With My Little Eye

I am a raving Euro-Federalist… a Pro-European of the most violent, dyspeptic and incurable disposition.” Boris Johnson (1999) Life in the Fast Lane.

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With many in the Conservative Party moving towards making Boris Johnson the next Prime Minister of the U.K. I decided to find out what Private Eye had to say about it.

Private Eye is a U.K. news and current affairs publication, it’s a magazine I read from time to time, and usually from cover to cover, there’s always something in there to make me smile. I’m also a great fan of its editor, Ian Hislop. I was thinking of asking Santa for a subscription, but I’m not sure I can wait that long.

Boris and Private Eye

Talking of the cover, take a look at the current one, this brought forth a bit of a giggle from me!

A Letter from the Governors

Page 25 began with this image, and I’ve included an extract below. No, I did not type it word for word, I’m not that daft, I read it out loud while dictating to my iPad, and naturally, I had to edit a few typos /misheard words!

Dear concerned stakeholders,

The appointment of the new headteacher continues to prove a challenge, particularly in the light of last weekend’s unfortunate events, i.e. a domestic incident involving one of the candidates Mr Johnson.

We have obviously talked to Mr Johnson about this and he has categorically refused to comment. He says this is none of our business, that it is an entirely private matter and that we should focus entirely on his plans to make the school great again.

When we asked how exactly he would make the school great again, he refused to comment saying that this was none of our business.

This was a very satisfactory response and we, as governors, see no reason to dwell on this irrelevant issue any further.

Yes the police were called, but no one was charged and there was no crime committed except by Mr Johnson’s ghastly trouble-making hippy layabout neighbours. The unsavoury nosy-parkers quite clearly infringed Mr Johnson’s privacy by recording him exercising his perfect right to throw wine over sofas, smash plates, slam doors and let off some steam in the sanctity of someone else’s flat.

Voices may have been raised and the odd swear word used, but is this not a laudable example of Mr Johnson’s passion? A passion which could be used to unite the school, heal the rifts and bring stability to this great institution, by having a row with our friends in the European Education Union and telling them to get off my F****** laptop or words to that effect.

For those of you who still harbour doubts about the suitability of Mr Johnson, we, as Governors, are happy to offer an alternative candidate – Mr Johnson.

This Mr Johnson is a first-rate member of staff, who has impressed with his vision, creativity and imagination.

Once again, a few ill-wishers have suggested that this man is actually a serial liar who has repeatedly been dismissed from previous jobs for telling lies.

Mr Johnson assures us that this is not only not true but an inverted pyramid of piffling poppycock. He says it is total whiff-whaff and that his words have always been taken out of context – which is a fair point,  if you put them back in context, they look even worse!

Abandoned vehicle

Boris is great fodder for the comedians, and I get the feeling that if Boris were to become Prime Minister, Ian Hislop will on the one hand be shaking his head in despair and on the other rubbing his hands with glee!

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16 thoughts on “With My Little Eye

  1. Excellent, Sue. That raised a smile or three. At the risk of being political, I think most people will be shaking their heads whoever becomes leader of the Conservatives. Then, when you look at the alternatives you wonder whether Westminster is having a huge joke at the expense of the people who employ them (and has been for sometime). Safer to read Private Eye – it’s funnier – rushing out to get my copy now…

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    1. I agree with you. Even if you don’t vote for a particular party there is usually someone amongst them with a little bit of oomph and charm, someone you can actually like even if the politics are worlds apart.

      Boris is a character and although he’s not in the same bad mouth league as Trump, he doesn’t appear to have a pause button and hasn’t learnt when to keep it shut!

      There’s more to Jeremy Hunt than meets the eye and I’m not so sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing! But if I had to choose I would go for Jeremy. 🙂

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      1. I agree. Several MPs with integrity and who want to make a difference in all parties – too many administrators, professional politicians, people with chips on their shoulders – and no obvious leaders. Maybe Boris will be like making the class trouble-maker milk monitor. It’s all pretty depressing, though.

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  2. Murphy's Law

    Well done! Apparently your Boris and our Trump share the same hairdresser and tie maker, and the inability to keep their mouths shut! But when it comes to bad-mouthing people, no one is in Trump’s league. Sigh……..
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  3. Pity he didn’t stay in America after he was born, I’m not over fond of Boris,

    That’s a thought, even though his parents were English being born in the USA would he not be eligible for the job that trumps trying to stuff up, and might I add succeeding in doing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Apparently he’s eligible. I’m not keen on him either and even less keen on the dreadful Trump, the one who delights in kicking women when they’re already down!

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