Watching Me Watching You!

“Observation is the most enduring of the pleasures of life!” – George Meredith.

The midweek word prompt on Weekly Prompts the site I share with my partner GC is Observation.

Running Weekly Prompts with Gerry as well as our individual sites has provided opportunities to visit other blogs, meet new people, see how others do things, and appreciate some incredible photography, what a pleasure.

When I’m at home, much of my time is spent watching the animals in the fields outside my windows, and usually with my camera at the ready.


This week has been miserably wet, far too damp to stand around outside waiting for photo opportunities, however, yesterday evening, there was a brief respite, and as I walked around the garden with Woody, I spotted this lady grazing on her own away from the herd.

Undoubtedly, the most experienced mother she’s also proved herself to be the most attentive. Not only does she take care of her own little one, but she’s also the chief baby sitter for the other two calves, keeping all three close to her until the other mothers return from their wanderings around the farm!


I’ve noticed that Hawaii the bull has finished servicing the young ladies and now calmly goes about his days grazing happily just like a ‘cow’.

© 2019 Word Prompt Observation from Weekly Prompts

26 thoughts on “Watching Me Watching You!

  1. Haha, very observant of you Sue, to notice that Hawaii the Bull had finished servicing the girls, these days for me (Now) this fact of life goes totally unnoticed by myself……
    I’m in the process of writing a poem for the prompt ‘observation’, I’ll probably post it after dinner tonight……

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    1. Haha. Previously he spent his time walking around with head high sniffing the air, trying to get the scent of one in season, then pairing off with one and trying to keep her attention.

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    1. I don’t have any net curtains to twitch or neighbours to spy on, which is probably just as well because I don’t think they’d take too kindly to the woman at the window with binoculars and a camera! 😀

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  2. They are fascinating to watch, Sue. There are 10 in a field by us and some days they sit and mind their own business. Other days, they will come over and greet you with the warmest of slobbers, genuinely pleased to see you. I’ve been having a few days rest from blogging, but must get back to it soon. Come to think of it, this reply is almost a blogs worth. 😄

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    1. They are so interesting. I love it when the lambs arrive but even they are not as much fun as cow watching.

      I’m due for a rest from all my blogging I seem to have done much more than usual. Yesterday I wrote so many replies to someone about Yorkshire I think they would have filled two blogs!

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    1. He was out of town for two weeks dealing with family business following the death of a family member, arrived back just days before moving apartments last Friday. It’s taking a little time to get himself back on line and organised. Thank you Lois he will be pleased to know he was missed.

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  3. Murphy's Law

    Sue, you and Lois choose the best photos for the prompts. The lady seems to be saying, “Seriously, I didn’t even comb my hair yet!” And Hawaii…..he seems to be nodding off with dreams of past adventures…..or maybe future ones!! Lol.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  4. Haha! Hawaii looks very chilled after all his shenanigans. I guess he needs to gather up all his strength ready for next year’s servicing rights! What a lovely mother & babysitter cow, and a special moment as you observed each other, Sue. Great use of your prompt! 😊

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    1. I’m amazed at the hearing of cows, she heard the zoom on the camera and her head shot up from grazing, if you look closely you can just see a clump of grass hanging from her mouth! Thank you very much Debbie 🙂


    1. Once our winter arrives my fields will be empty again and I’ll need to find something else to focus upon. They are fun to watch though aren’t they? 🙂

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