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Well, this is a first! I don’t normally participate in this type of challenge, nor do I accept awards, mainly because they involve others, and that makes me uncomfortable. For some reason though, this picture immediately conjured up a short tale of woe, so I’m giving it a go, but first I must thank and tag Fandango at who tagged me for this challenge.

The idea for the challenge came from Nova  at My Namastè 365 Online she has named it Imagination Plantation.”

Nova showcased this picture from Pinterest and asked us to write a short paragraph about what’s happening in the picture. Then she asks that we create a pingback to her post and tag three other bloggers to do the same.

Coming Soon to a cinema near you!

The residents of a town somewhere in Europe were celebrating; they had waited three long years for this day.

The party was an extravagant affair, and the little people not believing their luck celebrated with vigour.

The organisers, who were seated at the top table, gave themselves a pat on the back and dined lavishly.

French President, Emmanuel Macron sipped his real champagne and sucked loudly on his frog’s legs in aspic, meanwhile, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel drank straight from her bottle of Riesling and chewed on her favourite Bratwurst with Sauerkraut on the side.

President Macron stood up and raised his glass “Mesdames et Messieurs, let us raise a glass to Brexit – finally, we are rid of the British!”

Suddenly loud helicopters circled above, and a large shadow loomed over them. Everyone trembled in fear as they looked at the giant man, the one with a mouth like a fish and implanted hair the colour of yellow straw.

One of the little people shrieked loudly, “It’s Gulliver Trump, run!”

Gulliver Trump laughed at the little people and looked down upon them, “I’ve come to help you build a sea wall, I’m good at that! In return, I want a piece of your health service and your pharmaceuticals, and I want you to take our food exports, the ones that are injected with hormones and riddled with pesticides and unmentionables, the ones your market place repeatedly refuses to accept.”

Angela Merkel stood up, glaring at Gulliver Trump and shaking her fist she bellowed, “Du kannst mal sich verpissen!”

Emmanuel Macron pulled out his phone and spoke urgently to the new UK Prime Minister, Jeremy Hunt, (he was still on speed dial) “Jeremy, Europe needs assistance from our old allies please send in the planes and your boats just like you did last time!”

LA Fin – Das Ende – The End!

I can think of many who possess oodles of imagination but knowing them as I do, I think they too would be reluctant to involve others.

Therefore, I am cheating, and I’m not tagging anyone, but if you enjoy participating in these challenges, please please let me know and I will tag you!

You need to create a pingback to this post and also to Nova’s Imagination Plantation, plus tag three others.

(C) 2019 

Editorial Note: Our new UK Prime Minister will be either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt, no guesses as to who gets my vote!


14 thoughts on “Coming Soon

    1. Thank you so very much for your very kind comments Peter. 🙂
      Short paragraph… I Don’t know how to do anything by halves, I could have carried on further but my sandwich was going cold!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Murphy's Law

    The giant man, “the one with a mouth like a fish and implanted hair the colour of yellow straw.” Sue, you didn’t even have to name him!! You might have mentioned that the giant man’s hair was sprayed into plastic!! Lol.

    What a fun challenge for you, and you aced it! I think you’re going to be surprised at how many of your readers contact you about getting involved. After all, you’ve paved the way. Ummmmm, that’s a heck of a short paragraph!! Lol. 🤗
    🐾Ginger 🐾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Andrew. I agree with you. Boris is fun to observe and great fodder for the comedians, but he’s a waffler, inconsistent, and too much of a loose canon. Jeremy Hunt is all we have left.

      Liked by 1 person

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