A Licence to Kill!

Photographers are violent people. First they frame you, then they shoot you, then they hang you on the wall!” – Anonymous

The Weekend photo challenge on Weekly Prompts the site GC and I share is EDIT.

We asked our readers if they stage manage their photos, do they take the background into consideration before taking pictures and do they edit before uploading.

As pink is one of my favourite colours, this year for Valentine’s Day I received twelve beautiful pink and white roses. The gift gave rise to a creative idea, a stage-managed photo shoot.

Taking two shelves from my son’s discarded Ikea bookcase, I set about making a backdrop. I clipped some of the roses and using a small glass jar and candles I created my display. I could have done this digitally, but this way was more satisfying.

Roses 3

After using my phone to take this photograph, I cropped the picture, wrote my message and e-mailed my newly created Valentine e-card!

Valentine Day for Gerry

Calf 1 with a babysitter

This is not the calf’s mother; she is his babysitter! Perhaps I should have performed a pre-edit and cut down the nettles before I took this photo.

I edited these pictures by cropping and resizing before uploading.

What a brave little brown calf coming up close to say hello.

(C) SueW-nansfarm.net 2019 Photo Challenge Edit from Weekly Prompts

19 thoughts on “A Licence to Kill!

  1. I nearly always edit my photos Sue. I’m quite the ordinary photographer, therefore I have to crop, and enhance the colours, via my google/micro-soft Photo Library, nothing special, but they end up looking “betterer”

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    1. I take random photos, I just go around snapping whatever I see. When I look at the photos afterwards I’m often pleasantly surprised by what I see. I often crop and nearly always resize before uploading.

      I’m a terrible subject though, I annoy the family by rejecting most of the photos they take of me. And I won’t allow anyone to post on Facebook without my permission. Usually, I ask them to warn me and leave me out of the photographs if they are planning to use on Social Media. I don’t want to be part of the scene of “Look at me”

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      1. What I’ve seen of photos of you, you look fabulous… … I don’t know why, but it seems to be a female thing, One of my female/lady friends, completely shies away from any photos, but looks fab’ in the photos I catch of her……

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      2. Ivor, thank you for your kind words they are very much appreciated. You’re right I think it is a female thing. I look at the way I’m sat and think… oh no my thighs look really big on that photo, or I’ll say look at my double chin! Everyone says “Mum stop fussing you look fine!” My girls are exactly the same, we don’t appreciate our good points we only see the negative aspects of our looks. Thank you Ivor 🙂

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  2. Apart from cropping, the most I ever do is brighten them up a bit. Because my blog is a diary I tend rather to take stuff as I find it. This sometimes upsets the Head Gardener if I don’t remove tools, trugs, (no, WP – not drugs) etc. Your Valentine’s Day card – with its crop – is perfect.

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    1. Ah I forgot to add that I often brighten up pictures. I enjoy reading your diary. My own blog began as copies from my daily journal. Thank you so much for the kind comment about my Valentine card. I can’t flower arrange but I can manage a display.

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    1. I enjoy the random ones the most. If I’m intending to take pictures of the grandkids I can often be found plumping up the cushions first and removing all their paraphernalia out my intended shot. You have this to come Ray, no longer do they arrive with one baby bag of nappies(diapers) and wipes etc they arrive with three to four bags to cover every eventuality!


  3. Murphy's Law

    I enjoy photos “as is” or edited. Sometimes what’s caught in the background is more interesting than the subject! I love the first photo, nettles included! But I also love the three you edited, especially the brown calf.

    There are very few pictures of me around. I HATE photographs of myself. Pictures don’t lie, so I find it upsetting that this is what people see when they look at me.

    Having said that, your friend Ivor is right, you look terrific in any photo you’ve shared. And the Valentine arrangement is super attractive!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Just as I was getting dressed this morning two more cows with calves at foot arrived. I stood at my bedroom window watching them interact with the others and I waved cheerfully to the farm manager. It took me a few minutes to remember I was still in my underwear! So pleased he didn’t have a camera!
      Thank you so much for the compliment Ginger and I’m glad you liked the Valentine arrangement I enjoyed doing it. 🙂


      1. Murphy's Law

        LOL Sue. That farmer, on the other hand, probably scratched his head and thought, “Dang, I wish I carried a camera with me”!!! 😳😂😂😳
        🐾Ginger 🐾

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      2. Haha.. I’m so used to no one in the fields to see me so I just went to the window to see what the commotion (mooing) was about and never gave a thought to my state of dress! Thank you Ginger 🙂


  4. We recently had a couple of our wedding photos re coloured as they had faded so much and we, and the original photographer, did not have the negatives. We had him “weed” the church steps at the same time!!

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    1. Oh, I like that Peter. Our wedding photos were black and white, now of course it’s trendy! I almost daren’t admit that for projects I’ve used a couple of old photos where we are both in them but I cropped Graham out of them! Obviously he’s still on the originals!

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