The Coven

My comfort zone is like a little bubble around me, and I’ve pushed it in different directions and made it bigger and bigger until these objectives that seemed totally crazy eventually fall within the realm of the possible.” ~ Alex Honnold

The weekend photo challenge on Weekly prompts, the site I share with GC, is COMFORT.

Which coven are you meeting with today? asked my daughter Sophie. Ooh Cheeky!

I was in fact, having lunch with seven friends, all former colleagues and all retired. I was neither the youngest nor the eldest of our group I slotted in somewhere in the middle. Meeting up with my friends is always a very comfortable occasion

The previous week I’d enjoyed my regular coffee morning at a local charity farm with another group of four old friends.

Back to the coven of seven (not 13) – Our delightful lunch was taken in a converted mill on the banks of the River Wharfe, and inevitably the subject turned to politics, we discussed Brexit, with each of us offering our opinions on the present political climate; I was voted in as the next prime minister, I cannot think why! 😂

At the end of lunch, one of our group took a diary from her bag. “Come on ladies get your diaries out!” Everyone complied, handbags were opened, and diaries and pens were placed on the table, I took out my phone.

Finally, our next luncheon date was arranged, and it took some doing as the schedules of these ladies would take a lot to beat.

“Aren’t you going to write it down?” I was asked. I showed them my iPhone (cell phone) “I just have, I used the phone calendar and set a couple of reminders.”

“Oh I hardly ever switch my phone on, and I wouldn’t know how to use a phone calendar!” Announced one of the Barbaras. Another turned to me and declared “Oh, you are clever!” Each of them took out their phones to look for a calendar and one to look for her own phone number, the general consensus, however, was they’d stick to their conventional diaries.

I couldn’t help but notice how old fashioned some of their phones were, and I wondered if any of those phones actually had a calendar. I did not pass comment, but I wanted to tell them how they were missing out by not keeping up with modern technology.

I had an urge to enlighten them and explain just how wonderful technology is and how a modern-day smart-phone is a minicomputer, convenient stills and video camera that’s always on hand. A Sat Nav (GPS), a microphone to use as a voice recorder or to type my notes as I speak, it’s a calculator, a calendar, a journal, a music player and so much more.

iPhone and IPad

I longed to tell them that my phone synchronises with my iPad and that I can use an App to order prescriptions and make appointments with my doctor.

I wanted to tell them that the dash cam in my car is wirelessly connected to my phone, as is my CCTV and my video doorbell, I can answer the door and observe my house from anywhere I happen to be and simply by picking up my phone.

I didn’t say any of that it was not my place to preach about technology and tell them what to do. I am so aware that often with technology, people panic about the unknown and have a genuine concern, a fear that they will be unable to understand how something functions, it takes them far out of their comfort zone. Neither should I expect them to be enthusiastic just because I am.

Recently, I wrote an article about Hearing loss and my blogging friend Peter at Peter’s Pondering left this comment.  My ears now have TV sound played directly into the hearing aids. I can listen to music via bluetooth, directly into my aids, and I can answer my phone and speak, with, and via my aids. 

I wonder what my friends would have made of that? Peter very kindly sent me more details which I’ve condensed and uploaded as a separate document a definite must read! You will be Gobsmacked! I think I too could be out of my comfort zone with this technology  Read here. 2019 Photo Challenge Comfort from Weekly Prompts

20 thoughts on “The Coven

  1. Murphy's Law

    I’m so happy to read that even on your side of the pond I have some “dinosaur” counterparts!! I enjoy a lot of today’s technology as an observer, not a participant!! But I’m most pleased that you let them stay in their comfort zone and didn’t point out what you think they’re missing……different strokes for different folks.

    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Absolutely Ginger, and I do need to keep a check on that.
      Just because I have an interest in new technology and am fascinated and bowled over by what I see and hear doesn’t mean everyone else should share my enthusiasm.

      I cannot stand football and have great difficulty in understanding why anyone would want to spend a couple of hours watching two groups of blokes (or women) chasing balls around a field. It’s like you say different strokes for different folks.

      Thank you once again your comments Ginger, they are appreciated. 🙂


  2. I agree that we need to keep abreast of developments – if we have the time – sometimes learning a new system and a new program and new technology makes me wish for pen and paper and a stamp. But the boon for the hearing impaired and so forth is wonderful too – if you can afford it. Sadly none of this technology comes cheap. I wish I had wireless in my barn though – that WOULD be a bonus. c

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    1. My background is computing and now I’m retired I have plenty of time to indulge my interest in technology.

