much for letting me know, I have been worried about Brian so I really appreciate your update. I heard from Sarah just over a week ago but nothing since. Oh, I can well imagine he can’t wait to tell us all about his latest surgery, and with every detail! I will write to him. Thank you again, xx

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      1. You’re welcome, Sue! Whatever I hear, I will continue to let you know!

        Yes, I’ve been very worried about him, too.

        Thank you for keeping in touch with them, too. I know that means a lot to them to get the e-mails, etc!

        Carolyn 🙂

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  4. Helmsley looks so pretty, Sue. Those displays are amazing..what a lot of work they’ve put in! I hope you get to visit the places you missed on this trip, soon..looks like there’s a lot of history & magnificent buildings there to immerse yourself in.

    What a cheeky little calf, having a crafty meal from another momma! You have to admire it for trying, & looks like it’s getting away with it at the moment..bless! 😂 Lovely photos too, Sue 😍

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    1. This was the pretty market square. I’m hoping to go back to Helmsley in the autumn if not before. Sophie and I used to visit historic buildings such a lot but we’ve not done as much lately and we need to work on that.

      I’m trying to keep a closer eye on this lovely little calf, I’ve seen her with her mother but not seen her feeding from her lately, but as they spend a big part of their day in the other fields where I can’t see them I’m unsure if mother is doing her duty her not. Thank you Debbie 🙂

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      1. I do hope you manage to get your trips up and running again, Sue. I know it can be difficult arranging free days together sometimes, then you get out of the habit of trying.

        Hopefully, the calf is feeding from its mother when you’re not looking, Sue. I’ve no idea when calves or foals stop feeding from their mothers & are weaned off their milk altogether. There’s a foal & its mother in a field close by where we live. Me & Trev were talking about it today, funnily enough, as it’s getting quite big now. I’d imagine it isn’t just yet, for either, they’re so lovely to watch, aren’t they Sue. 😍

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      2. If this rain ever stops, our next day out is taking Sophie’s youngest children to the seaside for a bucket and spade beach day, not sure about historical visits until the they go back to school.

        I spotted the calf feeding from her mother yesterday, but the mother is very thin compared to the others. I’m glad this calf is female and so easy to spot with that one flash of white on her side, I look forward to seeing her again next year when she’s almost grown. I think you’re as bad as me for watching and taking pleasure from these gentle creatures. Thank you Debbie 🙂

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      3. Oh dratted rain, it’s such a shame when the children are off. I hope you get a beach breakaway soon! We seem to have missed the downpours of the past few days, here. However, it’s catch-up time for us, from tomorrow. Some historical sites are better than others, when you have children in tow, but you can also miss things you’d really like to see if they lose interest. Most children love the beach, so it’s usually a safe bet. Must admit, I love exploring beaches too..good job they’re for children of all ages! 😂

        I’m so glad you’ve seen calf feeding from its mother, Sue! It’s sad to hear that she’s looking thin though, but I’m sure she’ll pick up again. Yes, I love seeing & interacting with the cows, too, if I’m lucky enough, Sue. It’s just so sad when they go, as the local ones are all bulls. Six have gone already, but there’s five left of the current batch. He does have other, younger ones, that will move to the fields I pass, eventually.
        Keep enjoying your lovely, local cows and their calves, Sue 😊


      4. I hate to admit it, but I dislike taking the younger children out unless it’s the beach, or the park. I can’t relax when I’m saying you can look but don’t touch!

        When the calves arrive here on my farm I get the binoculars out to get a close up and keep my fingers crossed for females! We have 3 males and two females. or was that the other way around… I shall have another look! Richard has others on his own farm and he rents land elsewhere too. 🙂

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    1. That was the market square and you may be interested to know the places of interest are all English Heritage sites.

      I’m delighted you enjoyed the Bridlington day, I was worried that I’d erred on the positive side a little too much. We have still to go over there, our Leeds schools officially finished this past Wednesday, so plenty of time yet. Thanks Andrew.


  5. Sophie

    We definitely have to go again Mum! We’ll have more time now there’s no school to get back for and we know the way! 😊 Even with the sat nav it’s difficult, as neither of us is sure how far 300 yards actually is! 😂 I BLOOMIN love castles and gardens! 😁

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    1. Thank you Robert. I’m looking forward to the next adventure. Sorry for the delay here; I’ve just rescued your comment from the Spam folder! Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment.

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  6. What a pity we missed out on the whole of Hemsley tour Sue. I am sure we will go back at another time so we can see all that Hemsley has to offer. As for the cooks skills………..

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