      We are so lucky here in the UK to have our National Health Service, no one ever needs to go without a hearing aid or any other form of health care.
      That said, however, friend Peter and I were fortunate that we were able to be able to go down the private route and purchase a better quality product that was tailored to our individual needs. Not everyone can afford to do that. Thank you for your comments Cecilia they are appreciated.

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      1. Yes. I am fromNew Zealand and we also are looked after well. Though now I live in the USA and am really shocked at the number of people who cannot afford good hearing aids.
        I love technology and it’s fast moving changes – keeps us on our toes so as not to be left behind!

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      2. The older I become the harder it is to keep up, or do I mean more expensive, ah well I probably mean both! 😀 I’ve read and heard much about the high cost of health care in the US. You have my sympathy with that one.
        Your little farm looks lovely and I love how you did the ducklings new home! I haven’t finished reading yet but am enjoying your posts. 🙂

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      1. Sue–this so made me laugh! I was reminded of one of my favorite comic strips: The boss is not too smart so when he tells two office workers that he needs to text yet a third worker, he is reminded to type in all caps as the worker is hard of hearing.

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      2. Oh, Love that one Lois!
        Oddly enough I was commenting on your blog at the same time as you were commenting on here 😀 Thank you Lois

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  3. Great post, Sue! Sounds like you have a fun time with your coven friends. I have friends who aren’t that interested in technology, too. I use my iPhone for so many things, like you. Not music so much, as I use my iPod a lot, but I use a radio app every day. I use the notes section to write my poetry while I’m out & about. Various social media, photos, of course, diary dates/birthdays all types of’s brilliant!
    Reading about Peter’s hearing aids was fascinating too, I really need a hearing test. Too many years of listening to loud music, on headphones & at live gigs have caused damage & if there’s a lot of background noise I find it difficult homing in on a conversation. I would never have believed how advanced hearing technology is, with what Peter can do with his aids..amazing, even though I’m sure they’re a pretty penny!

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    1. Thank you Debbie. They are such good friends and I’m fortunate to have them in my life. I’m always amazed at how busy they are compared to me, they lead such full lives even in retirement and I doubt if any of them would have the time to learn something new!

      My daughter next door had a sound system built into the ceiling of their new kitchen (who’d have thought that was possible) and an App on her phone sends their choice of music to the sound system!

      I use Notes for my shopping lists. Last year for Mother’s Day my daughter gave me a little iPad tray, a small version of a laptop tray and I use it with my iPad when sat in bed like now to write idea notes for my blog. I use Evernote because it’s a word processor and syncs with my computer. The App is free for two devices and if I wanted to use the laptop or iPhone instead of the other two I could easily access my notes on line instead.

      I was told that the NHS testing isn’t as thorough as seeing someone privately. My first test took around fifteen minutes, another appointment was made for a more thorough test when it was apparent I had a problem. The second appointment took far longer, probably a couple of hours, but that one included discussions on hearing devices.

      Peter said he was amazed at the tests offered at Boots compared to the ones he’d had at Specsavers. I cringed when told the cost of my aids but Peter’s were even more pricey. I’ll send you an e-mail on both.
      Thank you so much for your comments Debbie. 🙂


  4. That’s both interesting and amusing, Sue. I like to think I embrace technology (ABAB would not exist without it), but I find some of it a steep learning curve and am also well aware I don’t use half the features on my phone. Some I actively avoid, even though they might be useful, because it seems the price is to give a little bit more information about yourself and I feel people know too much already!

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    1. I agree, I’m not sure I use everything either and where my CCTV and video doorbell are concerned I’m very much at the mercy of the wireless network that has always been hit and miss here! I don’t play games on the phone either, in fact the last time I played a game was probably on the Atari 😂 Thank you for your comments very much appreciated.


  5. When I got my mobile phone thing I disconnected everything except the phone and the text messenger bit, I need that as I’m pretty deaf and it’s the only way my children can “talk’ to me.

    I did keep the alarm clock thing as it plays a tune when it’s time to give Coco his medicine and his pills, He likes it and wags his tail in glee when it goes off

    I like writing with my pens, and yes I still use pen and ink, not those Biro type things

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    1. If I’m out with friends I will check out a family text to make sure it’s not important, but I ignore other alerts until I’m back home. The calendar is a Godsend and the advance alerts serve as a brilliant reminder. I don’t have any Games Apps because I don’t play games, everything on my phone has to have a useful purpose. Though after saying that, the Facebook App is still on my phone despite turning my back on Facebook a couple of years ago.

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      1. I too have no time for facebook and I refuse to capitalize the f; I get damned angry when I am asked to like something or someone on facebook. What total garbage even things I get from government departments or my political party are forever asking me to like them. I feel like blasting the whole damned lot of ’em!
        even WP is trying to get me to change the lower case f to upper. Can’t these people think?

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